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The Abyss

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Yay:yay: butts, I was just talking about butts!

Get even better by the word, keep it up Abyss!

7763141 You really seem to like butts.:rainbowlaugh:

7763171 Because pone butts are best butt.

7763176 You're not wrong my friend, you're not wrong.:ajsmug:

Which pone has the best butt though! I bet Nighmare Moon's gonne be a good contender here.:moustache:

A viable contender, but as the self proclaimed queen of butts I say this pone has the best butt!

Ohhhh Moonlight, my other otp. Can't wait for more.

Nope, I agree with The Abyss, book horse butt is best butt!
Praise the butt, praise it!:pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, Twilight has the best flank!

Okay, okay. Praise the book horse butt it is! Egg heads do have nice butts too.:twilightblush:

The tiara is on her ass. I didn't ask for this.

Looks like Twilight's about to worship the Dark side of the Moon. :rainbowwild:

7763452 You have no idea haha.

I hope Celestia doesn't get jealous....:twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Technophile34 deleted Dec 2nd, 2016

7763634 Lol it's like she's realizing that for the first time.

I hate cliffhangers :flutterrage:

7763634 Adorable, now she begins to understand just how cute she is.:yay:

7763579 Because butts are the best, especaily big, round, fluffy pone butts, with butt tatoos and all!:moustache:

7763858 Yeah, that's rainbow butt, that's the best of all the big, round, fluffy pone butts!

You make me jelly Twi, you make me jelly!


Poor Dash, she has the "what the f*** just happened?!"

7763874 She likes it, she can say no.

Ow no twilight is in trouble I wounder what nightmare moon want with her keep up the good work update more soon :twilightsmile:

There so much talk ot butts in these comments I'm surprised the butts haven't reached critical mass and imploded into a massive black hole!:facehoof:

I think Nightmare Moon would indeed be proud of all this talk of pone moons, if you catch my meaning.:ajsmug:

7764125 Rainbow just said that someone has a better butt than Twilight's!


She's probably bragging about her own...you know how she is.

Is it just me or is this whole comment-section full of butts; despite the fact the word "butt" doesn't even appear in the story (yet).
(Will it appear later?? Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!)

Fun fact: above this comment the word "butt" was used 30 times...
Butt how could that happen?!

Edit: I didn't expect such a negative reaction...
This comment was supposed to be funny or something like that, but it seems it wasn't. In fact, I just wanted to add my own content to the discusion above.

And how many times does the word cringe appear? Spoilers: not enough to accurately describe you.

7764595 I think you got downvoted because you didn't share a pic of best pone's butt lololol.

Comment posted by ShamefulHorsefucker deleted Sep 11th, 2017

Question: Update?

Ok very interesting story I can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update soon :twilightsmile:

Why'd you have to cancel this when it looked so good?

Comment posted by Knight N Gale deleted Jun 19th, 2018

Why the cancellation?

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