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Just some random teen guy who reads stories and writes his own. Not an 'aspie' MLP fan, I promise.


Spike wants to tell Rarity he likes her, but he soon learns a terrible secret that leaves him fighting for his life...
Hope you enjoy, and constructive criticism would be much appreciated! :D
DISCLAIMER: I created this story and posted it on Fanfiction.net, however, it became popular and several people posted parts of it on here. Yes, I am the creator of this story, I have friends who can verify it.

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Keep on writing and improving, please/

oh yeah, this is that 11 chapter-long one with domestic abuse and a link to your... youtube channel

You know, this story sounds a lot like this story. Coincidence?

7604625 No, not a coincidence. It was stolen and put onto here by that writer. He just made a few changes.

Why don't you report the story? If you have the edvance it's your story bring it to the admins of the site, because what he did is against the law.

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