• Published 27th Sep 2016
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Not Just Yet - MLP Fangirl

Flash comes to grips with the idea of getting over Twilight Sparkle. But, a surprise visit from a certain someone may cause him to reconsider.

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Not Just Yet

Flash looked around the crystal cave, admiring the scene. It had been quite a day. Gloriosa Daisy had turned into Gaia Everfree and nearly succeeded in containing everyone inside the camp.

But, like all the great villains before her, she was ultimately defeated by Twilight, Sunset, and their friends.


Flash's expression turned solemn as his eyes rested on the Twilight of this world who was happily dancing with Timber Spruce.

He bit his tongue as a flare of jealousy rose up in him. He knew he shouldn't be jealous. This was a different Twilight.

The Twilight he knew and the Twilight from this world were two very different girls. They looked the same, but they weren't the same.

And, yet, he couldn't help but wish that was him dancing with her.

Get over her.

Those words echoed in his mind.

Flash closed his eyes and sighed. He knew that Sunset was right. Princess Twilight lived in another dimension and had responsibilities she couldn't just put on hold to see him.

They had had their moments, but nothing special enough to warrant the beginning of a relationship.

They were just friends, he realized. Though he wished that their friendship could blossom into something more, he knew that they would always just be friends.

He looked back at the other Twilight. Timber had spun her around and now held her close.

He turned away, anticipating something else following.

He sighed to himself once more.

"Flash, you okay, man?"

Flash turned to see Bulk Biceps standing beside him, holding a cup of punch.

Flash hung his head. "Uh, not really. Girl trouble."

Bulk rubbed the back of his head, his face bearing a nervous expression, "Oooh, uh, sorry, Flash. Can't really help you there."

Flash waved a hand, "Don't worry about it, Bulk. This is something I have to deal with on my own."

Bulk let out a sigh of relief, "Okay. Well, good luck with that. I'm gonna get more punch." With that, he walked off.

Flash decided to get some fresh air, hoping it would clear his mind.

He exited the caverns and leaned against a nearby rock, gazing up at the stars.

He was reminded of Princess Twilight's eyes. The way they shone in the moonlight, twinkling like the stars. His thoughts then went back to the Fall Formal. He thought back to the two of them dancing, sharing a closeness that had ended too soon.

He thought back to the Battle of the Bands, when he ran up and hugged her, that closeness returning, only to be interrupted by Trixie.

Flash shook his head, "Come on, Sentry. You have to get over her. It's never gonna happen. No matter how badly you want it to."

His ears perked up to the rustling of some bushes.

He stood straight up, looking around. "Someone there?"

To his relief, Sunset Shimmer came walking through some of the foliage.

Flash raised an eyebrow, "Sunset? What are you doing out here? I thought you were inside."

Sunset blinked, upon seeing Flash. But, then she smiled. "I was. But, I had to go get something."

"Sunset? Where'd you go? You know, it's awfully dark out here."

Sunset's smile turned into a smirk as she saw Flash's surprised expression.

"Or should I say, someone?"

Flash felt his heart rate begin to speed up as he instantly recognized the voice.

Sunset turned her head and called out behind her, "I'm over here."

The bushes rustled again.

And, out of the darkened forest, stepped Princess Twilight, wearing her fall formal dress.

She dusted herself off, "You know, trekking through a dark forest in a nice dress is not ideal."

Sunset shrugged, "Hey, at least you still look presentable."

Princess Twilight looked up and immediately her cheeks turned red upon seeing Flash staring at her. "Oh, uh...hi."

Flash realized he was staring and quickly snapped out of it. He smiled, "Hi."

Sunset smiled, "I'll leave you two alone." She winked at Flash before heading into the cave.

Flash looked at her then back at Twilight. He lowered his eyelids, his smile remaining, "Well, this was unexpected."

Twilight twirled a finger in her hair, "Well, when Sunset messaged me about the new magical abilities I just had to see it for myself."

Flash chuckled, "That's not surprising." He then raised an eyebrow, "But, how'd you get here?"

Twilight began walking over to him, "Sunset had a...uh, what do you call those yellow things that bring people places?"

"A taxi?"

She nodded, "Yeah, that. She had one come and pick me up. "

Flash nodded, "Ah, okay. That makes sense."

Twilight walked over to the rock he was leaning on and leaned against it herself.

Flash looked over at her. "So, did you hear about our trouble?"

Twilight gave a nod, "Yeah, Sunset filled me in briefly on our way here. And, I must say, you've had your fair share of villains recently."

Flash chuckled, putting his hands in his pockets. "I know. Let's see. We had She-Demon Sunset, three Sirens, Midnight Sparkle, and now Gaia Everfree. All of them, except for the Sirens, are inside the cave."

Twilight's eyes widened briefly, "Oh! How is she doing?"

He looked at her for clarity. "She who?"

"The other me? How is she?"

Flash looked towards the cave, "She's doing well now. She got some new magical abilities, too. Though, I heard she was having some issues about turning back into Midnight Sparkle. But, I think she's gotten over it."

Twilight gave a relieved sigh, "Well, I'm glad to hear. Although, I am curious as to how magic hit this cave. Sunset told me that it was Equestrian magic, so it came from Equestria. I'll have to check if there were any magic issues in Equestria around the same time the magic hit...the..."

She looked over at Flash, who was simply staring at her, his expression unreadable. "Am I boring you?"

Flash chuckled, placing his hand on hers. "Twilight, you could never bore me."

Twilight blushed, turning her head slightly.

"So, aside from all the magical drama, how have you been doing?" She turned back to him.

Flash looked at her.

Get over her.

Flash squeezed his eyes shut, attempting to block out the thought.

Twilight looked at him with concern. "Flash, are you okay? What's wrong?" She placed her hand on his shoulder.

Flash opened his eyes and looked into her sparkling eyes.

He took her hand from his shoulder and simply held it. "Twilight, I'm going to be honest. I like you. A lot."

Twilight smiled, a blush forming on her face again.

He let out a shaky breath, "I know we're friends. But, I can't help but want to be more."

Twilight looked down, her eyes gazing on their joined hands.

She then looked up at him, her eyes twinkling in the moonlight, "I do, too."

Flash sighed, hearing the words he had been hoping for and at the same time dreading.

"Is there any chance we could...?"

Twilight shook her head sadly, "I'm afraid not. Believe me, Flash, if there was a way we could make it happen, I'd be all for it. But, unless one of us gives up everything for the other, it would never work out."

Flash nodded in reluctant agreement, "Yeah, I figured as much."

Twilight bit her lip, thinking of how to lift the unwanted tension. "Have you tried pursuing my counterpart?"

Flash huffed, "For a little while. Then I realized that she just wasn't the same. She's like you in many ways, and unlike you in a lot, too. And, no offense to her, but I kinda prefer you."

Twilight giggled, "Well, glad to know. Has she shown any interest in you?"

Flash chuckled flatly, "If she had, it disappeared when she met Timber."

"Who's Timber?"

"He's Gloriosa Daisy's brother. You know, the one that turned into Gaia Everfree? I swear, they fell for each other upon first sighting. I didn't fall for you that quick."

Twilight raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms, bearing a teasing smirk.

Flash blushed, "Well, not right away."

She laughed, playfully swatting his arm, "I'm just teasing."

Flash chuckled, looking up at the stars. He stretched his arm out, having it rest against the rock.

Twilight took notice of this. Very subtly, she began to move closer to him.

Flash, however, took notice of her movement. He smiled, placing his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close to him.

Twilight narrowed her eyes playfully, "No fair."

Flash smirked, "Don't worry, I almost didn't notice. But, aren't you glad I did?"

Twilight sighed, resting her head on his shoulder, "Yeah, I am."

They sat together for several minutes, simply enjoying each other's company.

Flash rested his head against hers, "You know, this is going to make saying goodbye so much harder."

Princess Twilight looked up at him and smiled, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."


Timber Spruce and Twilight walked out of the cave hand-in-hand.

"I had fun tonight." Twilight looked up at the boy next to her and smiled.

Timber grinned, "Of course, you did. If you're with me, you'll always have fun."

She giggled, "Oh, you."

Timber looked ahead and squinted his eyes.

He blinked. He suddenly grabbed Twilight's wrist.

She raised an eyebrow at that, "Timber, what are you - ?"

Timber breathed a sigh of relief, "Oh, good. You're still next to me. I thought maybe you gained teleportation, too." He looked at her, "But, if you're here, then who's that?"

He pointed up ahead.

Twilight looked ahead and realized what he was pointing at.

A few feet away, past a few rocks, was her Equestrian counterpart talking with Flash Sentry.

Twilight gasped in delight, "Oh! It's Princess Twilight."

Timber squinted an eye at her, "Princess Twilight?"

Twilight nodded, "Uh huh. Long story. Let's just say she's me from another dimension. She comes here sometimes. Sunset must have invited her."

Timber looked ahead, "Huh. A princess? Well, not too surprising. She definitely has the looks for one."

Twilight cleared her throat.

Timber winked at her, "But, then again, so do you. You say she's you from another dimension. Both of you are lookers, that's for sure. But, looks like she's accounted for. So, there goes that. But, you're still available, right?" He bounced his eyebrows.

Twilight giggled, "I guess I am."

Timber bowed and offered his arm, "Well, then, milady, will you accompany me back inside for some cookies?"

Twilight took his arm, "It'd be my pleasure."

With that, the two walked back inside.


"It's getting late. You wanna head inside and say hi to your friends?" Flash asked the girl still nestled in his arm.

Princess Twilight looked at him with sad eyes, "Why now? I like it here."

Flash chuckled, "So do I. But, I'm getting kind of hungry. Didn't really have an appetite earlier."

She sighed, "Okay."

They reluctantly separated from each other and stood up straight.

Twilight stretched her arms up, "Well, let's head inside."

She began to walk, but Flash caught her arm.

She turned back to him, "What?"

Flash simply smiled and without saying a word, pulled her close and touched his lips to hers.

Though shocked at first, Twilight kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

About nine seconds later, the two separated, both of their faces bright red.

Twilight smiled as their foreheads touched, "You know, this is going to make saying goodbye that much harder."

Flash smiled back, stroking back a lock of her hair, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

They stared at each other for what seemed like forever.

Eventually, they separated.

"Ready to head inside?"

Flash waved a hand, "Go on in. I'll catch up."

Twilight nodded and began to walk towards the cave, but not before shooting another glance at Flash.

Flash sighed and smiled contently.

Get over her.

Flash smirked, "Yeah. Not just yet."

Author's Note:

So, I watched Legend of Everfree on Youtube. It was pretty good. I'm going to have to say Friendship Games is still my favorite, but this one was pretty good.

But, Flash being told to get over Twilight was a lesser moment in the movie. For me, at least. He was told to get over her, and I understand that. But, I don't think it would've been easy for him.

So, this little story takes place during the ending of the movie, if any of you are confused. There's quite a bit of Flashlight in here with a bit of Timberlight. Do with that what you will.

Like, dislike, comment.

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Comments ( 32 )

7598068 You're literally everywhere I go on this site and it's amazing.

YES! I needed this after that moment in the movie. I still stand that Sunset was being a jerk to Flash by just telling him to "get over" Twilight, he needs more support than that. I hope Flashlight stay strong, it is way better than Timberlight.

Eh... even as a Flashlight fan, I do kinda see Sunset's point, even if she could have worded it a bit more sympathetically than she did.

Even as you admit in this story, Flash and Twilight basically have everything and the kitchen sink going against their relationship. So, as much as they like each other, it's not very likely they're going to be able to keep any sort of relationship going for an extended length of time, and it's just not healthy to pine for someone you're not going to get.

So, yeah... Flash really should try to get over her. Still, the 'not just yet' idea you've brought up here seems like a good middle ground.

Why am I kinda upset about Sci-Twi and Timber?... am I so much of a SunLight shipper?

Reading this brightened my mood. Thank you :twilightsmile:

While I can understand that Sunset wanted to help, she could've easily just been stabbing him through the heart and twisted the knife.
It was even made worse when Flash reaches out to her and she just runs off. With no follow-up and no closure :fluttercry:

I'm still rooting for him and Twilight, even if the ship is officially all but wrecked at the moment...

I can definitely see this scene as an additional part of the movie.

Well done! :twilightsmile:

this was very bitter sweet. flash deserves to be happy. I do hope that the thing between twilight and timber is just a summer love thing and that she and flash do end up together.

I don't hate timber but I don't think he's right for Twilight

Is it actually established in the movie that Flash understands that Human!Twilight and Princess Twilight are two different people?

Yeah it was. Flash talks to her a little in the beginning of the film and awkwardly says "they don't know each other very well," and he later admits that he shouldn't be jealous that Sci-Twi is attracted to Timber because he knows she isn't "his" Twilight.

7600108 Okay, thanks. Unfortunately, that pretty much kills my idea for how things could be turned around. I really shouldn't be making such a big deal out of this since I already killed that particular ship in one of my own stories (albeit under completely different circumstances), but it really bothers me that so many people are talking about how the FlashLight ship is "officially" sunk because of this, especially since Flash apparently understands that SciTwi is not the same Twilight he likes, and he would technically just be moving on from the former. I know that the FlashLight ship has a lot going against it in-universe, but it is not totally impossible, as several authors such as Darth Link and myself are happy to point out.

Of course, if things really don't work out between them, I would love to see him paired up with Sunset. More than anything, I just want to see him get some development and respect.

On the bright side, what you just told me confirms that everyone's memories of the magic wasn't erased in the movies. I hated how the novelizations tried to make that a thing.

7600007 I haven't seen the movie yet, so I can only agree with you from the point of view of a Sunset/SciTwi shipper. Once I've actually watched it, I'll be able to make a more informed opinion on the matter.

This was good and I really like that you had them bring up the point of if their relation is going to work one would have to give up everything. It's both difficult for Flash to do and near impossible for Twilight.

I have to admit I didn't really like how they handled Flash in the movie. Better than Friendship Games, but I felt the writers we're still low blowing him. I just don't understand why they seem to struggle with the character when they can write a character like Diamond Tiara into a likeable one and flesh out Big Mac in a single episode. But that's a personal grievance for another time.

Kudos to you on an excellent story.


I just don't understand why they seem to struggle with the character when they can write a character like Diamond Tiara into a likeable one and flesh out Big Mac in a single episode.

It's a mystery we all ponder--especially since a lot of us have managed to create a totally awesome profile for him. Oh well, there's always the next movie.


Sadly, I think this comes down to two things: Lack of appreciable want for such a thing, and lack of material to work with.

With Big Macintosh, you have arguably the most popular male character in the show's roster, and one who's been around since literally the beginning of the show. His fanbase probably rivals some of the Mane 6's, and there's even rumors that there always were plans for him to have a larger role or his own episode before he finally got one. There's basically always been a want for him to be fleshed out and he finally was. Flash Sentry, while he does have his fair share of fans (myself included), has never been a hugely popular character and was the subject of quite a lot of hate for some time after the first movie aired. Even then, his inclusion in the story seems almost like an afterthought and has shades of a mandated thing that none of the writers really had all that much interest in, meaning there was never a large amount of want for him to be a major character.

With Diamond Tiara, there's material to work with as to why she's a bully like she is, even if it is a bit on the cliched side, and the show itself really loves its redemption stories. Plus, at this point, there really wasn't much more use they could wring out of her character as a bully, so finally making her sympathetic and friendly toward the CMCs was good for at least one more episode (I really doubt we'll be seeing her or Silver Spoon in a major role again now). With Flash... there simply isn't all that much to work with, I'm afraid. It's why those of us who write him have an easy time fleshing him out; other than his relationship with Princess Twilight, his only real characteristics are 'plays guitar' and 'is kinda a dork'. He's basically only a step above most Background Ponies, and even then it's not a very large step. He really doesn't offer then writers much to work with in terms of contributing to the plot without adding in more traits, which is rather difficult after 4 movies of him being as... well, for lack of a better term, bland as he is.

Would I enjoy seeing Flash getting more fleshed out in canon? Absolutely; hell, I'd just like the guy to catch a freaking break at this point, since it honestly seems like the only canon character who even gives him the time of day is Derpy/Ditzy/Muffins. I just honestly can't get my hope up to high for this happening anymore.

7599073 There is always the 5th EQG movie, so hold on my fellow Flashlight-shipper

7601720 Thanks. I'll try :twilightsmile:

7601767 glad I can help:pinkiehappy:

Flash huffed, "For a little while. Then I realized that she just wasn't the same. She's like you in many ways, and unlike you in a lot, too. And, no offense to her, but I kinda prefer you."

I imagine she feels the same about PONY Flash Sentry.

"Who's Timber?"

I'm sincerely surprised Timber's counter part didn't show up in Equestria and met Princess Twilight.

Personally I felt Flash being told to simply get over Princess Twilight and no one bothering to tell Princess Twilight felt wrong. They should be the ones to decide to say goodbye.

7599073 Assuming I'm remembering the movie right, her running off was tactically the right move (and Sunset tends to think tactically), but it was a bit irksome that it was never followed up on. I was hoping Flash would... well I actually wanna write my own fic on that idea so I don't think I'll let that one out of the bag just yet.

7619861 Yeah... If you were to tell someone to get over a person they like, followed by putting their friendship on hold because of something far more important, you'd at least be considerate enough to remember that someone when things eventually calm down.

7620454 We don't know that she didn't? But the writers apparently didn't think it important enough to mention... That said, I am a fan of... what would their ship name be? Sunflash? Just wish it had been handled better. Sunset was not paying attention at all. For good reason, but Flash didn't know that.

7620467 Good reasons all around, I'll admit that. I just wish they could've done more.

Unless they have something really special planned for him in the next movie (or the next one after that...), I really hope it's a good one. They could at least have him sing one song. He is a musician for crying out loud!

If they decide to green-light the SunFlash (which I find kinda sweet, funny and ironic because it's Sunset) I will have no objections to it. Just as long as it's genuine. Sunset hasn't really shown that she likes him enough to even go that far with him.

And there's still Princess Twilight to consider...

7621305 True. I get the impression that Flash actually did like Sunset back when. Heaven knows why as she was a jerk back then. She did show remorse in Rainbow Rocks over that in particular, but that's not surprising.


I get the impression that Flash actually did like Sunset back when. Heaven knows why as she was a jerk back then.

When she and Flash were dating, I can only assume that he got a "better" treatment, until he realized how bad she treated everyone else and how he was nothing more to her than merely a token boyfriend to make her look good.

7621916 Oh that's right, he broke up with her, didn't he?

...Hmmm... one COULD read Sunset's tone in her denial of liking him as wistfulness as she did have SOME feelings for him. There were other jocks around. Or regret for toying with him of course. Or both.


It's debatable at best. Given that she's a unicorn from Equestria, the odds of her having any actual love for someone of a different species was (and probably still is) pretty slim.

As mentioned, she only dated him to look popular. And smart as she is, she undoubtably sought out one that was both good-looking and whom she could easily manipulate.

We can't really say for certain if she developed anything during that time. But what is certain is that she does have emotions for him now. But is it love, guilt or pity?

7621993 Guilt at minimum.

We don't know how long she was in that world before she started dating him. There's debate as to how attraction works with that form of shape-shifting. Physical responses, at least (as opposed to psychological ones) may alter with form. There are suggestions that this happened to Twilight. I mean Flash barely did anything, compared to what he and Sunset have at this point been through. (It's different for EG Twilight as she really is a teenager: Pony Twilight is mentally a young adult.)

Really good story!^_^

This inspires me to write a story!^_^

Can I use a link to yours in mine? It'd take place sometime after yours when Flash graduates high school and decides to move to Equestria.

Let me know. Thanks!^_^

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