• Published 11th Jul 2012
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Ponies and Mons - ezio dementay

The Mane Six all discover weird and wonderful creatures near their homes.

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bloomin of flowers
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Before I start, I should point out that this chapter, the on before, and the next one all happen in the same day, so I’m just saying that to avoid any confusion.
Also, Budew has seed bomb, and before you rage at me for that, I point you to volt tackle Pikachu in the anime.

Rarity and Budew went up a stony path, a very rough and sometimes a bit dangerous path if someone did not know the risks of diamond dogs and possible boulders rolling down the mountain, but rarity knew the risks all too well from previous encounters, but she felt very safe this time around.

“Now Budew, when we get gems, you don’t mind helping out a bit?” she looked at Budew with a friendly and caring smile, using some magic to find the first batch of gems, with Budew thinking a step ahead and firing seeds at the rock, cracking it open and revealing a bounty of gems for rarity, making Budew hop in joy at how many gems there were, and how shiny they were to him.

Rarity was surprised her little adorable little plant creature could break a rock with such ease, but she felt very proud of her little plant that blew up a rock, picking up the gems with some levitation magic, and placing them in a cart, before stroking Budew lovingly on the head “good girl Budew, you are my favourite little plant” she continued to stroke Budew, making her squee and giggle in response.

“Now come on, we must gather just a tiny bit more, okay wittle Budew?” rarity said in a cute and loving tone to Budew, with her nodding and going over to another rock, but rarity sensed no crystals in that rock, or the rock next to it, but sensed some rocks underground, underneath Budew “right there darling just…hmm… can you possible dig?” rarity asked in her posh tone, but it felt happy to Budew.

She started to make some more seeds, this time placing them on the ground and running back to hide behind rarity “Budew what are you doing?” as she finished, the seeds exploded, dirt and mud flying everywhere, but rarity created a minor shield to protect her from some mud and pebbles, smiling contently at Budew before levitating the gems into the cart.

“Well I think that is enough, let’s-“before she could finish her sentence, some boulders grew some arm and legs, which appeared to have been resting on the road, but had been woken up by the explosion of seeds, and got up and went over to them, making threating looks at rarity, making looks that looked like they were about to fight her and Budew.

Budew stood bravely in front of rarity, firing some more of the exploding seeds, knocking one out but the rest charged at Budew and tackled her hard with a fierce group tackle, sending her flying to where rarity was.

“Oh Budew! You didn’t have to do that, you could of just ran you know” Budew shock her head, and the moving boulders got closer, with Budew bravely standing up and firing another lot of seeds, but this time, they did very little damage to them, barley making them flinch for some reason, but they charged again.

Rarity held Budew tightly, her magic creating a small barrier to block them, but it would only last a few minutes before it would crack and break, so rarity held Budew tight and lovingly, with Budew having to imagine holding rarity caringly, her friendship for rarity making them both smile happily.

They closed there eye’s and waited for the shield to break and the moving boulders to finish them, but surprisingly, nothing happened. They opened their eyes and saw the boulders had been frozen solid, trapped in a winter grasp, the ice was crystal clear though, it was the most beautiful ice rarity had ever seen, the ice was perfect in quality and beauty.

Rarity looked around for whatever caused that, looking from the ice itself, and tracing the path in the air with her magic, the magic pointing to a slight fog in the mountains, but she saw something… it looked like Fluttershy’s Absol, but she couldn’t see anything about it that would give her anymore clues.

“Umm… thank you for saving us” rarity shouted in a thankful tone to the wolf, but it left, disappearing into the fog, leaving no trace of it anymore, which rarity would of tried to follow, but rarity ran back to Budew, picking her up with magic, and placing her on her back, also dragging the cart back with her.

She ran back home, letting go of the cart as she ran back into the house, the cart tipping over in her design room, but she didn’t care, she ran upstairs and placed Budew on her bed, running down stairs and grabbing multiple bandages, medicine, berries and some other medical supplies for Budew.

“There there Budew, I’ll look after you until you get better, okay?” Budew nodded, smiling in pure happiness, with rarity giving him a loving hug, which resulted in something unexpected happening…

Budew started glowing bright with white light, as white as snow In winter, Budews body started to blossom into something new, her body growing taller and getting slightly longer legs, growing arms with blue and red roses on the end of each arm, the roses being as beautiful as rose rarity had scene, Budews face had turned a beautiful shade of blue.

Rarity gasped in absolute delight at seeing Budew blossom into such a beautiful creature, with the new Budew saying “Roselia” to rarity, hugging her best friend in a tight and loving hug before laying down and falling asleep.

“Oh my little Budew is growing up… it’s weird, it’s like having another little sister, except she’s a rose.” Rarity placed some more pillows around Roselia, making sure that she’s perfectly comfortable, placing another cover over her “I hope this is enough, she took quite a beating… but she is very tough… stop worrying rarity she is fine.” She opened the curtains, letting the sunshine in on Roselia, letting her heal faster somehow.

She went down stairs, and with some new inspiration, she started making the summer dress, with Roselias design in mind…

Next time, what will happen next time, can I think of anything to say at the end of this one? Nope, but tune in next time for the next chapter!

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