• Published 27th Sep 2016
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The Explorer and The Princesses - Ajemuha

Jack is a pilot exploring the farthest reaches of space. While in uncharted space, far from any civilization his ship crash lands in a world of ponies.

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Love the story so far

ah back from the dead I was wonder if I was going to have to add this story to the dead good stories

Glad to see you're still alive
great as always and can't wait to read more and until that day thank you for what you have written

It's hard for us to hate you when you give us great chapters.

Still loving this story, so glad I put it in tracking

It is my imagination or reedito the chapter, I do not know if I remember correctly, the princess moon returned by him, then continue part of the two fractions to the three princesses and the importance that he remarked on the first directive, as the domain and the other peleavan And why, and almost at the end of the chapter came some nobles with the lair that the princess did not have and the two princesses take an idea using the problem with the attack that made the soldier because he would have to do work for it for Almost a month and they change the sentancea to finish him like its first captain of the guard of twilight, I think that it was the last chapter that you did and finished with a note saying that in the next one you could appear cadance. Unless it is another story. Unless I went into a hole between realities and still had not written the next chapter, I think you had two more before.

I said it because when I got the notice of the new chapter I re-re-everything from the first chapter.

es mi imaginacion o reedito el capitulo , no se si recuerdo bien , la princesa luna volvia por el, despues continuar parte de las dos fracciones a las tres princesas y la importancia que el remarcaba sobre la primera directiva, como el dominio y la otra peleavan y por que , y casi al final del capitulo llegaban unos nobles con lo de la guarida que la princesa twilight no tenia y las dos princesas toman una idea usando el problema con el ataque que el hizo al soldado por que tendria realizar labores por ello por casi un mes y que cambian la sentancea a terminaba el como su primer capitan de la guardia de twilight ,creo que eso fue el ultimo capitulo que hiciste y terminaba con una nota diciendo que en el siguiente esperabas que podria aparecer cadance . a menos que sea otra historia . a menos que haiga yo entrado a un hoyo entre realidades y aun no habias escrito el siguiente cap, creo que tenias dos mas antes .
lo decia porque cuando me llego el aviso de nuevo capitulo volvi a reeler todo desde el primer capitulo.

Yeah, that's bullshit that he needs clearance to access HIS ship, when it should be the OTHER WAY AROUND.

Nice! Loving this story, man! Keep it up.


Why are you so upset? If anyone here should be upset, it’s me! Luna almost killed me! She just kept going and going!”
Twilight became more and more enraged as he kept talking. “Shut up! I don’t want to hear about that! I trusted you!”
“What are you talk---“Jack froze as he felt something click inside his head. He looked across the table at Luna, then back at Twilight.
“You think… you think that Luna and I?”
“Of course you did! I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner!”

it was at this moment he knew he Fucked up:facehoof:

Your still dead your a just a ghost who writes storys


Shh don't give away my secret

8019347 The Prime Directive has nothing to do with Socialism, I have no idea where that came from (and if it were true, that wouldn't be a reason for why it's bad).

At the same time, from what I know the writers of ST deliberately set it up so that Kirk and co. would run into issues with it, and have to choose between following the law and doing what's right - and the show being what it is, they choose the latter.

The problem was that from TNG onward the PD started becoming more absurd in its limitations, and writers sometimes did stupid things with it.

But, while the Prime Directive is largely meant to be a bureaucratic obstacle, it's based on sound principles (namely that just because our intentions in an intervention are good doesn't mean that the result will be, something history has repeatedly shown), and there are times in the shows where the cast is correct to adhere to it, or at least try.

Cultures change all the time, the trick is to help them without them becoming dependant. Keep their values but help them advance knowledge wise.

Also, one of the TNG episodes was actually about how doing what you suggest here wasn't possible. There wasn't any way the alien race of the episode could "advance" without sacrificing their own values. They were already going through a cultural crisis thanks to the advance of technology - and even the knowledge of alien civilizations would have thrown their society into chaos. The result would be the same - interference would have caused harm, as the Prime Directive predicted, regardless of the Federation's intentions or opinions of what was best for their culture.

7999780 Given recent history, I'm more favorable to the Prime Directive than I used to be, though a lot of the times it's actually shown on screen, it seems to cause as many problems as it prevents. I remember that particular episode, and Picard's speech, and for a while it always struck me as one of the bad examples of the Prime directive. Of course, for a while I've been wondering if he didn't really need to follow the Prime Directive in that case - the Federation's obviously allowed to trade with other cultures - but that was the best way, as he saw, to resolve the conflict of the episode and break the destructive cycle that was occuring.

This is a very well written story, nice plot , no misspellings, and an even pacing. Please continue


Yes. That's why I summarized that particular clip as Picard being "called out on having broken it 9 times" and then said "and it happens additional times on camera later".

The video I listed excerpts S4E21 "The Drumhead", where Admiral Norah Satie says "Would it surprise you to learn that you have violated the Prime Directive a total of nine times since you took command of the Enterprise? I must say, Captain, it surprised the hell out of me."

Ah, I remember that episode. I thought it had been more. I mean the number she gave.

Hope this story continues. One of the first ones I started reading.

Would it be fair to assume that this story is dead?

A moment of silence for the fallen :ajsleepy:

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