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Twilight and Dash, upon discovering that the long awaited "Daring Doo 4" movie contains, eugh, Humans, decide to rent out A Nightmare Moon on Elm Street.

Of course all their friends are invited. There is absolutely no way any shenanigans could possibly ensue.


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Somehow I get the feeling there won't be very much movie-watching in this fic.
There were some GREAT lines in this, such as: "I’ll show you and Pinkie and Applejack and Fluttershy and even Rarity and Rainbow Dash! Especially Rainbow Dash! Which is me, because I’m just that awesome!" :rainbowlaugh:

This is going to be good! :twilightsmile:

My shenanigan radar is coming up blank. No shenanigans here, not for at least 3 miles, nosiree-

Wait, the batteries are dead. Lemme review while I find some more...

It's well-written, and I spotted no mistakes (though, I did sort of skim it gathering the important points rather than fully scrutinise). I can sense nothing is really going to happen, but that's what makes the story good: Rainbow Dash finds out what horror movies are like, and the rest find out how accustomed she is to them. The interesting part is the fact that you could take it in any direction - there's a lot of potential for anything to happen...or, indeed, nothing at all.

Keeping an eye on this.

I hate HiE movies, they're such a cheap gimmick, unless they are written well, like Through the Eyes of Another Pony, or THe Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog. George Lucolt really hit a new low.

Cute little story so far. Looking forward to the next update and more non-shenanigans. Nonanigans? Something like that.

815641 Ooo! How about, "“You finish that word, punk, and I will style your hair. I mean it. I will make you beautiful! There will be curling irons involved. When I am done, I am going to wash that mane of yours, and condition it. It will be silky-soft for weeks. Do I make myself clear?”

Why not call it a ChimiCherryChanga? :pinkiehappy:

815831 That line was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

On a different topic, they totally ruined Daring Do with that fourth movie.

Can't wait for the movie to start! I really want to see Fluttershy's reaction to all this horror movie thing! :rainbowlaugh:

This WILL be featured, I guarentee.

Hmm, a description from the frontpage that actually makes me want to read a fic? Hell hath surely frozen over. Will update with opinions.

Because your a pegasus.

Your should be you're.

“Well, I was sort of trying to figure out sextant stuff, well, that’s what Twilight told me it is”

Missing punctuation at the end.

As for story comments the story was great and the jokes were hilarious. The characterizations, while a tittle exaggerated was not beyond reasonable and appropriate for a comedy fic.

I only have 2 comments/questions:

1: Rainbow was Twi's "ride" home from Canterlot? What, was she just going to carry her or did she have a small chariot or wagon?

2: I do not understand why Applejack had "a little gold telescope in her mouth". Can you explain the joke? Because I obviously don't get it.

Also I look forward to more. One of my favorite older comedy fics has them going to a horror movie.

So far I like it tho it was kind of hard for me to know who was talking, but over all, I think it's a pretty good story.

I thought that this was really funny. I can't wait to see the next chapter!

Pinkie should really stop looking for stuff underneath Twilight's bed.

I love this man. It's a great laugh, the Rocky Horror Picture show was a very nice little touch. Now I'm wondering if there is a MLP Rocky Horror Picture show...Hmm. Anyway. Very well done plot wise and I can't wait to read more. :pinkiesmile:

Is an interesting concept. Show us more.

Sorry...I was laughing so hard I forgot what I was reviewing.....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....ahhh.....this is funny as buck, I LOVE this story, I'll leave a more length review later on, I'll be tracking this.

The little gold telescope is the sextant Pinkie was going on about. Or at least a part of it. Not sure why it ended up in AJ's mouth though... :applejackunsure: Maybe Pinkie was a bit too enthusiastic in pulling it out or something...

Somewhere close by, if you listened carefully enough, mournful honking could be heard from somewhere in the general direction of Fluttershy’s cottage.
Fluttershy committed animal cruelty!!


Oh, OK. Sextants are more than just the telescope part though...

Wait a minute...

She turned around to see Pinkie Pie standing over Applejack, who was hyperventilating on the floor, with a little gold telescope in her mouth.

OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!.... I see. It was the sentence structure that was confusing me. The reason it was described as "a little gold telescope" was because the perspective had switched to Rainbow Dash. And it's entirely possible from the wording that the sextant is not in AJ's mouth, but in Pinkie's.

Hey, author. Might want to not make that sentence a separate paragraph so it's better illustrated as RD's perspective, you may also want to change the wording to make it clearer.

:rainbowderp: Huh. Yeah, that is a confusing sentence. Author, you might wanna straighten that up.

Will you people please stop making Kingdom of the Crystal Skull jokes?! Some of us actually like that movie.

This chapter is delectable!

ANOTHER! :flutterrage: *smashes cup on the floor*



He re-released another film, didn't he? Ugh...

yes i was in b4 featured ha ha

Yeah... I can't picture them correctly for this fic. I imagine them looking like their HotDiggetyDemon portrayals, and the stuff going on certainly helps. On the other hand, they still have their regular voices.

:yay: I'm LIKING this idea~!

NOW MOAR!!! :flutterrage:

please? :fluttershysad:



sextant+books under bead+ Pinkie= some that is without a doubt scary, but fun. if ya catch my drift.

I'm commenting before I read this because I read the description. I found it highly ironic since I am currently in the middle of an, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" marathon.
Now to read.

Well, that name in the description alone is giving me the thought that Nightmare Moon is next Freddy Krueger, so...you know the drill:


I have now read this chapter and am currently impatiently waiting for the next.
Also, Changas as is spelt with an a, not an o.

cute, i am keeping an eye on this.


:duck: That's it! Makeover time!

Great story, i'm going to be watching this.

So wait . . . is the fourth Daring-Do movie actually just Whip and Wing?

Oh yes. Take my ticket, I am on this ride. :pinkiehappy:

“You finish that word, punk, and I will style your hair. I mean it. I will make you beautiful! There will be curling irons involved. When I am done, I am going to wash that mane of yours, and condition it. It will be silky-soft for weeks. Do I make myself clear?”:raritystarry:

That line sealed the deal for me.

Favetracking like a BAWSS.:pinkiegasp:

I have an amazing imagination....which means I spent the past five minutes laughing my flank off at how hilariously awesome this story could get!

816888 No, that turned out to be a Lyra/Rainbow Dash fanfic.:pinkiehappy:

A good enough story, with an excellent main idea and some good humour, but it's just not gripping me. It seems to be moving at quite a fair lick, a bit too fast to really focus on it. Slow down, describe more, and write a bit longer and you'll have that featured box for weeks. I'll fave this to see how you develop, and like it because, well, I like it! :twilightsmile:

LOL @ the picture "Headless in da hood" :rainbowlaugh:

Shenanigan levels increasing rapidly. Gentlemen, I am afraid we are about to cross the event horizon into *removes glasses*...hijinks.

I was too! Lol!

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