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Second Chance - PsychoLogos108

Even though Vader died on the board of Deathstar II, he had yet to fully complete his destiny and by the grace of the Force, he was brought back to life.

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Aliens exist!? (Edited)

It was a normal day in Ponyville. The birds were chipping, the flowers were blooming, and ponies were wandering around doing their business.

Well, that is until a certain animal caretaker came into Ponyville, running to the way to the Golden Oaks. She quickly ran inside and slammed the door behind her. She then proceeded to lean on the door, gasping for breath.

All that time, Princess Celestia's prized student, a unicorn with a lavender coat of fur with navy blue hair which had a magenta stripe in it wearing a light blue blouse with a pink bow tie and a purple skirt watched her with a surprised expression on her face. Her name was Twilight Sparkle.

"Is something wrong, Fluttershy? Or have you had your shadow chasing you again?" the unicorn asked with a raised eyebrow. Fluttershy fanatically shook her head.

"No, Twilight. I've seen an alien!" the pegasus yelled with her high-pitched voice.

Twilight froze and stared at Fluttershy with wide eyes. Suddenly, a creepy grin appeared on her face.

"Oh, Fluttershy, you have to tell me everything about it!" she said with almost mad expression on her face as she gleefully clapped her hands and used her magic to summon a piece of parchment and a quill.

Fluttershy took a step back, scared by her friend’s sudden change of demeanor, but had nodded and sat down on the nearby bed.

"W-well, I-I had been looking for carrots to feed Angel, but suddenly a manticore attacked me. I had thought I was going to die, but then I heard a creepy breathing. I looked around and saw the alien. It was extremely tall, possibly as Princess Celestia and it wore black armor with a long cape and the scariest mask i have ever seen! The manticore saw it too and jumped at it. The alien pulled out strange black stick and a purple beam of light appeared from it. It swung the stick at the manticore and cut it in half. T-then it had returned its stick back to its belt and walked to me. It said something, but I don’t know what. I-its voice... it was terrifying! It was deep and rough, demonic-like! I was so scared that I screamed and ran away. And then I came here." Fluttershy finished, almost crying.

Twilight felt small pang in her heart. She hugged Fluttershy and petted her, hushing her and telling her to calm down. After a few minutes, she did.

"Flutters, I’ll send a letter to Princess Celestia. She’ll probably come to see the alien and you'll have to show us where the alien went so we can find it, understand?" she had asked and got a weak nod in return. “Good. You lie down and rest. You’ve had a busy day. SPIKE!” Twilight called.

In Canterlot

Princess Celestia took a swig of whisky right from the bottle. She had had an awful day. First, she had to attend a meeting for a noble who wanted a maid to be executed because she made his bath one degree hotter. Second, she got a complaint from her annoying nephew AGAIN. Something about a commoner mare refusing to go on a date with him and that she should be punished for that. Lastly, she had a mountain of paperwork to do which haven't reduced in a slightest. In fact, it looked like it had grown a few centimeters. Celestia let out a groan, hoping something would happen. Her prayers were magically answered. In a flash of green flames, a note from her faithful student appeared. She smiled and opened the note.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Something truly remarkable has happened. My friend Fluttershy was searching for carrots for her bunny Angel, when a manticore attacked her. She had thought she was finished, but then an alien appeared! I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Fluttershy said it's bipedal and very tall. It was dressed in black armor, adorned with long black cape and scary mask. It was breathing very loudly. Fluttershy also said that when the manticore had attacked it, the creature had pulled out a stick and a beam of purple light had appeared, cutting the manticore in half with only one swing! It had also said something to her in deep, robotic voice, but then she ran away. I require your assistance to search for this creature. This could be huge change in Equestria's history! Who knows what technology and knowledge this alien possesses?!

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

Celestia’s eyes widened as she read her protege’s letter.

"GUARDS!" she yelled once she’d finished reading. Two Solar Guards entered the throne room and knelt before the Princess.

"You called us, Princess?" one of them said.

"Wake up my sister, prepare a carriage, the Elements of Harmony and select few Solar Guards, Lunar Guards and Captain Shining Armor. We must go to Ponyville immediately!"

“Yes, Your Highness,” said the Solar Guards, rising and virtually running to do their Princess’s bidding.


Twilight had gathered all her friends and Fluttershy told them about the alien. Their reactions were… somewhat mixed.
"We should go in that forest, find the alien and show him who's the boss!" Rainbow Dash, the Element of Loyalty. who was a pegasus and had a sky-blue coat of fur and a rainbow-patterned hairstyle, and wore a blue jacket with a white t-shirt with the image of a rainbow-patterned lightning bolt underneath and blue exclaimed, smashing her right fist into her left hand as she spoke.

"I concur, Rainbow. It sounds like some kind of brute. Not to mention that his attire sounds like utter garbage!" Rarity, the Element of Generosity (and forever drama queen), who was an alabaster-furred unicorn with curly purple hair wearing a baby blue blouse and a purple skirt, said, dramatically putting her hand on her forehead.

"OH, I HOPE HE LIKES PARTIES, BECAUSEIAMGOINGTOTHROWHIMTHEBESTESTPARTYHEEVEREREXPERIENCED!!!" Pinkie Pie, the Element of Laughter, who was a pink-furred earth pony with bushy pink hair wearing a light blue jacket with a white t-shirt that bore the image of a heart and blue jeans said while bouncing around. This was nothing weird for her.

"Ah just hope it's not gunna be aggressive and be cooperative. If not, Rainbow and ah will show this thing into the dirt." Applejack, the Element of Honesty, who was an earth pony with a blonde pony tail wearing her father’s stetson hat, a green shirt, and blue jeans said with her arms crossed.

Twilight and Fluttershy had remained silent and waited for the Princess to come.

knock, knock.

Twilight rushed to the door and opened it. When she opened the door, she not only saw Princess Celestia, but Princess Luna, a few Royal Guards, and her brother, Shining Armor, who had alabaster fur, navy blue hair, and wore purple and golden armor.

"Shiny!" Twilight yelled and jumped at her brother, hugging him. A couple of the guards snickered, but they were quickly silenced when their captain had glared at them.

"It's good to see you too, Twily, but could you let me go, I still need to breathe," choked Shining Armor, who was slowly starting to turn blue from the lack of oxygen. Twilight quickly released him, blushing in embarrassment as Shining Armor began swallowing big chunks of air. Twilight then turned to the Princesses and kneeled, as did her friends.

"My faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, it's so good to see you again,” Celestia said as the Mane 6 rose from the ground.

"Alas, I fear that now it's not the time for hugs. If everything what you have written in that letter is true, this alien may be extremely dangerous. We must go now to find it bring it to Canterlot for negotiation. In case it won't come willingly and starts acting aggressive, i brought your Elements of Harmony,” Celestia explained as Lunar Guards brought forth the chest in which the Elements were resting. Mane 6 took each their respected necklaces (Twilight took her tiara).

"We must proceed to the forest now. Faust knows what that alien is doing in the moment." Princess Luna exclaimed. And with that, they all started walking towards the forest.