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In the Year 996 of the Reign of Celestia. Thirteen Equestrian ponies volunteer for service in the International Brigade. Fighting in the far of land of Espanya, as civil war rips their nation apart. The International Brigade fights the good fight, to prevent the destruction of these strangers way of life, as helping others is simply the Equestrian way.

Only three return.

Nurse Redheart, one of the Thirteen Equestrian Volunteers, now struggles to cope with her life as it happens. Struggling with the memory of those long and terrible five years of her life.

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Welcome back, Wheller! Looks like you're coming back strong, is this in the continuum of your other stories or something unconnected?

Comment posted by thatonenigga deleted Sep 25th, 2016

7592505 Same continuity. Naturally.

Oh, my.

PTSD is going to hit the three Equestrian survivors hard. :-S

"Wrong Side of Heaven", by Five Fingers Death Punch, could be a theme for this story arc.

Ooh reveal somewhere in the story, the other two survivors?

Interesting hook, i'll keep an eye on this one.

It's been a while so I'm looking forward to more stories in this continuity.

2 Revealed. 1 to go.

I'm guessing Vinyl survives this with Redheart.

7595098 Given how she figures in the later continuity, yeah, she does.

7595098 Yeah, not really a spoiler, Season 1 is year 1000 of the Reign of Celestia, and this is taking place in 996, so just being in the show gives it away that she lives.

Of course, knowing that, it makes it all the more tragic that the ensemble cast introduced in the next chapter are doomed.

So far I'm more of a fan of seeing her post war actions. I find the public nurse persona clashing with a war veteran more enticing. We see her as a nurse, and that's why the flashback are holding a little less impact for me. I already know how she acts and reacts. Seeing her flash to a sniper attack, or something as simple as sleeping on the floor rather than a bed because that's hat she's used to colors her a bit more. Still, can't have scenes without context, so there's that. Just my two cents.

Oh, good grief....Monty's made the scene.

Yeah, she kinda does at that....

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