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Good fic :twilightsmile:

Delightfully hot.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm amazed this took so long.

I like how you dealt with consent in this one.

Given how many mind-control fans are on this site, (myself included) I'm surprised there aren't more of these already.

This begs sequel. Start of a three way relationship maybe?

and a bowl of sugar

No kidding. Both literal and figurative.
This is adorable.

I was wondering how long it would take for a story like this to get published.

Mm sexy Rarity :)

now i'm still waiting for a story were Sunset grabs someone who has a crush on her and clop ensuses

...a bowl of sugar.


Yum. I like it a lot!

Considering last weeks episode, I was starting to wonder when I was going to see these kinds of fics pop up. :rainbowlaugh:


Hello! Good story, huh?

~Skeeter The Lurker

I enjoyed it, for some reason. :raritywink:

Can you do one with A.J. and F.S. ?

or Pinkie Pie ?

edit: have one with A.J. and pinkie Pie under F.S.'s power.

FINALLY, I was wondering when all the damn Mind Control fics were going to come out of this episode.

You had me at "and a bowl of sugar."

Man I forget I left this gathering dust in one of my tabs. Though I'm keen about clop I'm glad to see your idea found success. Good job, Twinkie! :trollestia::moustache:

There can never be enough good, consensual mind control fics like this one. Bravo! :twilightsmile:

While I don't ship RariDash (nor any lesbian Dash pairing), and while I would like to see RD be the pony (or one of the ponies) in control for once, this still hit my hypnosis fetish in just the right way.

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