• Published 10th Oct 2016
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Equestria: blood vs flesh. - Lockgate

It was so long ago I entered this world, and I honestly couldn't leave it even if I could, I love it to much. But this world I love is no longer the same, broken and twisted just by my existence. If only I saw the betrayal sooner.

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Chapter one: Introductions, Honest Laughter.

The light of the full moon graced the city that laid bellow, it was a metropolis even in this times of horror, the city was in a very open region with tones of clear water streams and small hills but the most noteworthy was a large seemingly endless forest to the west of the city. The city itself was mostly of buildings, even businesses, only three or four stories tall with only a handful of six or seven story buildings. Within the center of this city was a thirty story tower designed to look like a castle, the base of the tower was the thickest part stretching fifty feet wide, the taller the tower was the thinner it became creating sections and with every section there was a balcony that.

In one small part of the city two women walked the streets talking and laughing just enjoying the night and bars.

“So that fire was from one of those things.” The green haired woman asked her friend who nodded.

“I saw it, it was horrible. To think THAT was human at one stage, by the goddesses its terrifying to think anyone of us could become something like that.” The red haired woman shuddered at the memory, her friend nodded in agreement.

“Just don’t think about it, just live your life otherwise your just going to size yourself up for more fear then you can cope with.” The red head sighed, nodding her head. The two continued to talk about other things in an attempt to settle their fears and worry’s unaware of what was up ahead.

A sound emanated from farther up ahead causing the two women to stop. Further up there was a man stumbling forward, the darkness of the night obscured most of his body, specifically his right side.

“Hay sir, are you ok.” The green haired woman called, but the only reply was a... Growl of sorts, it sounded like a beast trying to roar in water. The street lights began to illuminate the man’s body.

What the women saw made them shake in fear.

The man was a ghostly white and even from where the women stood they could tell the man’s mussels were tense to the point the flesh looked as solid as stone, giving the man the overall appearance of a moving statue. The fingers and thumb on his left hand where covered with a strange crystal like rock that the women know could rip them apart easily. The man beard his teeth, revealing the enamel to be made of the same red crystal rock that could easily tear flesh from bone. He's colorless eyes glared at seemingly nothing, looking this way and that coming to a stop on the pair of trembling women. He roared a mechanical screech as he moved his right arm from the shadows into the light to reveal it to be covered in the same red crystal like rock, he's upper arm was covered in spikes, including the shoulder, his lower arm was, instead of a hand, a long blade a little longer then his height.

The monster roared as it charged to the petrified women. The red haired quickly recovered from her shock, grabbed her friends hand and ran down the way they came, the monster hot on their heals. They turned left down another street then left, left again and then a right, by this point the green haired women was running on her own. She stole a glance behind her hoping they lost the monster, her hopes where shattered as she saw that not only was the thing still following them but it was even closer.

The green haired women turned to face forward, the red head turn down another street, she turned to follow but she couldn't see her. She stopped running, heavily breathing in and out feeling without her friend she had no hope. She screamed when she felt a hand grab her arm and pulled her into an alley and squirmed when she felt another hand cover her mouth.

“Lyra clam down its me.” Lyra looked towards the voice verifying it was her red haired friend. The red head quickly pushed herself and Lyra to the wall, the horrid sounds of the monsters growls became louder and louder. The two women forced themselves not to shake, in hopes of making as little sound as possible.

The monster ran past the alley, racing in the direction it thought they went. The women resisted the urge to sigh in fear it would hear them, quietly they ran down the alley appearing in a crossroad's. Just as they stepped into the center of the crossroad Lyra screamed as a searing hot pain emanated from her leg, losing her balance she landed head first into the cement, losing consciousness. The red head turned around and sprinted to her friend’s side, an expressing of horror as she looked on at her friends still form, but a smile of relief creep as the gentile rise and fall of Lyra's chest indicated life.

A metallic screech resounded from the alley the two women came from as the monster walked towards the two women, seemingly savoring the moment of its well-earned hunt. The red heads expression stretched to one of horror, and confusion when she saw the middle finger missing. An idea formed and confirmed when she saw the missing digit imbedded in Lyra's leg. Her expression grow to one of pure terror when she looked back at the monster to see the finger growing back, it was slow but she know it had four more shots left before it had to worry.

The red head didn’t know what to do, she couldn't leave her friend, she couldn't carry her and out run the monster. She had one option left.

The red head hugged Lyra deeply as tears rolled down her cheeks. She looked up to see the monster raised its arm overhead, and like an executioner the blade dropped, the red head braced herself for the pain.


The monster stopped mid-swing shifting its gaze towards the voice, the red head looked up then followed the monster's gaze. Standing in one of the streets a few feet from the them where two women. They both wore the same style of clothes, short heal thigh high boots with mid-length skirts that hugged their bodies and military style jackets. The one on the left, standing at six feet in height, was a freckled faced blond with a western styled hat, her expression was a stoic one but held a cold air, and a merciless gaze in her emerald green eyes. The one on the right was a smooth skinned young looking girl with a full head of curly bright pink hair, her expression was one of joy, yet in her baby blue eyes there was only a warning of pain. She was around the same height. The red head found herself more afraid of this two then the monster.

The monster was about to screech only to be stopped when something rammed into it with enough force it tumbled down the street. The red head watched the monster roll across the street till it stopped then shifted her gaze to wear it stood not even a second ago to see the pink haired woman standing there. The red head was about to have a panic attack.

That was until she saw the badge sewn into the fabric on their shoulders. It was small, cycler in shape, with fourteen spikes of different colors. respectably, antque ruby, anti-flash white, bronze, amaranth pink, electric yellow, electric blue, electric crimson, deep violet, earth yellow, deep sky blue, dark gray, cyber yellow, camel and emerald with a gem in the center that seemed to glow with all the colors at once. A gold ring was attached to the ends of the spikes but split to two half’s, both half’s where engraved. The top half read 'Infection Control Watch' the bottom half read 'Section: Gray'.

The red head smiled in pure joy knowing she was safe, she wanted to hug the two women and thank them for saving her and her friend but froze when the blond woman walked into view, she know she was safe but the mere sight of the blond woman seemed to force some primal fear to scream at her to run and never look back. The blond looked to the red head sighing in annoyance at the fearful look.

“Ya mite want ta leave, this things can get a bit... messy.” She spoke in a thick Texan accent. Smiling with anticipation for the fight, which did little to calm the terrified red head.

The pink haired woman chuckled. “You might want to go.” She advised, her voice full of joy, but there was an under tone of... malice that made the red dead shiver.

“W-what, what about Lyra, she's hurt!”

“Don't worry she's over there.” The pink haired girl replied pointing down the opposite street.

The red head gave the woman an odd look. “What are you talking about she's right here-.” The red head looked down to see nothing but air. Panic filled the red head as she looked this way and that till her eyes fell on the still form of Lyra in the opposite street, right where the pink haired woman was pointing. Her leg was bandaged and the blood spatter was cleaned from her clothes. The red head looked at the pink haired woman in shock. "How did you do that?"

“Questions, questions, questions, just go already so we can do are job.” The pink haired woman commanded, her patents all but gone, a heavy frown glared daggers at the red head.

The red head flinched but crawled to her feet running to her friend’s side. The blond haired woman watched her then looked to the pink haired woman. “Was that really necessary Karen.” The pink haired woman, identified as Karen, scoffed.

“Sorry Hope, it's just so frustrating when people just stare at you like dear in headlights when not even fifteen feet from them is a blood thirsty monster ready to turn them into dinner! No they find it more important to sit there and ask questions, for fuck sake people are stupid, I mean I can understand being too scared to move, but when theirs someone how can help them they just sit there and get in are way, that just drives me up the fucking wall!” The blond haired woman, identified as Hope, rolled her eyes as Karen continued her rant knowing that when Karen got this way nothing she say will clam her own till her long awaited point is voiced.

“Which takes like twenty bloody years. And yet people are afraid of me it's Karen they should be weary of.”

The monster weakly stood up then roared in anger, but the two woman didn't even look at its direction.

“Remember that time in the Everfree when those kids where just sitting there as a Goliath, a fucking GOLIATH was charging towards them, we had to convince them to lesion to us. But when the hydra came it was like nothing we did they just wouldn't lesion! I don't condone child abuse but those kids just made me want to slap the stupid right out of them!”

The monster roared again but louder.

“SHUT UP BEFORE I STAPLE YOUR MOUTH SHUT MYSELF” Karen practically roared at the monster, but the thing didn't lesion, it charged, it's blade arm high in the air. The pink haired woman trembled in frustration and anger but before she could twitch a leg muscle Hope placed a hand on Karen’s shoulder.

“Simmer down sis let me deal with the swordman, just breath ok, remember what Jewel taught you.” Reluctantly Karen nodded, she walked to the sidewalk and sat cross-legged inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Hope turned her attention to the monster, which had almost cleared the distance between them, but she wasn't scared, for she know how to deal with this thing. With a thought her arms and legs turned into tendrils of red and black meat for but a second, in place of her human limbs her arms where covered in a black rock like cartilage as well as her legs with a gantlet design to them. This change made the swordman stop and for the first time that night, it backed away from its target, knowing full well what she was. Hope grinned in a way that would make an alpha predator wiper in fear.

“So you know what ah am. I guess you’re not a marron.” The monster turned and ran down the street in a vain attempted to escape, Hope got into a crouching position and lunched herself at the monster, her acceleration far too high for any normal human to reach. In less than a second she cleared the distance and rammed into the monster, she stabbed her fingers into its back and held onto its spin with a vice grip with her feet planted firmly on the ground, her momentum treasured the body was lunched forward, the spin remained. The body tumbled down the street until it smashed into a pole, it body twitched with whatever muscle function it had left before finally going limb. Hope held the spin in her hand, a sick smile of joy plastered on her face, then as if her body reacted on instinct, several tendrils of red and black flesh shot out of her back several coiled around the spin and the head of the monster wail the rest covered the body and any part of the street that had blood on it. As fast as they appeared the tendrils reseeded back into Hope, any evidence of the monster ever being there was gone, absorbed by the tendrils.

Hope covered her mouth as a small belch escaped, sighing in content. “Hmm, he didn’t taste that bad.” Turning around Hope walked down the street to her sister, who had visibly calmed down from her little anger episode.

“Ya ok sis.” Karen breathed out.

“I’m good, I’m chill.” She stood up. “Come on, we need to check on the civis.” Hope nodded. The two walked down to the two women, Lyra was still knockout, the red head sat next to her. She looked up when she heard foot steps to see Hope and Karen standing in front of her.

“Is it gone?” She asked, her attention was solely fixated on her injured friend that he missed the monsters demise. Both sisters nodded, the red head sighed in relief.

Karen spoke first. “Excuse me miss… “


“Miss Beth, how did you encounter the swordman?”

“Me and Lyra where going to head for my sisters place to see how she was ok, she got burned a bit by that fire last week. Just as we were half way there we saw that thing walking the streets, then it saw us and gave chase. It chased us down a few streets then down that alley, then that thing shot its middle finger at Lyra’s leg. The rest you where there for.”

Karen took a thoughtful look. “Thank you Miss Beth, and apologies for my less then professional approach, we will call the hos-.”

“I’ve already called the ambulance, and don’t worry about that, you were trying to do your job but I was in the way, you have nothing to apologies for.”

With that don Hope and Karen nodded to Beth and walked a little bit away to discus in privet. Hope was the first to talk.

“Another wonderer, ever since that fire last week thrive been more and more frequent, we need to get someone to investigate this.”

Karen nodded. “But that’s not are thing, will need to get Rachel and Rose to investigate, I’ll call base, right now we can’t leave this two alone.” Hope nodded, she turned and walked over to the two distressed civilian’s wall Karen called the base.

“Luna do you know were Rose and Rachel are.”

Author's Note:

Hello my people! It is I, LOCKGATE, with a new story and before anyone says anything yes I know I've only made one chapter for my other story, the epic tale of an overpowered idiot, but this story has been running through my mind bugging the hell out of me. So to ease my sanity, what ever is left of it that is, ive posted this story a bit earlier then planed and I may post a few more storey's.

But don't you worry my fans for I have the second and third chapter of overpower idiot ready to be posted soon so please be patient

thank you and this is LOCKGATE saying, GOOD NIGHT WHERE EVER YOU LIVE.