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Roomies - CGPH

Twilight discovers she isn't the only one spending the night in the CHS library. Set during the events of Equestria Girls.

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Author's Note:

Written for Equestria Daily's Sunset Shimmer Day!

Twilight relaxed back, putting her hands behind her head.

“I just can’t help but get the feeling that Sunset Shimmer had something to do with it.”

“I wouldn’t put it past her,” Spike said.

Her dragon-turned-dog waddled over to the blanket and sealed his mouth around it. He dragged the sheet back up onto the bed with him, pulling at it until it was entirely covering Twilight. He came to a stop beside her head.

“But she wanted your crown because she’s planning on doing something even worse!” Spike ran around in a small circle, making himself comfortable. “If you’re going to stop her you have to focus on making friends here. You can’t worry about why these girls aren’t friends anymore, even if they,” he yawned “do remind you of your Ponyville friends."

Twilight lifted the year book up again, longingly staring at the photo of the girls who suspiciously resembled her friends. She nodded, taking Spike into her arms.

“You’re right Spike,” she yawned. She looked up at the skylight, and noticed how different this world's star constellations were to her own.

“Eyes on the prize.”

Twilight closed her eyes. She could do this. In the past she’d faced an Ursa Minor, a God of chaos, two evil rulers and even one pony with an ego’s bigger than Sunset’s. This was going to be a piece of cake, she was the Princess of Friendship now, after all.


Twilight opened her eyes and looked around. Spike had fallen asleep next to her, and one look back up at the sky told her she must have fallen asleep at some point as well.

She scanned the area. She was sure she'd heard something.

When the noise didn’t return, Twilight closed her eyes again, convinced she’d been hearing things.



Twilight’s eyes shot open again. Okay, she’d definitely heard something this time.

“Spike,” she whispered, nudging her assistant in the side. He remained asleep. Twilight glanced around anxiously.

As quietly as she could in her new body, she pulled herself free from the sheet covering her. She slowly sat up, listening out for the voice again. There was movement happening somewhere in the library, she could hear. It was a soft thumping, like footsteps, coming from only a few meters away.

Twilight stood up, and began making her way towards the noise. As she closed in on it, her anxiety began to grow. What if it was a burglar? Or someone else with ill intentions?

As she neared the source of the sound it grew louder than ever. She could hear slow breathing, and the rustle of fabric. She took a deep breath and jumped around the last corner.


“What th- What are you doing here!?” Sunset snapped.

The girl she’d been sent to this world and track down was lay right there before her…. In bed? The bacon-haired villain was lay on top of a pile of books, constructed remarkably similarly to her own.

Twilight opened and closed her mouth, unable to form words.

“I-I-I’m sleeping h-here, I didn’t h-have anywhere else to go,” she spluttered out.

Sunset frowned. She let out a loud groan and threw her covers off, revealing herself to be wearing dark purple pajamas with a sun emblazoned on its chest. She stood up and stormed past Twilight, nudging her violently in the shoulder.

As she made her way around the corner Twilight moved with her, keeping her distance. Sunset rounded a bookshelf and came to a stop in front of Twilight’s makeshift bed.

“Arrgghh are kidding me?!" She groaned and kicked the side of it.

Sunset turned and pointed an accusing finger in her direction. “Well I’m not moving, so you’ll have to.”

Twilight frowned.

“I’m not going anywhere. You don’t own the library. I think.

Sunset didn’t respond. Instead she crossed her arms and looked Twilight up and down. As the girls eye's snaked over her body, Twilight couldn’t help but stiffen up uncomfortably.

“Fine. But stay on your side of the room, and don’t talk to me," she commanded.

“I, er…” Twilight stiffened up, “Wasn’t particularly planning on a sleepover.”

Good.” Sunset spat.

Bacon-hair jutted forward again, pushing past Twilight and moving back towards her own bed of books. Twilight didn’t follow this time, instead she sat down on her own bed and began trying process what had just happened. She looked to Spike's sleeping form.

“Great deal of help you just were,” she muttered.

When she was sure Sunset was gone and not coming back, Twilight lay back into her ‘bed’. She pulled her covers up and fidgeted around uncomfortably. She was sure Spike had tried his best, but the books pressing up against her back felt like she might as well have been laying on the floor.

Giving up any attempt to get comfortable, Twilight turned her attention to the girl she knew was only a matter of feet away. It wasn’t just the books that were making her uncomfortable. What sort of cruel god of coincidence out there had caused this to happen? The villain she’d been sent here to defeat lay not ten feet away from her, and who said they were under a truce? There was nothing stopping Sunset from just waiting till Twilight fell asleep and then smothering her.

She gulped.

Celestia, she wished she hadn't thought of that.

“Hey Sunset?” She asked into the distance.

A second of silence passed over, before a grunt of annoyance and a reply came.


Twilight swallowed, unsure of how to word this.

“Can we like… call a truce or something? Just for tonight?”

The silence that followed un-nerved her.


“Just… just so, we can both get a good night’s sleep… without worrying about each other, you know.”

A haunting laugh creeped over from Sunset’s side of the room.

“You scared of me?”

Twilight sucked in a deep breath. “No! I just… want mutual assurance that neither of us are going to try anything. Not that I’m saying you would, you know, just… wanting to make sure.”

Sunset’s creepy laugh sounded again.

“Don’t worry Twilight. That’s not my style.”

The hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

Twilight gave squeak, followed by a nervous laugh.

“Ehehe… Y-You can get why I asked though, right?”

“What do you think I am, some medieval siren? I’m not going to do anything to you in your sleep. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind… until you brought it up.”

“Okay… good,” Twilight nodded. “I won’t try anything either.”

Another laugh.

“Don’t worry, I know."

Twilight frowned and looked in the direction Sunset was in.

“How do you know?”

“Celestia’s prized pupil lifting a hoof in violence? Oh please.”

Twilight didn’t like what Sunset was implying.

“Hey, I’m tough!”

Sunset laughed.

“Okay sweetie. If that helps you sleep at night.”

Twilight huffed and moved around in bed.

She was tough, everybody knew she was. True, she’d never dream of attacking somebody in their sleep but… she wasn’t above physical violence! Just so long as the circumstance called for it, and there was no other choice, and it was mostly out of self-defense… Twilight was tough.

She shrank down in her bed and rubbed her face into her book pillow.

She was tough. She’d saved Equestria multiple times! True, none of those involved physical fights but… did she really give off the intention she was weak? Or was it because like Sunset said, she was a student of Celestia? It was part of Celestia’s teachings that violence was never the answer, and being her ex-pupil Sunset had probably sat through all those same lectures as her.

Then a question popped into Twilight’s head.

“Hey, Sunset?”

A moment of silence passed over, during which Twilight began to think Sunset had dozed off. Her suspicions were silenced when an annoyed reply came.


Twilight gave a small nod to herself and continued.

“You were Celestia’s student before I was right?”

Another silence. Twilight waited for an answer, but none came.

Maybe she’d upset her?

As she opened her mouth to check, an answer came.

“She told you?” Her voice sounded weaker.

Twilight nodded, then blushed. “I mean, I only found out today, but yeah.”

“Yeah… sounds like something she’d do.”

“So, you’ve been living in the world ever since you came through the portal, right?”


“And have you been sleeping here the entire time?”


“Why?” Twilight frowned. “Don’t they have houses in this world?”

A grunt of frustration from Sunsets side.

“They have food and water here. They have pillows, heating and internet. Why would I need anywhere else?”

“Wait, they have pillows?”



“Arts room. Don’t bother, I took them all,” she said defensively.

“Can I have one?”

Sunset spluttered, “You know we’re enemies right?”

Twilight licked her lips, thinking of the right wording.

“Well, there’s such a thing as common courtesy…”

Sunset groaned.

“Twilight, go to sleep.”

“But I’m really uncomfortable.”

“Do I sound like I care?”

Twilight huffed and went silent.

Honestly, that was just plain rude. Even Discord had the courtesy to be polite when he was causing chaos. Here she was pulling her back out and Sunset couldn’t spare her even one pillow. She was going to have a terrible night’s sleep now, heck she’d probably be dragging herself around school tomorrow just trying to stay awake.

Ohhh you clever witch, Twilight thought.

That was Sunset’s plan wasn’t it? Make sure she was extremely tired tomorrow, and so less effective against her.

She’s got the brains, I’ll give her that.

Twilight scrunched up her nose. Really, what were the chances she’d end up in this situation? Sunset had this entire world to her disposal, and she chose here to sleep? Stopping bad guys she could deal with, but being roommates with them? That was just... awkward.

Then another idea occurred to her.

Here she and Sunset were, completely isolated and on equal ground. She had the perfect opportunity to try and get on her good side! Maybe they could become friends, and they could just talk this whole thing through? Twilight was the Princess of Friendship, she was the best there was at making friends! If anybody could do this, it was her.

“I like your pajamas.”

It took a second before Sunset responded. When she did, she gave a very confused, “wha..?”

“I said I like your pajamas," Twilight repeated, "the color scheme has nice contrast to your skin.”


Sunset’s voice sounded like a warning.

“Is that your cutie mark on them?” She continued.

Twilight waited patiently for an answer. When none came, she took that as a yes and continued.

“Did you get it custom printed? Cause I imagine it’d be really difficult to find something that specific off the shelf.”

When she still received no answer, Twilight began to suspect again her new roommate had fallen asleep.


“Yes! I got them custom printed,” she snapped.


A heavy groan.

“Because I like my cutie mark.”

“Ahh, that’s understandable. I imagine being trapped in a different body you’d want some form of identity you can relate to. Do you miss Equestria then?"

"...Sometimes. Why?"

"Because it's completely natural if you do. Nothing to be ashamed of."

"I didn't say I was ashamed."

"I never said you were."

Twilight sighed. She needed to try harder, she was getting nowhere.

"So what's your favorite color?"

“Twilight I swear to Celestia I’m reconsidering our truce.” She sounded serious.

“Okay, okay!” Twilight backtracked, holding her hands up in defense even though Sunset couldn’t see her, “I’ll go to sleep.”

Maybe trying to make friends with your moody enemy while they were trying to sleep wasn’t the best idea she'd ever had. Twilight should probably just call it a night and go to sleep herself.

She pushed herself back in bed until she lay staring at the ceiling. The books weren’t as uncomfortable as she was making them out to be, she could deal with them. She pushed her head deeper into her book pillow. Yeah, she could deal with this. Tiredness was consuming her at such a rapid rate, she didn’t much mind if she was comfortable or not.

Plus, she’d slept in a lot worse situations. Back when she was Celestia’s student she’d sometimes overwork herself so bad she woke up on the floor of her study room after having spent the entire night there. And then there was the long train journeys between Canterlot and Ponyville, if she wasn’t travelling with her friends she’d nearly always fall asleep on that. That wasn’t much of an issue now, mind, what the wings and all. In fact she once-


Twilight sat bolt upright heart as her heart did a summersault.

“What was that!?”

“Relax,” Sunset’s tired voice sounded from around the corner. “It's just the janitor.”

“W-why’s the janitor cleaning this late?”

“I don’t know… Those are just,” she yawned, “his shift times.”

Sunset’s words were not doing much to rest Twilight’s nerves.

“What if he comes in here?”

“He won’t.”

“How do you know?”

“He never does. The library is Miss Cheerilee’s responsibility.”

“Does he know you live in here?”

“No. Twilight, please, go to bed.”

Twilight couldn’t go back to bed. Her nerves had been rattled too hard.

She carefully pulled herself free from her blanket and stood up. She crept her way over to nearby banister. She placed her hands down on the cold wood and looked out over the library.

Everything was still. It certainly didn’t seem like the janitor had entered the room. When she was satisfied she was perfectly safe, she turned back around...

...and found herself face to face with Sunset.

“EEP!” She leaped back.

Sunset remained still. She had her arms crossed, staring at Twilight.

“Told you there was no one there.”

Twilight blushed and rubbed her arm.

“Guess I needed to see for myself.”

Sunset continued staring at her. She frowned.

“I don’t get it.”

“Get what?” Twilight asked.

“You. Look at you, you’re an Equestrian Princess and scared of a school Janitor. In what way are you a fitting replacement for me?”

Her words hit Twilight like a truck. Normally she could deal with talking trash between enemies, but this time she’d been caught off guard.

“Well… I mean I…” she stuttered.

“Actually, I do get it.”

Sunset smirked and took a step forward.

“You’re easy to manipulate. Let me guess, Princess, how many times have you gone against what Mommy Celestia has told you to do?” she said mockingly.

“Well… er...” Twilight tried to recount her memories in her head. “Never, I suppose.”

“Mmmhmm. Exactly. You know what happens when you do go against what she says?”

Twilight shook her head.

“You end up like me."

The villain took a step back and began to pace around her.

“I had so much magic back in Equestria, you know? I was the top of my class at Celestia’s school, the best they’d had in decades. But I had ambition, I was aware of my power and I wanted to use it. I deserved to use it, I wasn’t going to waste something like that! When Celestia saw my power she knew I was a threat to her position as the crown and expelled me.”

Sunset paused, looked up to the ceiling and swallowed.

“She took me under her wing and raised me like I was her own. But she wasn’t doing it out of love, she did it because she wanted a lap dog. And just like a lap dog, when I didn’t obey, she traded me out for the latest model.”

Sunset pointed to her and moved in closer, “You.”

“You know what’s going to happen when you realize how unfairly you’re being treated? Or when a unicorn even more powerful than you comes along? She’ll do exactly the same to you that she did to me.”

Twilight tried to respond, but was at a loss for words.

Sunset, pleased with the impact she left, turned around. She made her way back towards her own bed. “When that happens, remember who warned you. Heck, I might even share my pillows with you then.”

“You’re wrong. Celestia loves me,” she shot back.

Sunset stopped in her tracks. She laughed.

“She loved me and Princess Luna too. Look what happened to us.”

“You both became mad with power. You did this to yourselves,” Twilight retorted.

Sunset turned around, anger riddled across her face.

“Say that again,” she dared.

“I said,” Twilight repeated, “you did this to yourself. Celestia didn’t banish you here, that was your choice! It was you who wouldn’t trust her judgement. And by rebelling the way you did, you proved her right.”

Sunset took another step forward.

“Those are big words for a girl in your position.”

Twilight didn’t back down, she knew what was going on here. She wasn’t going to let Sunset intimidate her.

“Am I wrong? It was your own choices that put you here, Celestia did what anypony would have done in her position.”

Sunset came to a stop slightly in front of Twilight. She cocked her head to the side.

“Maybe you’re not as weak as I thought. Tell you what, when she kicks you out too, you’ve got a place here with me, if you want it.”

“That’s not going to happen. And even if it did, I’d never join you.”

Sunset shook her head.

“You’re a fool, Twilight Sparkle. We're in the exact same situation, only I wouldn't accept the limitations that were wrongly put on me. You try standing up against her, see what happens. You place too much faith in other people, and that’ll be your downfall.”

“Funny how you’re saying that, when I’m the Princess of Friendship and you’re living in a school library.”

Sunset gritted her teeth and smiled.

“We’ll see about that come the Fall Formal, won’t we?”

Sunset turned on her heels and started to make her way back towards her bed again. Twilight stayed silent, watching her leave.

Her words lingered in her head. Was that a threat? It definitely sounded like it.

Twilight got back in bed, and pulled Spike into a snuggle.

If Sunset wanted a challenge, she'd give her a challenge. Tomorrow couldn't come soon enough.

As Twilight snuggled back into her pillow, she suddenly found her throat dry from all the talking.

"Hey, Sunset, could you get me a glass of water?"

"Twilight Sparkle, I know how to hide a body."

This was going to be a long night.

Comments ( 38 )

Now I wish this was in the movie. This is a great scene.

What do you think I am, a siren? I’m not going to do anything to you in your sleep.

Huh. That's oddly specific.

Anyway, nice scene. The Sunlight shipper inside me wanted them to get a little closer, but I think you cut it off at a pretty reasonable point. And it's always interesting the examine the similarities of Sunset and Twilight.

Although I am kind of curious about one thing: In your eyes, is Sunset or Twilight right about Celestia? Because Sunset does bring up a fairly valid point with how Celestia treated her, although I also think it's pretty fair to assume that her viewpoint is a little warped and clouded by spite.

Good story, though. Really got me thinking, and not just in a 'kicking myself for not knowing that Sunset day was a thing' kind of way.

I truly can imagine that something like this happened as some kind of deleted scenes :rainbowlaugh:


I'll never accepted that throwaway in the comic that Sunset lives in the school.. S-she's just looking for a place to stay when her super fancy apartment that she bought with equestrian bits being remodeled! Y-yeah! T-thats it!

But this story is perfect addition if she really lives there.. Bravo!

Never did read that comic (not a fan of the story), but I liked seeing a Sunset story with her set during EQ1. Redeemed Sunset is much better, but its nice change to see a mean but not demonic evil Sunset. Not to mention one that answers the question of where she lives. I wish a scene like this had been in the first movie, it would have softened Sunset's character a bit, but then again, she was just the antagonist of that movie and nothing more, not until the later movies.

Great fic, it was just hilarious seeing Sunset and Twilight bicker. Not to mention all the worries about Sunset doing something meaner, but she wont' go that far off the deep end until later on.

Awesome! I love mean Sunset!And how did she just guess about the sirens?!

7586352 Don't worry, I typically abide by the head-canon Sunset brought some Equestrian bits with her that transferred into a small fortune :rainbowlaugh: But when I read the comic and this scenario popped into my head, it was just too good to refuse!

7586192 My personal head-canon is when Celestia takes on a student it's because she see's the potential of them becoming Alicorn, and possibly even her successor. So when she started to notice Sunset going to "the dark side", she couldn't have another Nightmare Moon on her hands and stopped the teachings then and there. I do sympathize with her, as now she's lost both her sister and the filly she raised as her daughter, but I can also see why Sunset believes what she does in this story.

7589171 Hmm. :rainbowhuh:

That is an interesting way of thinking about it, one that I don't think I've considered before. Thanks for sharing it; I'll have to ponder it for a little while.

Fave. Like. Comment.
Check. Check. Check.

Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Now that's entertainment!

I have to agree with Sunset here. Celestia basically has complete, unquestioned power in Equestria and never gets called out on anything she does. Plus, what does she even do as Princess? All we've seen her do is point Twilight at all her problems and be worshipped. There doesn't seem to be any laws in Equestria, nor any form of government, she's never seen giving any advice, and never even defeated any of the villains without help (or at least the Elements), and every single one of them comes back later. She manipulates history, lies, throws away Twilight (who spends half the series scared of Celestia basically doing the same thing to her as she did to Sunset) at the wedding, gets defeated by every villain, is amused by Twilight and her friends' suffering (seriously, most of her early appearances were her laughing at Twilight and her friends panic and destruction of the Gala), and is either manipulating everyone without their knowledge like a tyrant or being grossly incompetent.

To make matters even more clouded, we have Sunset's backstory. The movie only gives us a vague account by Celestia, so we don't know what she did or ever get her side of the story. If we go by the comic, she got jerked around by Celestia (hey, here's a magic mirror that shows you as an Alicorn. I'll stop you from seeing the next image, then taunt you by withholding knowledge about what you saw instead of helping you with your social problems, then throw you out for taking initiative and learning about it and the secrets I was taunting you with yourself for breaking into the restricted part of the library, which Twilight did with the intent to stop time, and Starlight did with the intent to destroy Twilight's past which would destroy Equestria for petty revenge, but never got punished. Then I'll abandon you in another world and wipe you from history) for acting like a mix of Twilight and Rainbow Dash at the start of the show.

I'd love to see a sequel to this fic where post redemption Sunset still holds the same opinion of Celestia (maybe even have it worsen after learning human history) and discuss it with Twilight. Oh, and have Their friends learn that Sunset was living in the library the entire time. This one was great and has amazing follow up potential.

Personally, I detest the implications that Sunset was living in the school library all this time. That's not a jab at you, it's just that realistically she would have either gotten herself registered as an emancipated minor, wormed her way into a well off and conveniently located foster family, or at the very least lived in a homeless shelter.

That aside, this was a very well thought out fic. You almost perfectly captured villainous Sunset Shimmer's personality; I can easily see her misinterpreting Luna's/Nightmare Moon's banishment in this manner.

"Twilight Sparkle I know how to hide a body."

Probably what happened to the human Sunset Shimmer... :trixieshiftright:

This scene is EXACTLY what the first movie needed.

This story is thought-provoking indeed. It gives a good glimpse into Sunset's state of mind. Personally, I've never really been a fan of the Equestria Girls series, as I've felt they have fairly lousy characters and cheesy, formulaic plot lines. IMHO, A few scenes like this would most certainly be enough to redeem the series, and make me want to re-watch them multiple times.

PS: On a slightly less positive note, how the hey did Spike manage to sleep through all of this. It's a known fact that dogs have better hearing than humans, so unless he borrowed some knock-out pills from Bugs Bunny, he surely must have heard Twilight and Sunset talking. He must have been woken up at some point in the story.

7606353 Perhaps human Sunset got upset at her school principle and ran away. Maybe she stumbled into the mirror, became a pony, and said "screw my old life, I'm totally going to live in this cool pony place!"

Or maybe this Sunset is the human Sunset, and it's the Equestrian Sunset whose body was... "hidden". This whole crown incident was all part of the master plan! Soon, after she has everyone's trust, she will begin her next phase, in which she'll use brain-washing ice cream (you though you were getting brain freeze because "it's cold", didn't you?), to prepare her infiltration of the world's governments, and then... blablabla... something something evil... something something Illuminati... something something Agent Smith... It's the perfect plan. All she needs is for Fire Lord Ozai to do his part, and in no time at all, Middle Earth will fall.

Corrections offered without malice.

this worlds star constellations


was lay in on

was lying on

the girls eyes snaked


began trying process what had just happened. She looked to Spikes sleeping form.

began trying to process what had just happened. She looked to Spike's sleeping form.

might as well have been lay on the floor.

been lying

from Sunsets side.






You’re a fool Twilight Sparkle


"Hey Sunset could you get me a glass of water?"

“Hey, Sunset,

"Twilight Sparkle I know how to hide a body."


Wouldn't it be funny if there was a sequel based around the line "Why does my book smell funny?"
...assuming one of the girls had gas.

Hmm... an interesting little tale, hehehe, very entertaining.

Nicely done man.

I just thought of an idea from this...

What if ,in Equestria Girls, in a moment when Twilight and Sunset were alone for Sunset to drop threats again....what if Twilight had the forethought to ask Sunset WHY she did it, why she ran away? And after hearing how things for sunset went, she points out Celestia COULDNT grant Alicorn-hood to Sunset, it was more than just power or magical knowledge, but also a moment of great Self Discovery...something she couldn't have ever done if she hadn't made friends, because self discovery is achieved through interaction with others.

Basically...Sunset having the truth bomb dropped on her,and realizing 'ah crud'. Can you imagine the reaction the meaner sunset would have upon realizing the reason Celestia denied her 'what she deserved' was simply because sunset's own ego was what was limiting her? :eeyup: The idea is a alternate way Equestria Girls could have went if Sunset simply had the truth dropped infront of her face. With it only getting a bit worse when Sunset has time to stop and think of how she's acted since the moment she ran.(lets face it, she did some BAD things...)

Nice story.

There's one problem though: Twilight wasn't the Princess of Friendship back then. She only got that title at the end of season 4.

I thought it was implied when she became an Alicorn that she just was the Princess of Friendship
I mean when she did i thought
'...Oooooooh she became a princess of friendship. Thats what all this 'Studies of Friendship' was about


Well... the show disagrees.

From the season 4 finale:
Celestia: "You are now Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship!"

From Rainbow Rocks:
Rarity: "Perhaps you could give us just the slightest bit of gossip from your world?"
Spike: "She's got an official title now! *fanfare noises* The Princess of Friendship!"

Both of those make it pretty clear that that is a new title and not something she had ever since she became a princess.

True, none of those involved physical fights

She clobbered at least one changeling with her bare hooves back in Equestria.

At any rate, that was a pretty great story! The first movie could have used a scene like this.

OH MY GOD YOU GET IT. I thought I was the only one that realized Twilight ascended to alicornhood, Celestia didn't give it to her.

Equestria is a peaceful, prosperous society. Clearly, Celestia is doing something right. Sunset's a brat that needs to be smacked alongside the head. The desire for power over others is NEVER a good thing.

Sunset's character doesn't discredit her argument. Besides, with how much power destiny holds in the show, and the only internal threat to Equestria since its founding being Nightmare Moon, does Celestia even have to do anything for Equestria to be prosperous? Season 7 didn't help her case at all, between her holding onto Twilight until the last second because she didn't want to let go (and hinted at her arranging the friendships) and showing no respect for Luna.

"Celestia and the Tax Reform" doesn't sound like a very interesting episode does it?

Who said anything about an episode? All we need is a few comments like "Celestia's in a meeting about trade", "Celestia is leading the repairs of blank", or "Sorry, I was busy settling a dispute between two cities". Celestia is apparently busy all the time, slipping in a few details here and there would be easy. Heck, they have done it once in Magic Duel. Or maybe have comments about the past where Celestia made some kind of change like they've done with other ponies like Starswirl. Something like "After Celestia allowed Griffons to...", "They were having trouble getting ponies to settle until Celestia...", or "because of that, Celestia had to...". Pretty much every piece of history we've gotten that isn't about a returning foe didn't involve Celestia.

Everything's perfect except for the fact that Twilight isn't the Princess of Friendship at this point. :twilightsmile:

I agree, sequel would be much appreciated. :pinkiehappy:

Sequel please.

Ah, what could have been. And don't underestimate that girl, Sunset. She's the one who thought of smothering you in your sleep first.

Twilight became the Princess of Friendship when she got her castle, not when she became a princess. Rainbow Rocks takes place just after the season 4 finale.

Yes...? That's what I said.

10324903 you said she got her title when she became a Princess, and that she was the Princess of Friendship in EQG

No, that is the exact opposite of what I said. I'm not sure which comments you've been reading, but it wasn't mine.

Why wasn't this a scene in the movie?

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