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Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The White Raven - Rixizu

The second Galaxy Rangers story. Duke Greengrass and Archduke Fisher create their own Rangers to take the Galaxy Rangers down.

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Chapter 14

Lunaverse: Galaxy Rangers - The White Raven
Chapter 14
by Rixizu

Trixie surveyed the scene. This was not good. Twilight was out cold from what looked like a sleep spell. Trixie found herself surrounded by four thugs. Four furious muscular thugs. Fluttershy whimpered in fright. What was she going to do? If they threatened Fluttershy, she would have no choice be to give up. She cursed Night Light and really wished she had magic right now.

Puissance smirked at the panic in Trixie’s face. “Take her. Don’t be gentle.” The three thugs at the front door advanced on her. Two were unicorns, and the other was an earth pony. It seemed to Trixie that the hulking goons were more interested in beating her to a pulp than casting spells on her. That was a good thing. She could use that.

Be unpredictable. Make them react to you. Trixie thought.

Stall Trixie stall! She intently started to quaver. “Please don’t hurt me. I didn’t mean it!” She pleaded in a pitiful tone. Her best bet was to make them underestimate her. It might be possible to use her lack of horn to her advantage.

Puissance snorted. “It doesn’t matter. Because of you, I’ve fallen out of favor with the princess. I don’t tolerate personal injuries.”

Trixie sniffed pretending to cry. “Please. I’ll make it up to somehow!”

“Make it up to me?” Puissance laughed. “You will when I turn you into the police and ruin everything you have ever hoped for.”

Fluttershy whimpered again. Puissance turned towards the thug holding Fluttershy. “Let Ms. Posey go. She’s a victim in this.”

Ms. Posey? Wait, don’t tell me that she’s related to the Posey family somehow? Trixie thought startled. Fluttershy shrunk when she was released and ran out of the house tears in her eyes.

“I rather not get on Fragrant Posey’s bad side.” Puissance said.

Trixie saw that the thugs were distracted by their boss’s statement and grabbed a nearby coffee table and smashed it into one of the unicorns. The table shattered when it hit his head and he collapsed to the ground.

“Get her you foals!” Puissance screamed.

The two thugs jumped at her. She leapt out the out of the way deftly and ducked under them. Her eyes widened when she saw the unicorn that had been holding Fluttershy charging a spell. He shot a blast of energy at Trixie. She grabbed the nearby unicorn brute by the neck and twisted him around just in time and the spell hit him full in the chest causing him to collapse unconscious in Trixie’s hooves. She swung the body into his companion coming at her right and bolted towards the open door. Trixie rushed past Puissance who started screaming at her minions to chase after her. She saw another bolt of magic coming her way and ducked just in time.

“You won’t get away!” Puissance promised. “I will chase you to the ends of the Equestria and beyond!”

Trixie scowled when she realized that she left Twilight behind. Sorry Twilight. I’ll come back for you. Somehow…


Sleuth cursed as he saw the escalating scene unfold. He had followed Lulamoon to see what she was up to. He knew he couldn’t arrest her with Sparkle aiding her. Gathering information seemed more prudent. He was intrigued when Sparkle suggested using animals to gather information on the murder so he allowed it instead of going to get back up. Sleuth stood by a window and used his keen hearing to pick up what they were talking about. He was very fascinated at what Fluttershy translated and marveled at her ability. He was satisfied that his hunch about Lulamoon being innocent was right, but proving it would be difficult. It seemed about time to sneak away when he saw that the house was being surrounded by tough looking ponies. Luckily, they didn’t see him and he dived into a nearby bush for cover.

Who the hay are these guys? Sleuth thought. They didn’t look like any of the hired ponies that he had seen with Duke Greengrass and the other nobles. He gaped when he saw Vicereine Puissance approaching the house.

Oh, of course. The scandal involving Ms. Doo’s daughter’s foalnapping. Wasn’t the Vicereine implicated behind it? Sleuth marveled at the level of enemies Lulamoon had. She seemed to have half of the Night Court after her head now and that isn’t even counting Corona.

Sleuth heard a spell being discharged and a small cry from Sparkle who quickly went silent inside. He pondered his next course of action. There was no way he could let Lulamoon or Sparkle come to any harm. He would have to talk the Vicereine down using his authority.

Sleuth stood up and strolled towards the front door. He winced when he heard something being smashed against somepony. He hastened his pace and approached the front entrance. Suddenly Lulamoon rushed out of the front door at top speed and Sleuth found himself blindsided and crashed to the ground.

Sleuth’s whole body ached from the impact and he struggled to his hooves. Three thugs burst out of the door in pursuit. One of the unicorns was preparing a spell and Sleuth punched him in the jaw making his spell go wild and miss Lulamoon.

“Who the hay…” An earth pony thug said before Sleuth clobbered his as well.

“You little.” The unicorn said sending a punch towards Sleuth. He deftly dodged it and smashed his leg into the pony’s shin. The thug cried out in pain and Sleuth delivered a blow to his temple knocking him out. Sleuth shook his hoof and entered the house.

Sleuth could see one member of the Vicereine’s gang remaining in the house who was startled by Sleuth’s appearance. He could see Sparkle’s unconscious form on the floor. It didn’t seem like she came to any harm. Puissance gave him a cold look.

“Nice going. You’ve let a dangerous killer free, Detective.” Puissance said haughtily.

“That remains to be seen Vicereine," Sleuth said smoothly, "I doubt Ms. Fluttershy appreciates having her front door smashed and being accosted by a bunch of brutish ponies.”

“Also, under what authority do you do this?” Sleuth asked. “Appending Lulamoon is the job of the police.”

“It was for Ms. Posey’s own protection.” Puissance gave an unpleasant smile. “If you must know, we are after the bounty on Lulamoon’s head.”

Ms. Posey? What is she talking about? Sleuth raised an eyebrow. “Bounty?”

“A large bounty was placed on Lulamoon’s head.” Puissance explained. “We are just here to ensure that dangerous psychopath doesn’t hurt anypony else.”

“You have a bounty hunter license?” Sleuth asked perplexed.

“Everypony needs a hobby.” Puissance gave another unpleasant smile. “I’ll leave the rest to you, Detective."

The remaining thugs sheepish followed Puissance as she left. She hit the thugs on the ground on the head yelling at them to get going and they obeyed. They gave Sleuth dirty looks but left after a few insults from their boss.

Sleuth bent down and checked on Sparkle. She seemed fine. Sleuth got out some magic canceling cuffs and put them around Sparkle’s hooves. They would prevent her from casting spells. He was grateful for the clues, but she was a criminal that helped a suspect escape from jail.

“Ms. Fluttershy?” Sleuth called out. He remembered that she was here too. He searched the house for her but found no trace. It seemed she fled the house when he was approaching from the front.. I will have somepony come by later and see if she is okay.

Sleuth hoisted Sparkle onto his back and left for town. While on his way to the station, he pondered how could use the information that Fluttershy’s crow friend revealed. The chariot part was interesting and useful, but he doubted he could use the word of a crow to get a search warrant. He groaned in frustration. None of this new information was really anything he could act on. Thinking about it though, this meant that it was possible that Pierce could have been stabbed somewhere other than Ponyville. The train station had a record of Pierce entering Ponyville the day he was stabbed, but he was starting to question the validity of that clue. A trip to Canterlot seemed like a good idea, but first he would check if anypony actually saw Pierce on that train or in Ponyville that morning.

Sleuth froze as he heard a sound behind him. He looked back but saw nothing but trees blowing in the wind. Must be my old nerves acting up. He thought and continued on down the road.

“Hold it.” A voice to his right said and Sleuth turned towards it. Approaching him were some shady looking ponies in suits blocking his path.

“May I help you?” Sleuth asked. Four against one. Not good. These ponies look like trouble.

“The boss would rather not want this filly having an arrest on her record if you catch my drift.” The pony in the front said. He was a cream-colored unicorn with an orange mane.

“Really?” Sleuth asked. Night Lights’s henchponies. His mind raced on what he could do.

“He would pay you quite handsomely if you handed the filly to us and forgot all about this.” The goon said with a crooked grin.

“Sorry, but I don't take bribes," Sleuth said narrowing his eyes, “ever."

“It would be smarter if you did.” The lead pony said. The ponies behind him gave Sleuth looks that promised violence.

Sleuth put Sparkle on the ground gingerly and prepared himself to fight. “Never.”

“Get him.” The lead pony said and the three ponies behind him charged. They were quick and deadly. They moved as one. Unlike Puissance’s thugs, these guys were used to fighting together. Sleuth braced himself for their attacks. He was surprised at their swiftness and soon found one punching him in the gut making him lose his breath and he collapsed to the ground on his knees. It didn’t take long for them to gang up on him and start beating him. He soon found himself on the ground howling in pain as the goons kicked him over and over again. He did his best to cover his body to prevent more serious damage. Sleuth groaned when they finally stopped their attacks.

“Idiot.” The head pony said. “You should have taken our offer.”

Suddenly a green and yellow figure dropped to the ground from a tree and planted a vicious hoof in the skull of one the thugs. The new arrival appeared to be a mare. Her yellow coat had strange green markings all over it and her mane was covered with so much dirt, leaves, and branches that it was impossible to tell her mane color. One of the brutes tried to come from behind, but the new pony just whirled and delivered a powerful kick to the ribs. Sleuth was sure he heard a crack. The mare kicked the last thug in the groin and he collapsed in pain and then received a hoof on the chin knocking him out cold.

“What the?” The lead pony asked wide eyed and he bolted when lone mare that just downed all his friends gave him a piercing glare.

“You okay?” Sleuth’s rescuer said in a gruff voice.

“Yes, I think so.” Sleuth wheezed. It hurt bad, but he would live.

“Good. It doesn’t look you broke anything. You should be fine.” The mare put Sparkle on her back and took off towards the forest.

“Wait!” Sleuth tried to say, but she was off before he could say anything or even get a good look at who saved him. Sleuth sighed and got to his hooves. He limped towards Ponyville to get help for both himself and those thugs.


Trixie ran as hard as she could. After some time, she looked back and was relieved that she wasn’t being followed and that was odd. She crinkled her brow. She wondered if she should turn back. Trixie was worried about Twilight. She was about to turn back but froze when she heard a voice.

“Ah, I thought you might try to pull this Ms. Lulamoon.” Fisher grinned. “Not a bad idea creating a fake trail. Too bad you had to come back towards Ponyville. I had the place so watched there was no way you could approach it unobserved.”

Oh, ponyfeathers. Trixie cursed. She saw that Fisher wasn’t alone. He had eight different ponies with him. I hate my life.

The thugs approached her grinning with menace. She stepped back and looked all around her in panic. She was near the Everfree and it was only a few hooves away from it. There was a moment of hesitation before Trixie decided the heck with it and ran towards the forest. It was her best bet and would be difficult for them to follow her in there and it provided plenty of places to hide. The thugs ran after her, but they were too late and she made it inside.

Trixie ran deep into the forest. She made several twists and turns making following her hard. As she was running a thought struck her. I’m actually going into the Everfree Forest. Trixie stopped and looked around at her surroundings and she was suddenly very wary of what she might encounter in here. Trixie tensed up when she heard ponies yelling behind some trees. She tried not to think of the thousand different things that could tear her apart and make a Trixie sandwich.

Doesn’t Zecora live in the Everfree? Hey! She could help me! Trixie thought in sudden realization. The Zebra shaman would be a great ally in her predicament. Wait, I have no idea where she lives…

Trixie screamed when she realized that she just ran off a small cliff and tumbled down a small incline into the ground face first. She was covered in foliage. She winced from the scraps she received branches on the ground. “Oww. Okay, I need to actually look where I am going.”

Trixie body ached, but she got up and started forward ignoring the pain. She froze when she heard howling. She steeled her resolve. You’ve handled monsters a million times. This is nothing for the Great and Powerful Trixie! I’m the Red Ranger! Foe to all that do evil! Corona, the Tyrant Sun herself, fears me! She gulped when she heard more howling.

Trixie looked around anxiously and continued onward. She padded on wary of her surroundings. Nothing looked familiar to her. The forest was full of wild looking gnarled trees. Everything looked wild and uncontained. It looked nothing like a pony controlled forest. Trixie didn’t have a clue where she was. She couldn’t go back because Fisher’s goons would be obviously guarding the way she came in.

Trixie saw that she was nearby a particularly tall tree. It hit her that maybe she could use it to get her bearings. It would be helpful to find the Castle of the Two Sisters at least. Trixie grabbed the lowest branch and pulled herself up panting in exertion. She soon found herself on top of the tree and peered around the forest. Trixie brightened when she saw the castle in the distance. The only easy way out the forest she could see was towards Sweet Apple Acres, but it wasn't close.

As she climbed down the tree, Trixie pondered her options. She really didn’t like the idea of wandering around the forest until she stumbled upon Zecora’s home. She didn’t even know what it looked like. Did she live in a cave, maybe? Should she go back and fight her way through the thugs? She didn’t want to spend the whole day exploring the Everfree. She didn’t even have a weapon. If only her morpher wasn’t broken.

A chill went down her spine when she heard something howl again. What the hay is that? Trixie thought. Suddenly these bizarre bark covered wolves came out the trees. They were gigantic and their breath was horrid. Their eyes glowed a sickly green color.

Timberwolves! Trixie cursed.

Trixie ran for it. She could hear the monsters chasing her. Trixie didn’t know where she was going. All she could do was run, and she put everything into it. She knew if she stopped would mean death. She jumped over fallen trees and branches and screamed in horror as more Timberwolves came her way. She made a hard right. She needed a plan. They were probably cornering her, and she didn’t know this forest at all.

Trixie cursed as she saw that the creatures were gaining on her. One tried to snap at her leg, but she avoided it in time. The next wolf snapped at her head and she winced when she felt the fangs scrape her head. Trixie pushed herself even harder. She would not let these things get her. She punched the next wolf in the face and it whimpered as it crashed into the ground. Trixie ducked and smashed her head into another. It hurt, but it threw the wolf off balance and it rolled when it hit the ground and hit several of her pursuers.

Trixie’s eyes widened when she saw a wide gap in the forest coming towards her. It looked like she was approaching a ravine, and she was running right towards it. Trixie wondered if she should turn, and her eyes widened she saw more Timberwolves coming from her right. She saw that it might be possible for her to jump to the other side. It seemed like it might be a better idea than trying to face all these wolf-things. They would soon enough wear her down soon enough and there were so many of them. Gritting her teeth, she decided to go for it. She focused on the other side of the cliff and tried not to think how deep the ravine was below it.

Trixie put all her energy into this single jump. She flew through the air and despite the danger and the fact that she was probably going to die, she somehow felt like she was on top the world. She was strangely happy at this moment. Trixie felt herself falling short of the cliff face and did her best to grab the edge. Her hooves scrambled to get a hoof hold. She started to panic when she felt herself slipping. She tried and failed to pull herself up. After what seemed like an eternity, she found a hoof hold. She used it to push herself up and Trixie was flat on the cliff face.

Trixie laughed in triumph. She panted out of breath. She could see the wolf creature stalking the other cliff side.

“Ha! What do you think of that you stupid Timberwolves!” Trixie said between breaths. She grinned when she saw them stalk away their prey out of their paws.

Trixie didn’t want to move and felt like her limbs were dead to the world but knew she couldn’t linger here. There was so much danger still around her. With some difficulty, she pushed herself up and dusted herself off and turned towards the dark ominous trees in front of her. Trixie growled in frustration when she realized she had no idea where she was…again. She approached the canopy with trepidation steeling herself to face whatever was awaiting her.


Trixie ran through the forest watching everything around her looking out of any danger. She was thankful she didn’t hear any more howling and there was no trace of those stupid Timberwolves. But it didn’t take long for something else to come along and try to kill her.

Things hadn’t been too bad for the last few hours and Trixie had been able to steer clear of danger. But that didn’t mean that she was safe and it felt like she was being watched the whole time. Something was stalking her, Trixie could feel it in her bones. She was able to avoid whatever it was so far through hiding and changing her trail every so often. The only dicey moment was when she came across this bizarre grove of trees with branches covered in spider webs. These webs were larger than Trixie has ever seen before. She made sure to go nowhere near that place. No amount of curiosity was worth exploring in there.

After some more aimless wandering, Trixie then found what looked like a village full of friendly ponies. It looked that they were throwing a party. There were balloons and banners and it was very cheerful and festive. The town’s inhabitants smiled warmly at her when they saw her coming and greeted her with open hooves. She bolted away from that place as quick as she could. Did they really think she was that gullible? They were obviously pure evil and wanted to eat her innards or something. Now something was chasing her, again. Trixie was really starting to hate this place.

“You will not escape!” A raspy voice promised.

“Oh yeah!” Trixie yelled back. “Watch me!”

Whatever was after her was getting closer. Trixie gritted her teeth and pushed harder. She ducked under a visible root that was in her way. Trixie ignored how much her legs hurt from all the running.

Trixie felt like jumping for joy when she saw apples through a canopy of trees. Something grabbed one of her back legs and Trixie felt herself falling forward. She winced in pain when she fell on her face. A dark figure that appeared to be a pony clawed at her. It smelled retched. It was even worse than the Timberwolves somehow. Trixie kicked it hard with her back hoof and it felt like she just kicked off its head.

Trixie scrambled to her hooves and continued towards the apple trees. They were her only salvation. Trixie heard more creatures chasing after her. She was almost there and she could see Applejack kicking some trees in the distance now. She screamed as black figures jumped on top of her. She punched and kicked at them pushing forward. It felt like at least a dozen ponies were pulling at her. She refused to give in. With one final push, she kicked herself off of her pursuers and into the apple grove. The things didn’t follow and skulked back into the Everfree snarling anger at their lost prey.

“Ha! What do you think that?!” Trixie taunted. “You can’t reach me now, can you?!”

Trixie laughed laying the dirt. She was finally safe. She was content to just lay there for now. She didn’t feel like moving for the moment. Trixie closed her eyes with a smile on her face. She was ready for some shut eye. The sun was already setting.

“Just as I thought.” A voice said. “I knew she might come out this way!” The voice was familiar.

Suddenly a pony appeared above Trixie. It was one of Puissance’s thugs. “Did ya really think ya could escape us?” The massive unicorn said.

“You have got to be kidding me," Trixie said in disbelief.