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Empress of flame 5: Travails of Tiger Lily - Pathious

May all your dreams be sweet tonight, may you remember me for who I was. Not for what I became. You may rest now dear Sunset for I have past......I will always love you.

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The Beginning

Author's Note:

when something is italicized it is a flashback also the first part of this chapter was written by TwiRaptor97xex He helped me get past my writers block by getting this story started so i thank him highly. This story is the final in the series and i hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for your support.

Blurry, voices could be heard talking but they were faint. Sunset Shimmer, that was the name that could be heard followed by frantic voices and a countdown. Everything still blurry but the light was starting to shine as the voices became louder. One, Two, Three....push. Celestia panted from the hard work. Giving birth was hard enough but with two instead of one it was extra work for her. The doctor removed his mask in almost a shock too see the child was not everything they would expect. Much different from the sister, Sunset Shimmer. Celestia looked down as the child was given too her and all she could do was smile, with a sign of great accomplishment in her attitude.

"What should we name her?" A dark hoof rested now on the shoulder of the alicorn as the father stepped into the room. Lord Sombra as well had a larger smile once laying eyes on the foal. "I have some ideas but you are the mother. I named the first one it would be unfair for me too name both of our children" Celestia thought for a moment but it didn't take long. The mother placed a soft hoof on the little nose of the newborn and whispered too her.

"A name for you little princess? How about Tiger Lily?"

Sisters are suppose to stick up for one another but Tiger couldn't help but feel differently as she stared at herself in the mirror. Her mane matted with the colors Red and Yellow. Her body a soft Grey complimented by a her unique eye color, black centers with an iris with an upper half that was Green and a lower half that was Blue. She felt alone looking at how she was similar to her parents and her sister but also so different. She had the same mane colors as her Sister Sunset Shimmer and Wings like her mother, except for her's were featherless rugged bat wings. Always being told that these traits were from her father only went so far because she found herself looking at herself everyday wishing she were different. Wishing to be the same as the ponies that picked on her everyday, like her sister.

"Can i use the mirror now?" sounded the soft and tired voice of Sunset Shimmer. Tiger Lily's ears pinned back upon the sound of her voice. She didn't intend to annoy her.

"Sorry I was just making sure I looked good for school. After all we get our photos taken today and...." Tiger was quickly shut down in mid sentence by Sunset using her hoof to cover her mouth. Tiger stopped talking the moment she felt the hoof touch her mouth. She badly wanted to scream.

"This is the fifth time you have reminded me about the photo shoot. I have more important things to do. Mother expects me to learn more about friendship still,even after she showed me that thing I told you about." Sunset rolled her eyes as she uncovered her sisters mouth. A disgusted look in her cyan eyes. She was so mean and condescending, even to her own sister. Sunset slowly shifted her gaze to her own complexion in the mirror. She smiled softly at herself as she began combing her hair with her comb. Tiger only felt more saddened as she looked at her sister in the mirror. She knew she could never look the way she did. Tiger knew she had to turn her thoughts away and buck up once again. She turned slowly and left the room without another word. She spread her wings as she walked in her own saddened thoughts. Tiger didn't ask to look the way she did, yet she was treated as if it was a choice. Ponies were very cruel, it was no wonder her mother was preaching friendship to Sunset.

"Lily, could you come here for a moment?" Said a familiar voice to her right. Her eyes shifted to look at a guard she knew rather well. His name was Silver Star. He was a guard she found herself talking to very often. He was somepony that at least seemed to care to listen to the things that raided her mind everyday. She swiftly turned to walk to his direction.

"Yes Star?" She said with few words that were said with little emotion.

"Something troubles you once again this morning it seems Princess?" He said as he had a monotone facial expression despite his voice full of many emotions. He was a rough looking stallion with a voice of an angel. Every time he spoke he brought peace to her mind.

"It's the same thing as always Star, no reason to worry." Tiger responded with perked up ears now. She was happy to be around a pony who didn't seem to have distaste for the differences she had. She liked him, he was easy to relate to from time to time. They never argued or seemed to be mad at each other.

"If you say so Princess." He said with a light bow before resuming him stature to a guarding position. He was good at his job this much was certain. Tiger smiled before resuming her walk to the banquet hall. Well thats what it was called to the castle. To her it was just the kitchen table. She hoped her mother wouldn't be to busy to talk to her today. She was usually so busy that tiger hardly got to see her. Sometimes when she did see her it wouldn't turn out so good. Almost seemed like Celestia saw something in her that she didn't like. She wished she felt more love within the circle she called family. As she walked slowly through the halls her hooves clapped on the hard marble floor. They echoed reminding her how alone she was. She almost smiled as she thought about it.

"T-tiger i see your roaming the halls again." Celestia said as she exited the dinning hall. "hope your ready for the photo shoot." Celestia slowly looked t the scar around her neck. This was something Lily could have sworn she had covered up with her mane well enough. Clearly she was wrong. "also make sure you cover up for it."

"I tried my best m-mother... This isn't good enough." She felt saddened by her mothers response to how she looked. She felt she looked good but apparently she was wrong.

"Lily you know how i feel about it, lets not have this conversation again." Celestia said bluntly as Sunset walked into the conversation. She didn't say anything she just stood there listening to what they were saying. She had this smug look on her face that was already driving it's nasty intentions into Tigers brain. Lily was feeling pressured as she felt a rage start to fill her body. She wasn't purposely doing it but the same dark magic her father used was beginning to resonate from her eyes. As her eyes were filling with tears the magic became stronger.

"You never care about how I feel!!! The only thing you care is how my look affects your image, or if Sunset learns a subject she clearly has no interest in!" Tiger began to spout her anger as her eyes still resonated from her eyes. Celestia was shocked by her response and she resisted the urge to slap the young mare. Sunset was trying not to laugh at the outburst her sister was having. Tiger let out a growl she had never done before one that was very dark and aggressive. She did this and immediately turned away from her mother and walked away. She was filled with so much rage she could hardly focus anymore. The pain in her head just wouldn't cease. She looked at a nearby pillar and growled again. The magic around her eyes disappeared as a crack formed on the pillar. The pain quickly subsided as she had released her hate upon something. She felt it was better the pillar then somepony she loved and cared about. She felt like she was so alone, She still had to get to school. The place she knew this would all just get worse.

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Thanks for the little shout out too me!!

Now as for this chapter I am happy to see how it came out! I do feel bad for Tiger Lily but also at the same time I am looking back to your other stories and remembering what she becomes. I am hoping this story might make my feelings too the character more positive because I still have a bit of trouble liking what she becomes not knowing exactly how she really died. Perhaps you plan on answering that?

Keep up the good work! Hope too see the next chapter soon!

7859761 I plan on answering all questions and leaving none left behind. This is the last story of the series and it will remain as such. Thanks for the comment and support. Tiger lily is clearly troubled and she does become something nasty in the future. Also random mention this will hopefully be the shortest chapter i do for this story, i want this to be more than the others were. Thanks again.

Wow. This is a pretty good start.

7859765 Castok's Highlights grand return;

"What should we name her?"


"A name for you little princess? How about Tiger Lily?"

"Can i use the mirror now?"

"Lily, could you come here for a moment?"

You never care about how I feel!!! The only thing you care is how my look affects your image, or if Sunset learns a subject she clearly has no interest in!


The place she knew this would all just get worse.

7867401 Glad to have you back

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