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Scootaloo and her friends had gone their way after Ponyville, but with the upcoming war Apple Bloom has a new idea. An idea to help save ponies, all while making the former Cutie Mark Crusaders money. Will it work? Will they be ethical? Find out what happens in this "Noire" feeling prewar story about buisness, morals, and friendship.

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Comments ( 20 )

Dat shoutout at the end... heartwarming as hell, man.
Great job, please continue the fic.
Have a Scootaloo for you efforts :scootangel:

Did you make an Offspring reference with the title? Or was it a fluke?

822704 Yep, a little of both. Glad you noticed.

827508 *Squee*! I see you have a good taste in music.

Good job on the story so far, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

920469 Thanks, glad you liked it. The next chapter could take a while if my brain continues to persist on being lazy.

I'm quite curious about this, it's fairly well written and all that jabber that makes me sound smrat. :derpytongue2:


Thank you, I'm glad you think that. Trust me, if it weren't for my editor, sargecadet, this story would be a complete mess.

Bro, Bro!!!! I love your fic man. I really do. Keep it up Blackjack!!!!!
ps: thanks for the shout out!!!!!! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

:rainbowderp: I forgot about them rifle team nicknames. We haven't played blackjack in the XO's office in FOREVER! :pinkiegasp:

We must soon.


Yeah dude!!!!! we just had so many laughs today!!!!!!
"report for stolen content, reason: GAY."

Because when we report our own stories, we don't need good reasons. :trollestia:

Did you hear someone found the mess of syrup in the drawer. Glad I have nothing to do with that. :twilightsheepish:

1538376. Yesssssssss so true:pinkiehappy:
Hahahahaha me too dude!!! I wonder what's gonna happen:rainbowderp:


SSgt got it all cleaned up so no one would get in trouble. Boy, was he pissed at me. That's why he was so pissed at you on lunch break today. I still don't know what possesed you to tell the CO the truth. At least some chill guitar calms us all down a little.

I'm can't wait for the day that I can flawlessly play So Many Wonders. Practice makes perfect.

I can't believe Rios gave me that Macaroni Grill gift card for playing mariachi music, but I'm not complaining. Probably doesn't have any cash on it though.:unsuresweetie:

Hmm, my only tip to you sir is you should read Project horizons, it will really clear up this story a little bit :) Also another thing I saw you addressed the Zebra being the ones to really destroy Equestria, that is true yes. I believe you also left out that some of the ponies reacted as well destroying most areas of the badlands.

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