• Published 27th Nov 2016
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A New Day Dawns - Diamond_Emblem

For years, Princess Celestia faced the fact of Sunset Shimmer without a mother, and Sunset without a family. Luna decides it's time for that to change.

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Chapter 1

"Today's the big day, Twilight," Twilight told herself as she paced the library floor briskly. "Today I have to convince Sunset to come and visit Equestria. Then, keep her nice and settled in until her birthday, when Princess Celestia will reveal to her that they're related. Nothing to worry about, it's all fine. Unless Sunset doesn't take it the right way. And rejects Princess Celestia's apology. And returns to the other world knowing everything she's ever known is a lie "

She stopped suddenly and shook her head. "I need to stay positive," Twilight told herself. "I don't know how Sunset will react. I don't know what will happen after Celestia reveals the truth. All I know right now is I'm playing a big role in this tomorrow."

Twilight stared outside one of the crystal glass windows. The sun was hovering just above the horizon, faint streaks of the night sky appearing. She could remember spending several hours a day at the park with her father and mother, at times staying as late as it was now. Though most of the time she read her books, the times her brother was with them were unforgettable.

A smile twinged from the corner of her mouth. Twilight's family would always be able to lift a frown off her face. Whatever Sunset had been through, it definitely required golden memories from the ones she loved. Not just from friends, but from family, too.

"For Sunset," Twilight whispered. She used her magic to grab Princess Celestia's old journal from one of the smallest bookshelves in the library and gathered a bottle of ink with one of her finest quills, golden tipped with the feather of an ancient pegasus with, legend had it, wings almost as graceful as Princess Celestia's.

"For Celestia," she whispered, quietly exhaling as she flipped the pages of the journal. She passed several conversations between Sunset and Princess Celestia, Sunset and Twilight, Sunset with the other girls.

Finally, Twilight arrived at the end of their last conversation.

I have to go to sleep now. I have a pretty important test tomorrow.

Good luck, then! Don't forget to study!

"For family." Twilight dipped the tip of her quill gracefully into the ink bottle, shook off excess ink, and put ink to paper.

Closing her weary folders from worksheets and homework, Sunset Shimmer had completed her essay for English on the difference between modern and ancient works of writing. It had been assigned at the beginning of the month, but projects for other AP classes begged her for attention, and her friends especially had occupied her time.

Her overworked back relaxed. She sighed, knowing there would only be more work in store for her when the sun came up the next day. But December was approaching, so she wouldn't have to wait long to be able to have a few days of anxiety-free winter. The natives of the world actually had their own Hearth's Warming Eve, only it was named differently, which was the reasoning for having a holiday vacation.

Sunset Shimmer got up from her new red desk chair and stretched her arms upwards. The essay was done, but there was still Physics homework online, and it took up the most of her time.

She turned her gaze to the only window in her bedroom. The white wooden blinds revealed sunset had passed quite some time ago. Luckily, it was a Friday night, so Sunset had the weekend to get her homework done and then head to work at the local library later in the day. It was just an internship job, for now, one she was fortunate enough to snatch, but it was something to prepare her for the real world.

Now, I deserve a snack after all that writing, she thought, a smile blossoming on her face. Let's see if there's still some Ringles left in the kitchen.

Her thoughts of snacks were interrupted by vibrating that Sunset Shimmer recognized immediately. Her smile only grew. Sunset had wanted to get into contact with Twilight for a few days at this point and was glad she had time to answer.

She ran over to her brown leather backpack with her cutie mark embroidered on it and didn't need to open it all the way to see that her journal was indeed vibrating and glowing with a new message.

Sunset took it out, grabbed the nearest pen, and plopped herself down on her bed. She eagerly flipped the journal to the newest page. A line had been drawn to cut off their last conversation, and the fresh ink read:

Hey, Sunset Shimmer! It's been a while since we had a conversation.

For now, Twilight had to write as if this was a normal conversation. She couldn't bring up Hearth's Warming Eve just yet.

Not thirty seconds later, Sunset Shimmer wrote back:

It has been almost two weeks. I've just been really busy with school, I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to write.

Twilight cooly wrote back: I understand how important your studies are, Sunset. It's alright! So, did anything interesting happen since last time?

Twilight's tactic was to use a topic related to the holidays and use it as a segway to ask Sunset how she would feel if she returned to Equestria for Hearth's Warming Eve. Another tactic she could use would be using Sunset Shimmer's birthday. It was a riskier choice, so Twilight hoped she didn't have to use it.

Let's see, Rarity had a crush on a transfer student for about two hours before realizing he worked at a competing clothing store. Rainbow Dash has been working overtime to keep her spot as the team captain of every sport,
but this one guy, Soarin, is giving her a run for her money. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are doing the same. The Twilight over here still wants to hear more about Equestria. Meanwhile, I've just been focused on getting through the school year.

I'm sure you're doing well, Twilight wrote back reassuringly. You were a student at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns after all!

Thanks, Twilight. From one genius mind to another, that's really comforting.

Don't mention it! It's what friends are for.

I guess you're right. So, how are your friends on your side doing?

Oh, same old, same old. Rarity's beginning a new fashion line for December. She finished an autumn inspired line last month. Rainbow Dash is going to Cloudsdale a little more often to help prepare for winter. Fluttershy is getting the animals ready for hibernation. Applejack is readying Sweet Apple Acres, too. Pinkie Pie is...Pinkie Pie. You know how she is. And Starlight Glimmer's lessons are going really well! She's learning more every week. That must mean I'm an excellent teacher!

Sunset chuckled lightly. I'm sure you are, she wrote back. Starlight Glimmer is lucky to have a teacher like you.

She sensed the praise go to Twilight's head. Though Twilight didn't brag, she put herself on a pedestal of some sort for an achievement she was proud of.

I wish I had better teachers, to be honest, Sunset wrote. Some of them get on my nerves, especially when they give more homework than necessary. It makes me more impatient for winter break to start.

An opening! Twilight mused eagerly. But how do I approach this situation?

She wanted to leap into the subject of Hearth's Warming Eve. She was too excited for words to describe. Twilight wanted both Princess Celestia and Sunset Shimmer to know what family felt like. But she calmly considered the options she had: Ask why there was a winter break, ask if Sunset missed Hearth's Warming Eve, or ask when Sunset's birthday was.

Whatever Twilight wrote was final. She was still looking for a spell that could erase the ink she wrote. Celestia knew if it would work on a magic journal, but it was worth a shot. She needed to tread carefully.

Winter break, huh? What for? she wrote down slowly.

In this world, there are several holidays celebrated at the time that we have Hearth's Warming Eve, Sunset Shimmer explained. Since lots of people celebrate, we get a few days off to relax and celebrate. What's even cooler is everyone prepares for the holidays with decorations that make me think of Hearth's Warming Eve!

Speaking of Hearth's Warming Eve, do you miss it? You know, since the holidays remind you of it? Twilight hoped she wasn't overstepping the invisible boundaries.

Sunset didn't write back immediately. Two seconds later, Twilight started panicking in her head.

She's probably thinking of the best way to answer my question! I mean, I did just drop a bomb of some kind on her.
Hearth's Warming Eve is probably something she hasn't celebrated in years. Or maybe she doesn't want to talk anymore!
Oh, I should have taken a safer route. Come on! Please reply, Sunset! I can't fail Princess Celestia! I can't fail you either! Please just---

Well, I don't have any good Hearth's Warming Eve memories. Except for the year that I was still in Princess Celestia's school. I don't know why, but that year, I felt happier than I had felt in a long time. It was always just Hearth's Warming with my dad. That year, Princess Celestia invited all of our families to a ball, where everypony could mingle. Did you have that when you attended her school? Anyway, I remember my dad and I had a great time. I spent more time talking with my classmates than I ever had in the first half of the school year. I spent lots of time talking with Princess Celestia and my dad...I never felt more at home. It all changed when I learned about the portal in the Royal Library. Everything just fell downhill from there.

Twilight sensed Sunset wanted to write more but was afraid of stirring up memories of the past. So I'm guessing you wouldn't want to spend the holidays here in Equestria.

I don't know. It's been some time since I was last in Equestria. And even longer since I spent Hearth's Warming Eve there, too. I don't know where my dad is right now, either. Or if he even cares that I've been gone for so long.

A-ha! Twilight grinned eagerly. An opportunity had surfaced. You'll never know if you don't find out for yourself. A parent does worry about their child, no matter what.

You really think so? Twilight wanted that question to sound like a hopeful one, rather than a doubtful question.

Of course! If I was a mom, I would be worried sick if my foal suddenly went missing. I’d always wonder if my child would ever come back to me. If your memories with your dad are precious to you, then he must have cared enough about you.

Twilight’s arguing skills were on point. An effective argument like hers would almost certainly convince Sunset Shimmer to visit Equestria.

Sunset didn’t respond.

Twilight immediately looked back at her sentence. It was the paragraph that bounced around Sunset’s head, questioning her choices.

She quickly added, And even if you don’t reunite with your father, you can always spend Hearth’s Warming Eve with my friends! We’d love to celebrate with you!

The finishing touch. There was a backup plan, a safety net Sunset could use if she needed it. Friends who were almost exactly like her friends from the human world. A home in Equestria that Sunset could always gallop to.

I suppose I could stay for a week. I really need to get my head out of my work.

“WOOOOO!” Twilight immediately soared into the air without thought. She smiled fulfillingly, her heart racing.

Twilight stopped in mid-air long enough to yell exuberantly, “Sunset is coming home, Princess Celestia! I have completed my part of Operation: Royal Daughter!”

The door to the library opened. Spike appeared hesitantly in the doorway and he coughed awkwardly. "Uh, Twilight? What's Operation Royal Daughter?" he asked.

Twilight pressed her lips together tightly, suddenly realizing her mistake. "Whoops," she muttered in defeat.

Sunset lowered her pen slowly. Her eyes couldn't stop rereading her response. It was the only thing she could focus on since Twilight didn't respond.

Though there were doubts in her head, there was something about this school year, maybe the work she was presented, or the higher expectations, that made her want to spend Hearth's Warming Eve in Equestria.

She smiled. "I'll be there soon, father," she said warmly, pressing the palm of her hand against her heart.

"I'll be with you again, whether you remember me or if I've just become part of your past."

Author's Note:

Took me long enough :raritydespair:

I'm really sorry to those who have been waiting a long period of time to be able to read the next chapter of this story.

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