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When Soul Seer (a fake Alicorn with dark magic powers and an insatiable obsession with Rainbow Dash) and her younger brother Red Eye (a tall black Pegasus with a wingspan to rival Princess Celestia's and a demon clawing at the inside of his mind) end up in Ponyville and decide to take root, they are met with all sorts of problems and adventures. Lightning clouds, races with a certain Rainbow coloured Pony, and with more and more Ponies finding out about Soul's image as an Alicorn, how will the siblings fair? Will they stay in Ponyville and stick it out? Or will they have to leave and find another place to try and be accepted? With a troubled past and an even more troubled future, both Red and Soul hope to find a little peace and solace in Ponyville, and maybe even eventually find love.

This is a collaboration between Autobot (me) and Boytrain1

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More like when (clichéd OC) and (clichéd OC) go on clichéd travel to ponyville they engage in clichéd activities. Jesus, could you be any less original?

Could have told you it was cliché myself :P
Its just a bit of fun, I'm not overly bothered that it isn't original. Hey, I'm just the editor.

Hello Soul Seer, I see that your obsessed with Rainbow Dash, well so am I! *shakes hooves*
I'll show you around Ponyville, but first letsgo where Rainbow Dash lives!

I bucking love this, please for the love of Cel-.......um.......Discord? anyway, just write more PLEASE!!:applecry:

*tries to hide a wall covered in a particular type of poster*

813807 ow we will, dont you worry, we WILL!!

Wow, he overreacts doesn't he.:trixieshiftright:

815346 well... he does like Pie... a lot, so its no surprise

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