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Fluttershy's Giant - Bigwig6666

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Fluttershy's Giant - Epilogue

Fluttershy's Giant



Several months after DOG had ''left'', Fluttershy gazed out her window at the night sky again before settling down to bed. "Goodnight Angel."

Angel yawned and waved a paw at her, then nestled down in his basket and began snoring.

The pegasus lay awake, watching the stars.


She leapt up out of bed and stared at the box on her bedside.

The screw inside stayed a screw, unmoving, and unbeeping.

"I must have dreamt it," she murmured and lay her head back down. Almost as soon as she had done so, she heard a noise and bolted upright again.



Fluttershy leant over and peered at the box. Which was missing. Her eyes snapped open immediately as she peered over the edge of the bed, and saw the box on it's side.

*Beep, tap*

She turned her eyes to the window and smiled.

The screw as upright and tapping against the window.


The pegasus got out of bed and carefully opened the window, allowing her piece of the giant to leave.

"See you later," she whispered and waved goodbye as the screw rolled off to the rest of itself.

The blue light flashed as it rolled through the grass, and down to Ponyville.

It passed it's statue on the way out of town. It stopped and beeped at the bronze version of itself, smack in the middle of Ponyville. Then it carried on it's journey.

It had a long way to go.


Far, far away, in the frozen tundra of the north, past the Crystal Kingdom.




Several body parts hopped, dragged, or any other way they could, moved towards the source of the beeping.

DOG, or more specifically, his head, opened his eyes and smiled.

The End.

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Then he rebuilds himself, finds all of his friends, and they live happily ever after. Seriosly how else can you live when your best friend is a giant robot?
Especially since DOG needs to take Scoots flying.
Her reaction would be priceless.

934535 well, writing this made me cry :applecry:

I mean... beer, tits, football, hoo-hah!



...Not crying...Not crying...I AM BAWLING MY EYES OUT, THAT DOESN'T COUNT AT CRYING DAMMIT! :raritycry:
Beautiful adaptation. I'll be waiting for your other stories! :D

I remember watching this when I was WAY younger...
I loved it:raritycry:


I think i still have the dvd somewhere. and i am suprised that there isnt either another animated sequel or a irl sequel

I think I speak (type?) for many when I say SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL!

Pretty please?:fluttercry:

934996 No! The movie did not have a sequel, this story will not have a sequel, but I may do a sequel...

screw the movie make a damn sequal

935000 With all respect... F**k the moves plot and make a sequel!

FiM AND The Iron Giant? My favorite show and movie?
I haven't even read this yet and I love you! :fluttercry:

hmmm I want sequel now!!!!! I know follow the movie and all but still need sequel.

Yea, I still have the dvd somewhere...
I was too young to know what story was about back then... but after reading this...
I mean..:fluttercry:*sniff*...WHAT!?
Someone... a hug... please?

Must...not...OH WHO AM I KIDDING!!!!! :raritycry: Also are you thinking about making a sequel to this?

The first thing you kind of have to understand was that the DOG models were built to level planets, for purposes unknown. In fact, in the original script of The Iron Giant, it showed WHOLE ARMIES OF THEM landing on another inhabited planet, and proceeding to trash it into the Stone Age. Then the planet is destroyed, Alderaan-style, by a big ship glassing it. But besides that primal fear in the back of my head, this was fantastical. Memes! img.ponibooru.org/_images/f03d3e708963e09d765ecc4c2083bad2/58307%20-%20fluttercry%20fluttershy%20iron_giant%20tv_meme.png 1.bp.blogspot.com/-S1aCHt0raAo/TY6ia7tdmyI/AAAAAAAAEg0/DK-MUB1WOEI/s1600/Iron_Giant-King_Kong-Andy_Hunter.jpg img.ponibooru.org/images/7d/7da51b9406b168ec469f0b5a554c8bb5 i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/178/491/Iron-Giant-Superman-Shield-Necklace-Pendant-Tie-Clip.png img.ponibooru.org/_images/fbe8b8694babced745255f7e13435b63/7012%20-%20crying_fluttershy%20fluttershy%20iron_giant%20sad%20tv_meme.pn

935202 possibly, once another fic is out the way. I have no idea what it will be about tho

We came, we saw, and we cried our asses off. :fluttercry: Outstanding story, although chapter nine could use some drawing out, I felt it went by too fast to feel all the emotions I felt in the movie. Otherwise, it was perfect, here is a mustache :moustache:

935208 oh rly? interesting some of DOG's brothers could come and try to destroy Equestria? very interesting

I think I'm gonna cry. This is glorious.

Men dont cry MEN WEEP!!!!

But seriously, that was awesome.
I'd ask for a sequel, but it was brilliant left where it was.


Then do a sequel dammit! :pinkiehappy:
Who cares if the movie didn't have one?
You're the writer! I say do a sequel! =3

Now i'm off to watch the movie :fluttershysad:

I still have it on VHS somewhere

Simply fantastic, my friend!:pinkiehappy:

936653 First thing you need to know about life . one life gives you lemons Throw those lemons away and do whatever the FUCK you want .:twilightsmile:

But seriously I agree with you We need a Part two .:twilightsmile:

HNNNNNNG right through the heart

I remember watching the Iron Giant after checking it out of the library like all the time! You, sir, are my hero. I will definitely be reading this (when I have the time, too busy on my own fanfic). :rainbowkiss:

Please do a sequel, even if they would just be small stories.

anyway that was a good read, you did good translating the story into "pony" form XD.

Great job and thanks for the read!

Few stories can actually make me cry. This and the original Iron Giant movie are two of them. As I write this I am on the verge of tears, and I am currently holding them back forthe sole purpose of being able to see the keyboard.
'Scuse me while I go cry my eyes out and sniffle for the next hour.

Why was it so sad :raritydespair:

998973 Because some people are mean like that. Sorry :fluttershysad: If it helps, I cried writing it.

It DOESN'T make it better! You cried! Multiple people cried! The only thing worse than the heart-wrenching sadness of this fic is that other people cried too! :fluttershbad:

999084 I knew it wouldn't help. More nuzzles?

*sniff* ......Yes, please. *hug*

999095 *Nuzzles and hugs* :heart:

Come on everypony
Smile... smile... smile...
Fill my *sniff* heart up with... sunshine,
Screw it, I just read it again.

Awwwww nooooooes! *comforting hug and shoulder rub* :heart:

:applejackunsure: Not sure if crying gif or yelling gif
If crying gif:
It's Ok!

All I could see was the first two seconds)

HNGGGGG! That got me right in the feel!

You know, I was working on my own MLP/Iron Giant crossover on FanFiction.Net when I received a comment saying that there was another like my story on here. Upon hearing this, I immediately came to this site to read your story because I was thinking, "Oh crap, :pinkiegasp: I hope I haven't copied anything!" To my relief, I discovered I hadn't. :twilightsheepish: If you'd like to read my story on FF.net, please feel free. Here's a link if you're interested: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8387617/1/Fluttershy_and_the_Iron_Giant I liked this story and I hope my story will be as good as yours. Great job!

911426 This show fixed your depression too? I hope I'm doing replies correctly. I click the, "speech bubble," overlapping the other one, and in the area where I type my comment, a number comes up.

This is the only story to have ever made me cry in any way. I won't lie. This man has cried today because of this story. This was an amazing story, and... I don't know what else to say.

1093531 Do you want a hug?

1093538 I don't think it will be necessary. But thanks for offering. I think I'm going to read your other stories though. But I won't be forgetting this for a long time, this story is amazing.


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