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This story is a sequel to Star's Love for the Moon

Preferences, everypony has them. These preferences mould us, define us into who we are in the present. Sometimes, our preferences seem to be decided for us, not discovered, this seems to be the case for young alicorn Twilight Sparkle.

Throughout Twilight’s younger years, she rarely associated herself with anypony else, always keeping to herself and continuing her studies as Celestia’s “most faithful student.”

Two years prior that all changed when she was sent to Ponyville for the Summer Sun Celebrations, she met five young mares who changed her for the better: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Together they banished the evil from Nightmare Moon, restoring her body back into Princess Luna.


Just a week prior, Twilight had summoned Luna to her castle: The castle of Friendship. Were she admitted her feelings pent up from the previous two years, her love for Luna, love that was neglected her entire life.

Through the gift of a simple kiss, affection kiss, Luna gave first required. That very kiss lead to Luna admitting the same emotion: love. The newly formed couple basked in each other’s embrace for the rest of that night, under the moon and the stars.

Despite Twilight’s main question of how Luna felt for her been answered, more questions were created than answered.

Would Twilight’s friends accept her gender preference? Would her parents? How about her brother and Cadence? Would Celestia, Luna’s sister and Twilight’s teacher approve? How would the bloody nobility react?

Too many questions. Twilight hoped none of it mattered as long as she was with Luna, her love, her marefriend.

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It's a good story but personally I would've expected for Applejack to be more reserved and critical of Twilight's relationship since AJ is from a more conservative family. But that's just my opinion

7550533 Any constructive criticism is what I both need and want for any thing I produce; I appreciate your input nevertheless.

Thank you and have a good day.

“M-my parents.” Twilight stuttered. These first words of hers turned her tears from a light drizzle to a pour of sadness and realisations. “I just remembered that my parents are homophobic.”


7552798 The part of the story I look forward to writing the most. CONFLICT!


Conflict is indeed enjoyable.

it was defiantly her room, her home.

Despite Twilight's wishes, the room stubbornly remained hers. ("definitely") :rainbowlaugh:

“It is defiantly about time we tell you.”

We're gonna tell you whether you want us to or not! ("definitely", again) :rainbowlaugh:

It feels a bit odd for Twilight to "just remember" the issue with her parents; given her situation I would be surprised if it wasn't constantly on her mind.

7554849 Man, people defiantly make that mistake EVERYWHERE!:facehoof:

great story please continue this

So is this story dead or.....what?

“Keep shipping lover boy. I’ve seen Cadence’s portfolio of ships.” Twilight had a counter pent up for a while now. “You and Rarity are among the first ten.”

Second story I’ve seen with cadance and visual representations of shippings. The first being the moon’s special Star. Again, I’m surprised this isn’t more common.

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