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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.

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And you called it Scary Butt Fun

I can't even.

Fine... I'll post it.

Since no one else has said it yet, phenomenally well done story, Fuzzy. I can't go into more detail yet, but bravo!


Anyone else remember vaginas? Aren't they neat? Boy do I miss vaginas.

Well written and cute AF. Honestly? I want a sequel. Or a series with their romantic misadventures. Obviously, with porn. For this Twily is cute, and sunset is SO plowing her this night :trollestia:

More? :fluttercry:

Majin Syeekoh

7670080 Wouldn't that be "BROWN EYE CAN"?



ew gay

I sound so cute and I don’t even have to try anymore! I actually have to force it to go deeper now.” Twilight playfully lowered her voice as she was speaking, doing what sounded like a poor impression of a boy.

Aww but Twi I like your voice high. And since its actually Tara Strong I doubt it'll be that bad of an impression.

Huh I was expecting fisting of some kind


"This fist of mine glows with an AWESOME POWER!"

"It tells me to DEFEAT YOU!"


Majin Syeekoh

7671207 If either of them are bleaching, it makes me wonder far more about their sex lives than the content of this story.

How can somebody get "grumpy at clop"?


Very, very easily given how much of it around here is written by people who seem to have skipped a bit of biology and English at the grade school level.

I have to admit, the story took a turn I didn't expect. Unexpected, butt fun.

I was going to make some comment on the respectful writing of a trans person, while still being a fully erotic romance.

I was also thinking of replying to a couple comments.

But that's gone out the window. All I can keep thinking of is... SUNSET PUT THE DICK MEASURING RULER BACK IN THE DRAWER! :facehoof:

Didn't read it yet, but let's get this out of the way. The combination of image, title and description is flawless.


TAKE THIS! My love! My anger! And all of my sorrow! SHINING FINGER!

One the one hand....

"People are writing UNREALISTIC pornographic fanfiction!? On the internet!?"

But on the other hand, it did lead to this fantastic piece of dirty romantic erotica... I'll give it a pass.


Wrong sibling. If you're looking to finger Shining, you'll have to deal with Cadence. That's her department. :trollestia:

7671275 I get the same way. Essentially you see the mediocre clop that is on the front page and you write something. That way someone else who thinks like you do is entertained instead of looking at "meh" clop

For the sake of brevity in this comment section, I direct your attention to this relevant blog post.

But the tl;dr version is that there is a great deal of not good at all authors out there producing a lot of not good at all clop. Normally, I don;t care. Sometimes, however, I feel personally affronted enough to attempt my hand at quality erotica.

"Shining Finger is the shiz-nite!"
-A really old AMV...don't judge me.

nitpicky retort: "CPU cases" would be referring cases which hold CPUs along with the other components that make up computer hardware. CPU case and Computer case are interchangeable terms for the same thing, though a quick google search informs me that the current accepted one is Computer case.

I guess that's just me showing my age. Back when I learned to build computers in the early 90's, the cases were called CPU cases or chassis. So sue me, I'm old.

As a trans person, I gotta say- this was written pretty respectfully in regards to people like me. Thanks for that- it gets tiring having to see all the fetishized crap out there, so this was a bit of a breath of fresh air.

Also the title was god damn hilarious XD

As far as the title is concerned, I'm STILL surprised it hadn't been used before on the site, considering how big of a meme that was from the early seasons when the show was on the Hub.

I'm glad you liked it. That's a real compliment, to hear I've achieved my goals and represented someone different from myself as faithfully and respectfully as I can.

*fans self*

...Wow. That was hot, well written, and respectful in regards to trans people. Truly a gem of fanfiction.

also the title is awesome and hilarious

7673323 And what's wrong with fetishized content? Or "crap", as you put it.

This is fantastic! A perfect balance, in my opinion, of story and clop. Its not just a story and its not just clop. Its a story with clop in it. And damn is it a great story.

Good story

Good pronz


I give it 5/5 Twi's.

‘‘ ... ’’ Twilight swallowed again. ‘‘It’s a science boner. For science.’’


Not quite what I was expecting, but enjoyable and well-written nonetheless. I approve.

well then, that was a nice twist. Story title seems rather crude for such a sweet piece though. Then again who am I to judge. have a like.

Any chance at a Continuation? It was good stuff and your romantic side has enough draw that i would enjoy seeing more of both the fluff and the squish that came along with it.

I really enjoyed this, and i could easily see it becoming an actual series. Would love to see more from sunset and translight.

“I think it was more a bustier?”

Yes, you certainly were.

Idly, Sunset noted Twilight’s well trimmed pubic hair had a matching streak of pink amid the darker purple.

This is the best detail I've ever seen mentioned in a clop fic.

“Have you ever kissed a girl, Twilight?”

Argh, Katy Perry lyrics stuck in my head now.

7674686 Bonjour! Also amazing comment 11/10 xD

Makes me feel a little less embarrassed about what I ordered online for you to wear later.”

SEQUEL !!! .... *Cough* Ahem, I mean; could you please do a sequel to this :pinkiesmile:
This was unique amongst the world of futa, I've always enjoyed futa, but so far I've never seen it portrayed as a gender issue.
The sex part was also very well done.
Have a like. :yay:

With a title like "Scary Butt Fun", I was worried going into this even with the tag warnings. But it was a nice read. I enjoyed it.

This Story inspired me too make mine Aaron Smith x Sunset Shimmer Well Aaron Smith is me so i actually called the first chapter one Friday.

I really do hope you write a sequel. I absolutely love the world you've made here and want to see more. Even if it's just another short story with these two I'd love to read it. :)

This... Reminded me of a certain anime but nope I am urge to place a dislike but no, I'll just be neutral since it was enjoyable.

I'm deeply confused but also elated that a piece of My Little Pony erotica is making me put on my feminist hat and do intensive mental analysis. While I'm not trans so I don't really get to have an opinion, this certainly seems like an exceptionally respectful piece, so really good job. This is my favorite kind of erotica; the kind where it's a story about people having sex, not a sex scene happening to take place in the context of a narrative. The difference has to do with narrative tone, I think. This is largely non-passionately narrated except for a few bits...which I largely scrolled past.

Also, side note I found funny, I'm assuming Sunset's lab lube was glycerol, because that's what you use for that. Except she probably should've done just a bit more research before sticking it where the sun don't shine, because, well...

From Wikipedia:

Glycerol can be used as a laxative when introduced into the rectum in suppository or small-volume (2–10 ml) (enema) form; it irritates the anal mucosa and induces a hyperosmotic effect.


Anyway, really good thing you have here. Glad I read it, even if it's far from my usual fare.

That was actually really, really good. I was not expecting a transgender clop story, but I'm rather glad that's what I got.
Maybe make this into a continuing story?

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