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Good chapter but what is with everybody's obsession with hyper breasts?

“And that’s not even the best part. I also found out who her coltfriend is. It’s none other than Blueblood!” Caramel and Doc gasped while Mac whistled.
“Bullshit!” Thunderlane called. “There’s no way that prissy unicorn could butter up our dear Cheerilee!”
“It’s true, he pays for her expenses and everything and get this: she’s not the only one!”

The prince is quite busy these days.

So what just happened at the end??


I guess there is a thing as too much buxom -- there can never be enough titties, but the titties can be too biggie. :P

7543192 Cause big boobs is love, big boobs is life! :pinkiecrazy:

...Jk. It was just a preference both me and Ekhidna agreed on. Besides, to me, K and Ls aren't hyper. They're pretty big, but some big boob smut has K-sizes. They're not like Marauder6272's standard.

seriously cadence, why the hay you punch that dragon?

7544434 She did promised to hit him.

7543641 Yup.

7543192 Check Ebony's reply above.

7543437 :moustache:

7543553 A promise fulfilled.

7543622 It was mutual agreement like Ebony said.

Well, it just makes sense, doesn't it?

A court magician for "private perfomances".
A Pegasus bodyguard, ready to do more with his body than just guard it.
And a hot teacher, because what's more fun than watching her teach the other two a lesson now and again—preferably while swinging a long wooden ruler?

Plus, that way, he's got a full set. The only thing lacking is an Alicorn, but those are hard to come by, and about half of them are related to him anyway.

7543192 7543622 Agreed. I mean, L-cup? Really? Who even has boobs that big IRL? I can accept E-cup, but that far?


“I think she’s saying we have to take it up a notch. I believe Pinkie told me my brother did something like that when she hooked him up with her sisters,”

Big Mac is in a relationship with the Pie girls... I would like to see that in written form.

7545033 To me at least, anything over a single D cup is too big. I prefer breasts to be smaller then beachballs.


Fair enough. However, I just don't think you guys undestand truly how big different breast sizes are, or what the women who accompany them look like.

This is Aidra Fox. She's a C cup. Her breasts are about a big handful if you would see them in real life.

This is Eva Angelina. She has D cup breasts. You'd need two hands to get a full grasp.

This is Julia Ann She has E cup tits. Note that they're huge. They're bigger than your head! Tits this big would be reaching my limit.
As it turns out, lots of the "busty" pornstars are in this range -- these are girls with big tits out of a category of women known for big tits.

Now this fic talks about K and L cups. Here are some pics of what those look like.

K cup -- Hazardous to children and small animals
Hitomi Tanaka
Cathy Metal

L cup -- Eeep
Lucie Wilde
Karla James

So yes, there is such a thing as too much titties!

7546279 I am not denying that... but really, must we have a debate about breast sizes every time somebody posts something regarding big boobs? Why can't we just enjoy the boobs for what they are, and not bring science or logic into it.

EDIT: I mean no disrespect, kalash93.


I know. This was more for the point of people who'll be looking at this and thinking that just naming sizes and measurements makes for sexiness. That and I just felt like posting tits.

7546482 Yeah. I guess the measurements usually helps with people visualizing how big the breasts are, because when one say melon, do they mean a small melon or a watermelon? It's for the sake of picturing it.


I see. I understand the importance of describing things precisely, but I tend to do it with things where that's a technical necessity, like firearms, where some things are very exact. If I write 7.63x25 instead of 7.62x25, I mean it seriously. I just instead tend to use more adjectives, such as saying "lush" "generous" "ample" "large" "curvacious" "round" "full" and so on. I find that if you encourage the audience in the right direction, they'll envision what is sexiest possible to them with the direction you give. That and most people really would have no clue what a girl with measurements 36-24-36 C cup 170cm would look like (HINT: Exactly like Charlize Theron)
However, just about anyone can understand, "A tall, slightly thick girl, but not fat, with a gently curved hourglass figure complemented by moderate but not insignificant breasts."

I guessing your next story involves Big Mac and the Pie sisters.

'Twas very enjoyable :derpytongue2:

Nice story man, I like big breasts too but i don't care about sizing somtimes it really confuses, even when i see some eroges, some of them the breasts are completely incosistent, some times they look incredibly huge, sometimes not, anyway great story

Longest foreplay and sex ever!!!

Wonder how Big Mac got with the Pie sisters or Thunderlane and his girls?


BTW: Nu, Ebony, I released the fic I originally intended for the Fun In The Sun contest. You and your fellow judges and perves may perchance still enjoy it.

Dude I died at "once you've been dragon there's no going back."

Okay, i gotta know; what did spike do to get Cadenza pissed?

7561107 The answer lies on Part 1. :ajsmug:

“I think she’s saying we have to take it up a notch. I believe Pinkie told me my brother did something like that when she hooked him up with her sisters,”

We gonna get this story, too?

7576895 Yes. In the future, but yes.

Ok. I re-read the Part 1 to try to find what was the reason why Cadance punched Spike in THIS chapter in Only-God-knows where Cadance punched Spike?
It was in the train part. Where Zecora and Applejack were flirting with Spike and Spike though why Rarity didnt do anything like where in previous times she would do something to Let Other mares know that Spike belong to her and only her. But Spike though that Applejack and Zecora were only doing that because they are his friends.

There’s no way she doesn’t know they’re flirting with me, Spike thought automatically laughing at a joke Zecora told. Stealing a glance at a laughing Rarity he questioned to himself why she wasn’t doing anything, it almost looked like she was allowing them to flirt with him. Then the answer dawned at him. Of course! It’s because they’re our friends and she knows they’re just playing around! Spike thought happily.

THIS is the reason why Cadance punched Spike in THIS Chapter.

18 god damn thousand words on a single chapter of clop. I tip my hat to you.

I don't think Spike is an oblivious idiot. I just think he can't see what is not obviously stated. Applejack never told Spike how she felt, and Spike is in a monogamous relationship (for now at least). Some guys just can't see if a girl is interested in him unless the girl comes out and tell him in his face.

I’m actually quite surprised you, Dash and Twilight don’t have a special somepony yet.

I was going to ask who Pinkie and Fluttershy were with, but I read this later on:

I believe Pinkie told me my brother did something like that when she hooked him up with her sisters

So, does this mean that Big Mac is in a harem with Pinkie AND her sisters? I still want to know who Fluttershy is with.

Those girls played with fire and almost got burnt to a crisp. Good thing Zecora was able to catch Spike off-guard or...:applejackconfused:

As soon as rarity said it was applejack i lost all hope of enjoying the rest of this story sorry m8

7596939 No problem dude. Hope one of my other stories catch you eye :pinkiehappy:

pink shirt that read ‘PARTY!’

Thats a gift from Pinkie right there.

“T-that didn’t rhyme,” When OCD takes a small win to horniness

him stronger than a kick from his mother; How often was he kicked by his mom...

“And if you dare lie to me I swear on my mother’s name I’m never baking those cookies you love so much again, Rarity.” Truly the ultimate threat

Spike's been kind of a prude so far, but its a nice way to show conflict and create a resolve. This isn't good smut; it's a well written thought out story.

Now we really need the clopfic of how Big Mac got with all 4 Pie sisters.

7554280 Eh, I've seen longer. Still an awesome story, tho!

said what Ah think he said

I think you meant to say "what Ah think he said"

Your chapters have a few other errors like that. Maybe you should get Grammarly, and take a look over all your posted work to see if you can spot any errors, and maybe an editor or two.

Any chance you can add the remaining girls to spike's harem? And maybe add the princesses?

This story and the one that spawned it are both really fun to read and good. I actually find myself wondering what a possible followup could be like.

Rarity was wearing a cloak in comparison to what Zecora was wearing; nothing more than a thin loincloth that barely covered her marehood.

What do you mean by cloak?

8023385 Like a robe or a toga.

That was a nice fun clopfic. I really enjoyed it.

7543553 7561107 7544434

“I’m going to punch Spike.”

“H-honey?” Shining Armor said looking at the sudden fire that had erupted in the eyes of his wife. “Are you… feeling alright? You ahh, you’re kind of tearing the sheets. And what would you punch Spike for?”

“I said I’m going to punch Spike and I will punch him because he’s an idiot. I don’t know why but that’s what I feel right now,” Cadance said flatly sending a shiver down her husband's spine.

I have to look for it too. I still think Spike wasn't an idiot. He had no reason to believe that the other two liked him. Just because Cadance is the Princess of Love doesn't mean the rest of us are mind readers. Also, three months? Really?:ajbemused:

I hope you realize, dear author, that people are going to want to hear about how a lot of these mares joined their respective herds. I especially want to know how Blueblood managed to get Cheerilee, of all mares, as well as anyone else he's with. Plus, Rarity's, Applejack's, and Zecora's reaction to Twilight and Ember joining their herd.

8023385 It was a comparison. Rarity wasn't wearing much at all, but when compared to what Zecora was wearing it was like she was wearing plenty.

Imagine having a broken leg, pretty bad, right? But then you look at the guy who lost both legs, arms, and the rest is fairly burnt, you don't have much of an injury. By comparison.

:duck: Spike. Sweetie. It's very flattering that you wish to stay faithful to me alone, but if we keep going like this, in a couple of years I'll whistle whenever I wear a short skirt in a strong breeze.

Ok, we all know that Cadence said she was going to punch Spike, but why did she wait until three months after Spike had realized Applejack's feelings for him and accepted the whole herd thing?

What about infertile sex?

Well that was a good story :twilightsmile:

Nicely done Ekhidna :yay: also kudos for making it so long...I mean wow

This was an amazing story. Well done with it and I can't wait for more of your stories

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