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The mane six backed against a corner, the crystal heart out of reach and the royal couple out of commission. Sombra had the ponies right where he wanted them...until a certain someone shows up.

(Just a silly little idea that I thought would be funny)

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That was fun to read. Didn't expect Rainbow Dash to pull that off though :rainbowlaugh:

Priceless. Simply priceless. :rainbowlaugh:

I laughed out loud at the ending...

My eye won't stop twitching.:twilightangry2: because sombra is like me.

A few spelling and grammatical errors, but overall a nice read. I have never related to Sombra more than I did just now...

Good job!

Ohh, so that's why Sombra went insane.




*slow clap progressivly gets louder till full stadium is clapping like mad*
Such art, much beauty

Such comedy gold!:rainbowlaugh:

Here, have a trophy!

*hoofs over a Platinum Trophy, with Pyraflare Bullet, Comedy master, engraved on the base with tungsten filled letters.*

I know how Sombra feels.

I am Sombrad on this one.

hello Sombrad

And that's where I lost it.

This is the real way Sombra was defeated

"Oh no I ain't done with you lot yet!"

Ain't ain't a word, now ain't it Sombra?

7544579 Actually 'tis a word. Even a dictionary dating as far back as the 50s has a definition for it

Informal, but still a word

That was actually pretty well done. Kudos!

So...Sombra's brother is Roman Bellic? no wonder he turned evil.

Wow, Sombra...

You really are a miserable excuse for a villain if you can't even handle your own little brother.

I would feel sorry for you, but...no. I got nothing. You suck, Sombra.

Unlike this fanfic, which was awesome. I enjoyed the read, even if it was a little short. Then again I'd rather avoid reading about their charades game to be honest. Ha ha ha ha!

7550977 Have you ever had a little sibling? They are impossible to control.

7555339 I found from an early age that a revolver helps to keep them in check.

And THIS is EXACTLY why when you take over you KILL your family, personally.

7555393 ... Nope, nothing wrong here, it's just some guy threatening his little bro with a gun. "Good day to you sir"

7619641 It's fine. It's made of plastic anyway.

Tfs reference up there :trollestia:

What this man said :rainbowlaugh:

This was a funny read.

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