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My favorite things are Good fanfics, Roman Empire, Historical Warfare, Tactics, And Dragons. Ya cant forget the dragons!

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I Combined the first two chapters into a prologue chapter.

Hmmm, this is interesting. I like it so far.

This going to be good can't wait for the next chapter.

Quite interesting, I shall continue to watch.

looks good can't wait for the next chapter.

My comment disappeared for some reason.

7590940 because I deleted the second chapter to combine it with the first chapter

7590985 Ah, well keep going with the story. You got a good thing going. Please show about auxiliaries here and there. They were interesting in the roles the Roman's weren't big on like archery and cavalry.

7591041 I know, and the cavalry will be extra unique since equestria doesnt have horses that arent ponies, so no cavalry.

The tactics I felt that the romans executed were inaccurate. But, even though they suspected it as a trap, not much generals would think of following the trail to see where it leads. Plus, I think the "yes sir" should be replaced with a battle cry unique to their time. But, that's just a small suggestion from me

Enslaved humans though? That's unique in my book and sounds really good. I'm totally going to follow this story.

Not sure why Romans would object to the humans of Equestria, seeing as they themselves are slavers.

7593468 just go with it man, its a world full of magicial ponies, everything doesnt have to make sense, cause, as discord says, what fun is there in making sense

7593169 Thanks for noticing it, but i needed a way for the romans to stay in the area while said teleporation thing worked, if they just charged the rebels then the story wouldnt have worked.

I would like to see some more chapters...

7600730 well good for you cause i just finished the next one, and am working on the next


Die slaver scum!

Ooh dis gun be good forward legionaries for Rome For The Emperor

need to read Romans crush the ponies

Ummmm, some characters seem off, but if you want to make them look like assholes, then you could've done it more discreetly.

I'm waiting to see them get their asses kicked.

Romans have similar mythology to Greece, shouldn't they know what a Pegasus is? And... you know, not be surprised by one existing?

Can't wait for next chapter
For the 9th Legion!!!

Hmm. Legion tactics vs whatever the hell the Equestrians got going for them......let the carnage commence.

7601329 I think their more suprised at seeing an anthro Pegasus, they would expect a Pegasus to be more 4 legged not 2 legged

7601766 they have magic and flight so that's one thing, but cockyness and gold armor is another

While I have not read a single word, you've caught my interest. Let us see if you can keep it. (Good start for Originality)

Damn, that was a good chapter. Question though, will any more Humans be sent to Equestria? Maybe another legion, or perhaps, warriors from other civilizations? I ask this because of the video game "For Honor". I just love samurais.

7613144 you know, i have thought of the idea, the idea came from another fanfic called crashing down, and i was thinking of doing what you said, but i wasn't sure if it would work or maybe it would be too powerful, but now that i think of it, there would be like, a half a million royal guards against a few thousand humans. so i think maybe a few humans from different times would be acceptable, ps i think the first might be samurai cause of me recently getting shogun 2 but i might change my mind depending on future chapters and stuff.

7613288 You mean "Smashing Down" by Merchant343? It's one of my favorites.

You seem like you could use an editor. Or at least a grammer nazi here and there. You think you can give me a try?

7613345 There's just one very big problem if you bring other warriors.

Language Barrier

damb I love this story so much, I'm favoriteing

7613546 Ummmm, okay? Did the Romans get their hands on Japanese writings through the Silk Road in their history or was it only the Chinese?

7613616 when they get teleported they suddenly learn English and dont question it

7613619 ....That's been used so many times and it's kind of a lazy way to do it, but hey, whatever floats you boat.

Now I want to see Mamlukes or Elephant units wreaking havoc on the Equestrians xD

Pax Roma! The Novus Imperium Romanum has been born!

7613933 while that would be cool, I want things to be semi fair. I don't want the story to be like "boom nuke strike canterlot hoomen win"

7613680 it may be so, but I do not wanna spend the whole story with the different humans unable to speak to eavhother

7613548 How would you like to do this? Should I fix one of the chapters and send a copy to you, or something else?

7614483 I think you should fix the chapters and send it to me, and if I like it then I might ask you to be my editor


Well you already destroyed the language barrier between the Equestrians and the Romans. Come on! We need some Persian Action!

Yaaaaas. We need these in the Human army! They will completely decimate the gold-plated ponies easily!

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