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Been in the Fandom since 2011, Favourite Pony is Twilight. Ive wrote on FIMFIC before with little sucess, gonna try a fresh start


From wicked dictator to humble student, Starlight Glimmer has begun a new step in her life, learning about magic and making new friends. But often times, one's past is never truly forgotten, and when a new threat rises against Equestria, can Starlight combat this threat, make amends with her past and learn one of her mentor's most vital lessons?

Cover Art Ultimate Starlight Glimmer by ElkaArt from DA http://elkaart.deviantart.com/art/Ultimate-Starlight-Glimmer-524862956

Edited by Cyanhyde https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Cyanhyde

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 7 )

A promising start, if perilous for poor Starlight.

Apropos of:

“Think nothin’ of it sugarcube, we’re here to help you with any cadavers you got” replied AppleJack.

Am I correct in assuming you meant to write something like "endeavours"? (Although that might be a bit of a high-falutin' word for Applejack to use.)

I suspect what she hasn't just offered to do is to help Starlight with, say, a medical or scientific dissection, which is what "cadavers" would imply.

7562809 that is true, I tried saying the line in her voice several times and I felt that it sounded like a term she would use (even if she didn't really know the meaning XP) I appreciate your interest ^w^

I recognize Starlight in the picture, but who or what is that other thing?

7581702 the artists says its just a phantom like monster. nothing specific

Will this ever be continued?

honestly, probably not I've sorta lost interest in writing it, I may pick it up again but i don't know

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