• Published 25th Jun 2012
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Twilight's Family - ApexSixtail

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And the Walls came Tumbling Down

After walking a few more blocks, they entered a toy shop. As they walked in, the girls gave Twilight a strange look.

“Let me guess, this is for the neighbor’s birthday,” Applejack said.

“What neighbors?” Twilight asked, but after a second a look of realization appeared on her face, “Yes! Yes, this is for the neighbor’s little filly. She’s turning five this weekend.” Twilight looked like she was going to say more, but cut her explanation off there. She walked up to the magenta unicorn mare with a purple and pink mane standing behind the counter. “Hello Polly, I’m here to pick up my order.”

“Well, hello Twilight, I was wondering when you were going to come in and pick that up,” The mare looked at a ledger book on the counter. “Ah, yes,” she said after a second, “here it is. I’ll be right back.” The salespony disappeared into the backroom. After a moment, she came back out levitating large box behind her. After setting the box down on the counter, she then used her magic to turn the ledger around and hand Twilight a quill. “If you would just sign here.”

As Twilight was signing the ledger, the mare looked over at the box, “Five already, my word, where did the time go.”

“You can say that again. It seems like only yesterday she was just a little bundle, now she’s just about ready to start kindergarten.”

“Kindergarten, oh my! Next thing you’ll know she’ll be all grown up and ready to leave home. So who are your friends?”

Twilight nearly dropped the quill on the floor. “Oh, these are my friends from Ponyville,” she chuckled nervously. “Girls, this is Polly.” The girls chorused a hello.

“A pleasure to make you acquaintances.”

“Well, we really should be going.” Twilight let out a nervous laugh. “I still have one more stop to make. Bye Polly.”

“Bye Twilight, and be sure to tell Star Shine I said hi.”

“I will.” Twilight Sparkle called over her shoulder as she quickly levitated both packages out the door right ahead of herself. Exchanging another set of looks amongst each other, the rest of the group quickly rushed out of the toy shop to catch up with Twilight.

Being she was the best young flyer in all of Equestria, Rainbow Dash was the first one to catch up with Twilight, who was almost trotting down the sidewalk.

Dash landed squarely in front of Twilight and put a hoof up to her chest to stop her. “O.K., who the heck is Star Shine?” Rainbow got into Twilight’s face.

“Star Shine? Oh he’s…”

“Is that your neighbor?” By this time the rest of the girls had caught up to Rainbow and Twilight, with Pinkie Pie joining in the conversational interrogation right away.

“Yes! My neighbor, he is my neighbor.”

“Who’s out of town right now?” Rarity inquired.

“Yes, he’s out of town, yes he has a filly, yes she went with him, yes they will be back soon, and no I don’t know where they went to!” Twilight started breathing hard as she completed her sentence.

“Easy there sugar cube, we’re not accusing you of anything, well at least not most of us,” Applejack gave Rainbow Dash a glance out of the corner of her eye, “We just want to know what ya’ll are doing so as to be able to help you better.”

“Well, I’m accusing!” Rainbow Dash snorted causing the rest of the group to gasp. “We came all the way here because we were concerned. Then when we get here, first Princess Celestia, then Donut Joe, and now you seem to be hiding something from us. I want to know what it is that you’re hiding!”

Twilight let out a sigh and lowered her head. “Yes, I have been keeping something from you girls. I just didn’t know how you would react to me if I had told you.” She lifted her head and looked Rainbow square in the eyes, “I promise you that I tell you all, but will be better if I show you at the same time. I Pinkie Promise that once we get my errands done and get back to my house, I will let you know what is going on.”

“Dang right you will!” Rainbow Dash huffed. She stepped aside to allow Twilight to lead them on to the last stop, which she did at a much more relaxed pace.

After about a block, Twilight turned into a small book shop. “Should have guessed.” Applejack whispered to Rainbow Dash, who snickered.

As the group walked into the book shop, an elderly gray unicorn stallion poked his head up from behind the counter. Seeing who was leading the group, a huge smile appered on his face.

“Twilight Sparkle, a pleasure to see you again. Oh, and I see you’ve brought some friends. Are you trying to get the whole city to buy a book again?”

“Good to see you to Hard Bound. No, just stopping in to pick up that book I ordered the last time I was here.”

“Ah yes, let me see.” Hard Bound looked at the stacks of books that lay on the counter. “Ah, here it is.” He levitated the book over to Twilight, who took it with her own magic and added it to the other packages she had gathered. “Oh, and while you’re here, the new Daring-Do book just came out.”

The last statement got a hold of Rainbow Dash’s attention. “Daring-Do, where?” She asked quickly.

“Aisle 2,” Hard Bound answered.

Rainbow disappeared down the said aisle. “Yes!” She suddenly loudly exclaimed, then just as loudly, “No, I don’t have any bits with me.”

“Add it to my tab, Hard Bound,” Twilight said loud enough for Dash to hear her.

Rainbow Dash shot out of the aisle and hugged Twilight, book in hoof. “Thank you Twilight. You’re awesome, for an egghead,” Rainbow Dash added the last bit after a second, earning a glare from both Twilight and Hard Bound.

“Anything else I can do for you, Twilight?” Hard Bound asked.

“No, not this time. Thank you,” Twilight replied.

“Any time Twilight, now don’t be a stranger.”

“I won’t,” Twilight said giggling as she led the others out of the shop.

“He seemed nice,” Applejack said once they had gotten back out onto the street.

“Rainbow Dash should thank him, he’s the one that got me hooked on the Daring-Do series.”

“Thanks again for the book, Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said.

“You’re welcome, Dash,” Twilight replied

Laughter and talking could be heard as the girls walked up Sunburst Avenue with Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy each carrying a part of Twilight’s shopping list, and of course Rainbow Dash was still carrying her new book. As they turned down the path to Twilight Sparkle’s home, Twilight Velvet burst through the front door and galloped up to the group.

“Oh thank goodness you’re back. Twinkle Star is missing!” As soon as Twilight Velvet finished her statement, Twilight Sparkle tore off around the side of the house, a second later the passed by the group again. Without an explanation, Twilight Sparkle continued galloping back up the street towards the city.