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We are n, demonshadow, and possibly some other people and together we are the CUTIE MARK CRUSADER SHORT STORY BRIGADE, YAY!


A collection of shorts about Philomena, brought to you today by the following authors:
n, Phokingazn, DemonShadow, Digit, Photo Journal and Lunar Justice, and Moon Shooter

Some will be epic, some will suck. Who knows? The ability of these authors is highly questionable. They do not have to be read in any particular order. Enjoy as you please.

This was done because Philomena does not get enough love. Merp?
Anyway, if you would like to request some other shorts, please leave it in the pm inbox of this account.

Cover picture courtesy of derplight at deviantart.

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 12 )

To N
Nice ending, it took me a couple of seconds to get it but I was VICTORIOUS! :pinkiehappy:

To which one?
Please keep your comments directed at the author who wrote it.
The authors are listed in the chapter title.

Seriously, Pho? Wow...

Huh. Interesting.
(I don't get what the ending means)

Best. Ending. Ever.
You would also never believe how many romance stories I've seen that were so thought out and original, and the last sentence was "and then they fucked."

Really? I wrote THAT?
Excuse me while I discover how much alcohol was consumed that night.


I liked n's, but not just because he is following me.

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