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Aria's Got A Crush! - MyLittleGeneration

Aria was supposed to be a tough punk, not having any sort of special feelings towards anybody, but Sonata seems to think differently. Aria rolls her eyes, but when Sonata invites him over for studying, the truth could reveal...

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You Like That Guy, Don't You, Aria?

"Aria has a crush!" Sonata squeed with glee and happiness. Oh how happy and cheerful she was!

"No, I don't!" Aria shouted in a mad and vicious tone. Oh how angry and furious she was!

So, you're probably wondering what the hell is happening, huh? Well, if we could take a couple steps backwards, some things might be explained clearly...

Aria Blaze. Tough, aggressive, usually angry, sometimes violent, that's her style. She described herself as... 'punk'. She never gave in, always putting up some sort of fight, trying to make herself cool, be a typical bad-ass and not some 'girl-next-door' like Sonata. Always bringing that cheery, happy tone... She wasn't like her sister at all. If you were to confuse the two of them, she'd probably pop a fist to your jaw.

The purple siren was the one and only. Nobody would dare try to cross paths with her, even after her sisters went out of power. The Battle of the Bands, she lost her voice, along with her sisters, but she still didn't lose her attitude and behavior. Sometimes she just wished that it was her versus the world. That she could get just one piece of revenge on the damn humans, who were once under their control. Long-story-short, she had a grudge against the humans.

Not a single human was somebody she'd consider a friend, hell an acquaintance. It was either a nobody or an enemy. Outsider... that's what she is. Trusting nobody except her bubbly, idiotic sister, Sonata Dusk, and her bossy, bitchy sister, Adagio Dazzle. Everybody she would cross paths would never be someone she'd be happy to talk to... That's what she thought.

Settling in the new life of Canterlot High with her sisters, being hated by other students, she looked like she would give less of a damn. But in one class, just one class that Aria hated mostly, she found a single guy... And she found him... disgusting? Stupid? Punchable? Neither. She thought of this guy as... cute?! The mere thought made Aria blush like a raspberry, she was never one for love. She hated romance novels, especially, which is why she hated her class. It was Literature class, and the whole subject was on romance. Romeo and Juliet, all that stuff.

That man would always bring her something to smile about (on the inside), and she was hoping someone wouldn't notice. Where would her reputation as the 'baddest bitch' diminish to? She wanted to hate him, but it was impossible. She would always remember his looks... His jet-purple hair, yellow eyes, navy-blue skin, his fit body... Always in Aria's little mind. Picturing him in situations got to Aria, whether it'd be just talking to him, walking with him, kissing him, doing dirty things to him...

Damn, she was glad it was just a thing only she knew. But someone would disagree. Her 'seat-buddy', Sonata Dusk. Being one interested in mushy romance, watching Aria glance at him and see a tiny tinge of blush for only a second, only to disappear, she knew what was up. Ever since the first day, too. If there was one person Aria didn't want to know about the situation, it was the giggly, annoying, smiley, dim-witted sister that was Sonata.

Just. The. Worst.

One day, Sonata felt like maybe it was time to ask Aria and tease her about, like the lovely little sister she was. Not really sweet in Aria's ears. And that leaves us to where we left off.

"Come oooooon, Aria! You like him!" Sonata said.

"I don't!" she defended in anger. "That twit is just a loser like everyone else!"

"You sure?" Sonata said leaning into Aria.

With a clenched fist, Aria told Sonata, "I'm very sure."

"Liar!" she said. "You like him! You smile when you see him!"

Aria lost her color and switched into a deeper shade. "I-I don't l-like him!"

"T-Then w-why a-are you stuttering?" Sonata mocked.

"Cause you're asking me a stupid question!" she snapped. "If you honestly think I'm one to love, you're an idiot, which you are."

"Am not!"

"Am, too."

"Am not!"

"Am, too."


"Oh my goooood, shut UP!" barked a voice from upstairs. Descending from the staircase, Adagio looked at the two sisters bickering as if they were toddlers. "Thousands of years we've lived and you act like foals!"

"She started it!" said Sonata, pointing at Aria. The purple siren facepalmed very hard.

"Stupid..." Aria muttered under her breath. She (kinda) loved Sonata, but damn she was a thorn in the ass. "Absolutely stupid..."

"Listen, I don't care who started it," said Adagio, "I just want you two idiots to shut up." She gingerly massaged her temples, feeling stressed by having two sisters who always bark at each other like pet dogs, one small and one big. "Besides, what are you two arguing about, this time?"

Sonata was happy to answer. "Aria has a- MMPH!"

The siren's mouth was covered by Aria's hand. "S-She's just doing Sonata things! As usual, haha..." Adagio noticed the rosy cheeks and how much of a smile Aria was putting up.

The leading siren smirked. "Aria..." Her eyes focused on hers. "Let Sonata's mouth loose..."

"Adagio, I-"

"As much as Sonata's annoying, I actually wanna hear something she wants to say that you clearly want to be kept secret." Adagio crossed her arms as Aria tried to think of a convincing way to get Adagio to buzz off, but she couldn't. With a long sigh, she uncupped Sonata's mouth. A stupid smile grew on Sonata's face. "What is it?"

"Eee~! Heehee!" Adagio tapped her foot on the ground, just wanting Sonata to speak and get over with whatever Aria was hiding. "Aria has a crush!"

"I do not!" Aria shouted. She stared intensely at Sonata, wanting to throw a punch, but her eyes slowly aimed at Adagio, seeing the siren, once shocked, grow a smirk. 'Great...' she thought to herself.

"A crush?" asked Adagio. "Really?" Her teeth met her nail as she bit it, her smirk getting bigger. "Aria, I never knew you had a thing for boys at Canterlot High." she teased.

"I-I don't!" This amused Adagio. Never have any of the sisters, in the thousands of years they've been together, seen Aria like this. Flustered, blushing madly, get defensive over a rumor she had a thing for somebody. Anything, in general. Adagio nearly burst out in a small giggle. "Y-You think I've got my eyes on someone, you- you... you idiot?!"

"Maybe." Adagio said, letting out that small giggle. "Such a flustered expression you wear, Aria. Seems like your other shade is showing."

"Other shade?" Aria questioned. "The hell does that mean?"

"We've never seen you like this before. You always seemed to show aggressiveness and be a bad girl, but now you have an affection for some guy?" The sultry siren walked up. "Tell me: is he handsome? Cute? Sexy?" Aria blushed even more. "Do you think he's one to either... submit or dominate his partner?"

Aria shook her head and covered her ears. "Shut up!"

"Sweetie, come on, I don't spread things out." Aria grew an angry look. "We're sisters, there's nothing to hide from us. Especially me."

"I don't like him!"

Adagio rolled her eyes, done from hearing Aria. She turned to Sonata. "Alright, who is it?" she asked.

"Alto Retro." Sonata instantly answered.

"I hate you." Aria grumbled.

Adagio knew exactly who Alto was. "That guy? Aw, Aria, honey."

"Stop it!" Aria had enough. "Just drop it! I don't like Alto, he is just the same as everyone else!" She folded her arms, letting out a 'hmph'. "Just don't talk about him."

"Oh." Sonata said.

"Yeah." Aria said, feeling victorious. Finally the conversation was over.

"Maybe we can find that out tonight."

Aria raised a brow. "What?"

"I invited him over."

"WHAT?!" Veins popped out and her fists instantly clenched tight. "WHY?!"

"Homework." Sonata lightly smiled, while Aria had the most furious face she ever put on in her life.

"You... Little... BI-"

"Uh-uh-uh." Adagio spoke. "Why are you bothered? I thought you said you could care less for him?"

"I do hate him!"

"Alright, so when he comes over, just ignore him. I mean, after all, he's just like 'everybody else'." Aria growled lowly. "We shouldn't have any mushy expressions from you later on, right?"

"Yeah." Aria said in a dead tone, eyeing Sonata. "Don't expect anything from me."

The day went on, and the doorbell rang. Sonata skipped over, opened the door, and greeted Alto. "Hey, Alto!"

Aria, up in her room, turned up the music on her phone to blast her earbuds. "Just ignore him..."

"Hey, Sonata." said Alto, who had a deep voice. "You said you needed homework done?"


"Don't you have Aria?" Aria's eyes widened. Somehow, Sonata's voice was impossible to tell, but Alto's didn't. Very clear and well-said. "She's your big sister."

"Eh, she's moody."

"R... Really?" That got to Aria, and she turned up her phone more.

"Sonata..." she grumbled to herself.

"In a way." she responded. "Anyways, help me?"

"Sure." Blaze could make out the footsteps below her, and she couldn't take it. Perhaps... maybe a bath could soothe her? No, that's stupid-sounding. Then again... Adagio's always stressed, and taking baths is her usual reliever. She shrugged, and got up from her bed to the shower. Her phone was kept close, as she was going to use it to listen to music.

Opening her door, she sped towards the bathroom, hoping not to see the slightest piece of Alto. His beautiful form... Gah! Aria just couldn't! She started the bath with warm water, filling it up. As it was filling, Aria could still hear Alto downstairs, helping Sonata with her homework. His voice was soothing, circling around Aria's mind. One night, that wa all it took to show that she didn't have a crush on him. Besides, it was stupid how they made it like that. So simple and easy.

The tub filled, and Aria stripped her clothing and laid in the tub full of water. The warm water reached up to her shoulders and she let out a sigh. Suddenly, she felt a rush of relief go everywhere. Her arms, legs, shoulders, her head. Maybe this was a good idea. With her music playing by her side, she felt like she was at peace. Soft, heavenly peace.

"Ahhhhh..." Aria sung. "This is easy..."

The water was filled with bubbles as Aria added soap, the temperature was just right, and she couldn't be any more happier with life. She couldn't even hear Alto and Sonata. Those two stupid voices...

Knock! Knock!

Aria was caught by surprise from the sudden knock. She was just at the moment of sleeping it off. "Aria?" came Adagio's voice on the other side.

"UHH, what?" Aria said.

"How long have you been there?" Aria looked at the time on her phone. It's been nearly an hour.

"Almost an hour." she responded. "Why?"

"Dammit, Aria, I need to take my bath!"

The purple siren was filled with disappointment. "Alright, fine." She got out of the tub and wrapped a large towel around her. Her hair was down and dripping with water. She fetched another towel to cover all the hair. No clothes were brought to the bathroom, so she had to go towards her bedroom to get herself clothed.

Unlocking the door, Aria stepped out, slightly wet. "Gee, Adagio, you were right about the bathtub thing. Quite soothing." she told her in a dead tone. She made way to her bedroom door, and entered. Looking at herself in the mirror, she took off the towel on her head and the hair dropped down, making a bit of a wet smack against her shoulders.

Her towel was tight around her body, barely having a chance to actually fall down and expose her. Two star headpieces were placed on the drawer, so she took one and tried clipping it to her hair. Her hands grabbed a bunch of hair, trying to form back her usual pigtails. God, when she looked at the mirror again, hair was everywhere. It kinda looked... seductive to Aria...

"Hang on." said a voice, as footsteps up the stairs were heard. Aria's eyes flashed and she slowly turned around.

"Alto?" she quietly whispered to herself. "He's STILL here?"

"Where is your room again?" he asked Sonata, waiting downstairs.

"The right side." Now, there were two doors on the right side of the room. ONE was Sonata's room. The OTHER... was Aria's. And to Aria's bad luck, and to Alto's, too...

"Gotcha." He opened the wrong door. "So where's her-" He suddenly froze in place in the doorway, as his eyes widened with the inferno burned on his face that was his blush. Aria had her towel gripped by her hand, and she froze, too. Both teens stared into each other's eyes. It was a moment of silence they've never expected with anyone. And it just seemed to happen tonight.

"I-I-I..." said Alto, caught in the moment. He was so nervous and scared.

Aria's hair dangled around, her breasts were kept close and tight, and the towel still draped around her like a robe. The siren couldn't believe it: Alto, right here, seeing her almost nude. She was lucky the towel didn't come loose as she almost fumbled it when Alto came in. Aria wanted to say something and punch him straight in the jaw, which would be appropriate for the situation (according to her, at least), but she didn't. Just silent.

"Alto?" she spoke up. A loud gulp was heard from Alto.

"I-I-I'm so sorry!" he apologized. "I-I thought this was Sonata's room!" He couldn't help but boggle his eyes around the room and her. Easy to tell he was petrified for his life. "A-Aria?"

Her blush was stuck on her face, and she tried to think of words. She had to avoid Alto, had to hold everything back, but now... Now she can't hold it back. "A-Alto."

He was more worried from her saying his name. "Yeah?"

"S-Say, it's alright."

"Excuse me?"

"It's alright." she said very sly. "Accidents happen."

Alto couldn't tell whether she was mad or actually cool. There's no way she would be alright with a guy like him barging into her room on accident. "N-No there must be a mistake."

"Nah, it's cool, dude." She fiddled with her towel, purposely bringing it down more to show her cleavage. Alto wanted to move out, but he felt so swayed. "I like visitors."

"R-Really, Aria, you can be mad if y-"

"Alto, I'm serious." she said as she slowly walked up, adding a little sway to her hips within every step. She fluttered her eyes, bit her lip, and gave the dreamiest, sexiest set of bedroom eyes a girl could manage to give. Aria felt as if she turned into Adagio, in a way. "It's alright if you wanna take a peek." She pulled her towel forward a bit, leaving space in the front that Alto nearly looked down on. Her voice was very seducing and sultry. "I'm down with that." she said, bopping hips with him on the last word.

With a playful wink, Aria smiled. Alto was still out of himself. "A-Aria?" he questioned, helpless about his raging blush. Aria nearly giggled. This was so unlike her. "Um..." He sounded more calm. "You sure?"

The siren was about to speak, but heard very light giggles from below. 'Sonata.' she thought to herself. While she had a feeling of being mad at her, she couldn't. She was busy with somebody else. "So, what do you need?" she asked.

"Oh, I j-just needed to borrow Sonata's calculator."

"Didn't bring your own?" she asked, bending closer towards him. "How irresponsible~." Alto nervously chuckled. "C'mon, I'll get it."

"Er- Uh- I- Are you sure?" he freaked out.

"Yeah, who cares?" She took a step, before pausing. "You have no problem being with a woman just draped in a towel, do you?"

Alto shook his head furiously. "Nononononononono!" He stopped himself. "Just... kinda compromising, y'know?"

"Eh, look at me. If anyone's to feel like that, it'd be the half-naked girl." She playfully swayed her hips as she got around to Sonata's bedroom door. "You don't see me blushing." Bent over, she turned Sonata's door knob, while her rear stuck out, getting Alto hotter. A grin plastered on her face as she went to fetch Sonata's calculator. "Here." she said, handing it to him.

"Oh." he said, surprised. "Th-Thanks." He merely stood there, wondering what to do next. I mean, it's not every day, hell any day of your life, you get to see a half-naked woman whose bearing nothing but a towel who is also a sister of a friend of yours. "Um... I gotta go now."

Aria nodded slowly. "Gotcha." She stepped out of the doorway. Alto calmly walked out, but just as both feet touched the hallway, a hand was placed on his shoulder. Aria's hand. Alto turned back, giving a questionable look. "What?" Aria said, not facing him. "Thought I was just gonna let a cute guy like you out of my sight?"

"What?" Alto said, worried and slightly terrified. Aria answered that for him with a quick twirl towards her. Alto smashed right towards Aria's body, his chest against hers, his eyes locked on Aria, pupils shrunk and out-of-reality. With Aria's predator eyes feasting onto Alto's, she decided to make it quick. She pressed her lips right up to Alto's.

His eyes widened, Aria's was closed, enjoying it with a smile. Her heart fluttered faster than anything before. Faster than when she had to run in gym class. Faster than when she practiced fighting skills on the dummy in the basement (personally bought by her). Faster than... anything in the past. She felt like she was in heaven.

Their lips separated apart, and she looked at Alto, breathless. She leaned close to his ear, and whispered, "Call me if you want some more." While she felt like she made him absolutely uncomfortable at first, she looked at his expression. No way he didn't enjoy it. The joy was secretly shown on his face. Aria smiled. "Now go on, wouldn't want to leave my sister clueless on her math homework, wouldja?"

Alto mentally searched for something to say, but couldn't say it. Words almost came out fully, but he just couldn't do it. Breathless, just like Aria said. Slowly, he nodded and went downstairs, helping Sonata with the rest of her homework.

At the end of the day, Aria was clothed, black tank top and fuzzy purple bottoms with purple skulls. Alto was about to head out, but Sonata had to say goodbye. "See ya!" she said, standing in the middle between Adagio, lightly smiling, and Aria, happily grinning. Alto took a gulp, and went to his parked car in the driveway. The door shut, and Sonata let out a yawn. "Long night."

"Agreed." Aria said. Adagio turned and smirked, soon noticed by Aria's eyes.

"I bet..." she said in a sultry tone.

Sonata realized it to, remembering what had happened upstairs. Her ears definitely didn't deceive. And her eyes on Alto's expressions didn't show nothing either. "Oh yeah." she said, dumbfounded. "I almost forgot." She smiled at Aria. "So much for not having a crush on him, huh?" she playfully teased.

Instead of putting a fight or glare, she smirked. "Alright, you got me."

"Not gonna deny it."

"Heh." she chuckled. "You already know it by now."

"I take it that maybe..." Adagio paused, walking closely to Aria. "He'll be your prey, I assume?"

Aria took a moment to think, cackling. "Maybe..."

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed! This is a story I thought could work out, I love Aria, she's underrated (along with Sunny Flare :flutterrage:), and I LOVE the cover art! She looks beautiful with her hair wet, her skin wet, and her towel wrapped around! But sincerely, please leave a like if you enjoyed, and I'll see ya'll later.


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Comments ( 71 )

Ha, this was great! I love the dynamics between the sisters. Great work! :pinkiehappy:

Wait.... The picture was a towel!
I thought it was a prom dress.....

hehehehe. I sure like this one. Alto sure didn't see that comin', and more Aria related stuff (for me, ANY siren related stuff) is a good thing! Also, i do have to agree- that is some awesome cover art, by the way.

7522920 Nope. That is indeed a wet, dripping Aria.

7522927 I know! The artist is awesome! He has another cover for another story on FimFic, don't remember the story, though. It's another Aria romance by someone else. Still, glad you enjoyed it!

This is really cute and adorable, Aria Blaze is now moved up to no. 4 on my top 20 cute mlp girls. :twilightsmile:

LOVE it so much! You did a amazing job if you ever need a story idea for Aria blaze I can hit you up with one because this Aria story was great and I can hook you up another Aria blaze story :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Is Alto a made up character?

Nice story. I found the dialog and narration to be really entertaining, especially the bickering. I would, however have liked to see at least a little bit more of Alto, if only to understand why Aria was so interested in him. That's really my only complaint, though. Pretty solid, entertaining read. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

I feel bad for Alto, the guy's got Aria crushing on him, and she could easily kill/hurt him in many ways; be it whilst getting it on or something else, something more natural like a hug or something... This is all assuming he doesn't like her back though, I couldn't really tell. :twilightblush:

Oh, that is glorious :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Will there be a sequel?

Well, that was a fun little read.
Way to reverse the situation. And Aria isn't even mad (anymore). That's a first :rainbowlaugh:

I have to say, that cover art is gorgeous

7524263 more than gorgeous, adoreabeautiful

7523960 I wish people, would stop using the 'other' tag instead of the 'oc'. It would make things a lot easier.

7524371 True... Question: if you're writing a 2nd person story... Do you use the Other tag or no tag at all?

7524520 hmmm...I think no tag at all because it's directed towards the reader. And because it's tagged second person, the reader should no, so no tag at all. :twilightsmile:

7524526 Ok, cool. What about 1st person?

7524529 if it's first person, then you need to use the character tag of whoever is speaking. If it's supposed to be the reader, OC tag would be the best.

7524194 Sonata at no. 3 cause who doesn't like her adorableness and loves eating tacos? :twilightsmile:

7524754 Okay, and the other 2?

Great story. I might have to get back and finish up with Aria's Challenge once again.

Nailed Aria's character, so here a like!

Well, not completely nailed -- I don't believe they would have stayed at CHS. That's just not Adagio or Aria. They wouldn't want to be anywhere near Sunset and her friends. Too much humiliation. CP would have made much more sense.

Also, where did you get this cover art? I must have it.

This is on the board

7524792 I found it on derpibooru. The link to the deviantartist is in the description, where you can find other awesome art. :twilightsmile:

7524797 Pfft. Really? Nah, mate, he's like this: i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/565/399/9c0.jpg

:rainbowlaugh: Great to know you enjoyed it!

7524791 You decide. I actually love that story. :twilightsmile:

7524781 Both Pinkie and Derpy tie at no. 2. Don't get me wrong though, both of them are lovable silly ponies like Pinkie enjoys making every pony smile and Derpy with her cute eyes that goes in different directions and likes eating muffins. Rainbow Dash will always be no. 1 on my list cause even though she's mostly tomboyish on the outside, she has a cheery lovable cute side on the inside.


Hey this is fun. Everyone felt normal and not that exaggerated..

Very Toradora!-esque. Well Tsundere wise, anyways, loved it.

Oh how happy and cheerful she was!

Enid Blyton or what? Not that that's a bad thing.

Dude, i love this little story here, props man, and kudos. :pinkiehappy:

Nice, sultry but not graphic, just suggestive which in my mind is hotter.

Id like to know if these two get a round 2 in the future

Pretty good! Sequel? :rainbowkiss: maybe a tier higher on the age rating? :trollestia:

This is really good, this definitely calls for a sequel

Their lips separated apart

As opposed to separating together.

For the fic AND cover art.

"You Like That Guy, Don't You, Aria?" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsAqrU8reUQ

I've noticed a lot of people making Aria blaze stories...AND I LOVE IT!! I'm NOT ALONE!! This was Awesome Generation!

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