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I read it. In my livestream. No joke. Everyone liked it. My friend Lunar said the wording reminded him of amnesia, haha. Anyways, really great job. Thank you for sharing it with me. :twilightsmile:

You are very welcome, and I thank you for the support and warm reception.

Well for a first. The whole story had a very deep feel to it. The words where wonderfully used. And the whole atmosphere reminded me of Amnesia. The feeling of the elements, the lack of happiness. The words you use adds a whole new weight to the story. Emotionally and physically. I really like this story. And the atmosphere.. Let me tell you the atmosphere made everything. And how did this story remind me of Amnesia? Well the words the atmosphere and the ending where everything goes from dark and gloom to light and happy. That is in fact really similar to one of the endings in Amnesia. where you defeat the evil and escapes the darkness and the despair. This is wonderfully done. Cheers *Exploading Confetti* Thats it for me. Arrivederci!
Lunar Justice

A beautiful use of evocative and imagery and atmosphere to tell a simple, but poignant story. I really enjoyed reading it :twilightsmile:
I wish I could use imagery half as well in my stories.

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