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When Twilight and her friends went to sleep one night, they were ordinary ponies. When they woke up, they had been transformed. They no longer were covered in fur, their hoofs were replaced by strange appendages, and they no longer had wings or magic. Now, until a way to transform them back can be found, the Main 6 will have to learn how to deal with their new bodies, as well as the reactions that the other citizens of Equestria have towards them.

Chapters (3)
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I like this idea! Go on, then.

I see you decided to ignore the events of Equestria Girls. Nonetheless it's a promising start, keep going you have my intention.

So I'm guessing Equestria Girls is noncannon in this world?

Correct. The main focus of this story is having the Main 6 learn how their new bodies differ from their normal ones. Thus, they cannot have any knowledge of humans before this.

Heh. MUCH better than my first story. I pretty much let that thing rot in a pit. :pinkiecrazy:

hopefully more comes out soon. my only thing though is the use of ok in your story. it needs to be spelled out as 'okay', not ok, its lazy to do so.

Spike sighed at the sight of the man in front of him.

I think it's supposed to be stallion.

so??? isn't spike part of the chairs that got zapped like his seat is next to twilight is it a delayed magic change for him?? will they discover those pony human forms again just without the music?

7501992 I believe Spike's chair is not magically connected to the map like the others are. Proof of this is seen in Spice up your Life. When they fixed the map, beams of magic bounced off each chair and them to the map, but there was no beam bouncing off Spike's chair. As for the pony human forms, it's not likely since part of this is about them living without magic.

I think you're spot on with their characters. I especially like how Pinkie doesn't give a f*ck about the physical change.

The only think I find unclear is if there are now moving by crawling or in bipedal position. If it's the former, they don't really give much on how that feels awkward and unnatural now and if it's the latter, how did they pass getting from quadrupedal to bipedal in practically no time without trial and error? I can actually see this happening to Pinkie since she is Pinkie, but the others, no.

7516884 they're supposed to be crawling. I guess I didn't think enough on how uncomfortable that would be. Although, since it would be a bit repetitive to have every character say that, I'll probably just have them mention it as a group in the next chapter. If you need an excuse as to why they didn't notice it right away, just say that the shock from the change didn't wear off until halfway to the castle


Alright, but oh boy their palms and knee caps are gonna hurt and get bruise. Especially Fluttershy who lives the furthest.

So... does this mean that their Equestria Girls counterparts got turned into ponies?

Not bad. I will definitely track this. Just a couple of issues I have with this, though.

It seemed a tad rushed to me, but not too bad. The main issue is easily fixable: the spacing between paragraphs. Most writers on this site, myself included, double-space between paragraphs (like what I'm doing here, now) to make reading easier. It just looks better that way. Also, time-skips would be nice, perhaps.

That being said, I liked the rest of this, and as Black_Knight pointed out, you were spot on with the characterization. Nice job so far!

EDIT (about 20 seconds later): Also, a couple of spelling issues, but nothing serious.

7517033 Equestria Girls is non-canon in this story

7517056 thanks for your input. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "rushed." Do you mean that they're quick to accept that they've transformed? As for the double spacing between paragraphs, I'll try it out and see if it works for me.

As for time skips, don't expect too many of those. The point of this story is the mane 6 learning how to be human. That includes the large details like how to walk and the small details like they can't like their elbows. I feel that time skips, especially long ones, would defeat this purpose. I might skip ahead a day or a night sometimes, but that's the longest skip I would expect to do.

7517125 Oh, sorry, I guess I wasn't clear enough. About the rushed thing...I don't know. I was a bit distracted at that point with something else, so maybe don't take that too seriously? Actually, come to think of it, forget the rushed thing entirely. The pacing seems fine.

In terms of time skips, I didn't mean change the style of story. I meant short ones, like you mentioned, like for overnight. I'm pretty sure I saw in the first chapter that Twilight went to sleep and then she woke up in the same short paragraph. I was thinking more like a time skip between going to sleep and waking up, but if that doesn't work out for you, that's fine. I feel it's more of a personal preference.

Glad I was able to clear things up a bit, and I look forward to your next update!

7517152 ok, thanks for clarifying. After hearing that bit, you're right about the first chapter. The time skip between the night to the morning does look a bit awkward. I might fix it.

I get the feeling the other ponies of Ponyville will treat this as another Saturday morning...

Okay, it took me a while to get through this chapter with the paragraphs being so close together and such. But it still seems like an interesting premise. I'm just waiting to see if they'll feel the need to cover up their new forms, or if they'll be fine sans coverings.

Well, that's a weird and interesting idea for a story alright.

Girls, your faith in Twilight is admirable, but probably misplaced. And now that the Map has swallowed the cursed book, things are going to be... Difficult.
Next up: naked humans with rears held high traipse through Ponyville to attack the Castle Friendship!
Keep going! ;)

Can't wait for the NEXT chapter!

I'm guessing being human partially disables unicorn magic and Pinkie Sense.

7570272 More like completely disables. Since humans have no magic (unfortunately), then that means that no of them have any magic. This includes the connection to the Earth that earth ponies have and the cloudwalking abilities that Pegasi have. And, since my theory is that Pinkie's 'pinkieness' is due to some kind of magic, then that's gone too.

Heh. Remembers the good old debate over whether humanized ponies would understand bipedal-ism and walking. Haven't ever seen one that had them using their knees though.
Now that the screaming session is over, productivity can happen!
Keep going! ;)

7570290 Twilight is still a prodigy, is she?

7570315 She is, but while she may know all the spells and theories, she can't do anything with magic while human.

7570317 actually, it is. It comes from those first few seconds Twilight was in the human world in Equestria Girls. She freaked out, then studied her new body a bit. Similarly, this story is about the mane 6 learning about their new forms, so I decided to use that screenshot as the cover photo.

Is Lyra and her human knowledge gonna help the Mane 6?

7570389 Lyra has a roll to play in this story and that's all I'll say about it.

Well time for them to discover their new bodies more in detail.

Terrible way for them to discover they must now adapt there diet regime. Wonder how they will react when they realize they have canines and think they are now carnivorous.

I think Spike should play a big role in helping the girls adapting to their new bodies, since in terms of body shape he is the closest of a human. So mostly how to stand upward, after realizing by the shape of their "hind legs" their meant to be bipedal and how to use their "talons" and "claws" (this is how Spike would refer is appendages). Though with the trials of finding their new centre of balance, which would be harder for the more bustier of them, and in terms of dexterity to manipulate appendages they never had before.

Anyway looking forward for the next chapter.

Found some mistake.

You’re going to tell me tell me what you did to Twilight, or you’re gonna get it!”

but the Stetson she was wearing gave away you she was talking to.


Your student,

Be the timeline of your universe of Equestria, Twilight is no longer Celestia's student and thus should sign a either her former student, her friend, her fellow princess or a combination of two of those cited.

When she did, she gestured to the appendages on her back hoofs.


Walking on our knees instead of these things is a more comfortable.

It usually stretches so I can pick up a muffin without my hoofs.


To learn that one exists is surprising.

To learn that one exists without is surprising. I think this addition was necessary cause the context without sound not quite right.

Not only with this give us more information to work with in our research,


7570542 Fixed those mistakes you pointed out. Thanks for the help!

Believably, there's going to have to be a few very quick discoveries in the next chapter simply because they are the easiest logical leaps for the ponies to make. How hands are supposed to be used will be obvious since they see Spike use them all the time (also weird that they didn't call them claws since, you know, they probably would have related them to Spike's claws since they are the closest thing they can draw similarity to.)
Another is that they are bipedal now, not only because of Spike, but because of various other cues and because Fluttershy is an animal expert. Even if it's an unfamiliar creature, Fluttershy should be able to deduce a lot about them with her knowledge. Another easy discover will be what breasts are since ponies had teats between their legs and as humans they are still mammals.
Fluttershy and Twilight will be making the most discoveries, with Twilight's coming from her machines, such as x-rays.
Also, since it has been brought up at the end of this chapter, I expect the very next thing to be Fluttershy realizing their teeth and abdomens mark them as omnivores. In case you are wondering about the latter, humans, omnivores and carnivores in general really, have more slender midsections than herbivores because we have less intestines. If you ever really look at a horse for instance, you'll notice there stomachs distend out past their rib cage (same as elephants, giraffes, ect.), this is because they need a longer intestinal track to digest cellulose rich food and absorb nutrients from them.

Eating hey in the amounts present in a breakfast muffin or two, especially because it is probably cut short and softened during the baking process, would not cause you intestinal pain, like at all. Humans can't digest it, sure, but it'll pass through you harmlessly unless you ate a bunch of it, and even then, that's because it might cause a blockage. More likely though is that it would be good for you; it's literally pure fiber and would help keep you regular.

Comment posted by TheManOfMadness deleted Sep 17th, 2016

7571196 I forgot to talk about that in the Author's notes: I knew humans couldn't digest hay, but I wasn't sure what it would do to our bodies if the amount in a haymuffin was eaten at one time. For story telling proposes, I decided that it would give them a quesy stomach. I want to keep this story as scientifically accurate as possible, but I'm not an expert in human or pony biology, so if I don't know something and I can't look it up, I am willing to use the explanation that helps the story.
However, if you know of a substance that ponies would eat for breakfast that would give humans a quesy stomach, I'd like to know for future reference.

It's not that big of a deal but to keep it as hay, we understand what you are trying to get at, but if it's that important to be scientifically accurate, then maybe a breakfast of nightshade could do, though it would result in something much more severe than a tummy ache.

Deadly nightshade, aka belladonna - is a plant that will cause hallucinations, delerium, and death in humans. Only two berries will kill a child, and 10 to 20 will kill a healthy adult. Even eating a single leaf may prove fatal. Cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and rabbits however, munch it down with impunity (though many of our pets may be killed by it as well).

7573112 Yeah, that sounds a bit too dangerous for what I wanted to do in this chapter.

This is great. Please update soon.

Starlight, seeing an opportunity to create a bonding moment with her new friends, used her magic to grab a book and continued the gag. “Uh, Pony Anatomy 101, will curse you to, uh, understand anatomy better?” She gave a sheepish grin to Rainbow and Pinkie, who stared at her with looks suggesting that it wasn’t that good of a joke.
“We’ll have to work on your joking improv.” Rainbow said. Starlight sighed at this and placed the book in question on the map in front of them.

Man, you guys are one to talk (two to talk? Idioms.) She lobs a straight line at you like that and you don't even take a swing at it? Couldn't even be bothered with an eyebrow waggle. Tsk.

Would have figured one of them would have spotted that their forelimbs are manipulators rather than locomotors by now. With dragons and minotaurs around, bipeds couldn't be that unfamiliar.

Is this story still alive?

I hope so, because it's awesome!

7775840 It's still alive, I've just had some responsibilities. I hope to have a new chapter out this week.

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