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Rainbow Dash comes to Fluttershy for help with her next big prank. Fluttershy agrees reluctantly, but as their masquerade begins, she finds herself actually enjoying it. Then the Cutie Map calls the two of them to Cloudsdale, and things take a turn for the peculiar.

This story was inspired by a bit of discussion with my fellow curators at the Royal Canterlot Library and was the "runner-up" in The 3rd Flutterdash Group Story Contest. The cover features artwork from EmilyVans and RDbrony16.

Chapters (4)
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I'm planning on three chapters and an epilogue, hopefully before Oct. 3rd!


Awesome stuff. One thing...

That got Fluttershy giggling, and they settled in to sleep, Dash's inner alarm waking her before dawn had even started glowing at the curtains.

This is too much for one sentence. Made me blink and re-read it twice. Consider revising?

Other than that, great stuff, can't wait for an update.

Well, looks like Dash has some self confidence issues all of a sudden...magic is weird.


Wow. It sounds like it's really terrible to be Fluttershy.

This is so exciting to read. To see how their doing in each other's shoes is putting me at the edge of my,'seat.' I'mean sitting on the floor but you get the point. I can'tell wait for what the future holds!:yay::rainbowdetermined2:


Eeep. :twilightoops: I'll get in there and untangle that. Thanks!


My hope is that, by the time we get to the end of chapter two, I can show that it's just as terrible to be Rainbow Dash. :scootangel:


Thanks! I'll be trying to get a new chapter posted each Saturday, then get the epilogue up Monday, Oct. 3rd just in time to make the contest deadline. That's my plan at least. :pinkiehappy:


That picture and premise, at least, is utterly adorable.


Frankly, this story is amazing. I've got no other words to describe it. The prank idea sounds like an amazing idea, one that would actually be funny. And RD calling Flutters 'Eff' instead of, well, 'Flutters' make it feel like they really are childhood friends. Good job. Have a fave and a like.

Now, onto some theories of mine.

First, I believe the map knew what RD and Flutters were up to, and decided 'While they're on their mission, why not force them to be the one they are impersonating. That'd be funny.' Second, I am sure DIscord is well aware of the map's 'prank', but won't let anything transpire because chaos. Finally, I think the map also wants to teach both RD and Flutters a lesson in how to be a better pony be making them experience life in another's horseshoes.

Like I said, great story, and I'll be eagerly awaiting more.

Man, this sounds like it's gonna be fuuuuuuun! :yay::rainbowdetermined2: I had a similar theory as 7572913it looks like the cutie map is using RD's and Flutters' friendship lesson mission as a timely opportunity to teach them one themselves. I was going to put this in my Tracking folder, but you earned a fave (and an upvote, of course)! Can't wait 'til next week!

Oh, I do hope the Cutie Map isn't turning them into one another. The idea that Rainbow permanently becomes Fluttershy and vice versa feels just disturbing to me. Not to mention, isn't as comedic as mistaken identity. Still, I'll keep track of this story, just to see how a relationship forms. But if there's any sign that RD and Fluttershy's completely transform into the other, I'm out of here.


I was quite happy to find these two images--they have just exactly the right expressions and everything! I have hopes for this story, but then I have hopes for every story. We'll see how many of them pan out in the end... :twilightsheepish:


Thanks, folks! My plan is to have several friendship lessons happening at the same time here. But I hope I won't be ruining anyone's fun when I offer a sneak peak to state that this isn't a story of permanent physical transformation... :twilightsmile:


The old saying has always been, "Fake it until you make it." but this is starting to get interesting.


Awesome. Just took a look, and I have to say, it's much more better. I'll stick around and find something to nitpick in the next chapter too.

This story reminds me of this pic.

I almost thought this was a dream at first. Not 100% certain it isn't yet. Wonder what's gunna happen.

That puts me at ease. Now I can really enjoy this story.

Well good luck, though I highly doubt you'll need it. I was very impressed by the details in it.:heart:

This story so far is really neat! But I want to laugh :flutterrage:

There isn't a funny moment yet but hope to see them both experience their family lives and have funny moments...


There'll be:

What I hope are funny moments near the end, but we've gotta get through a bit of drama before that... :twilightblush:


Heh. Subtle. Very subtle. I approve.

Okay, that was a bit weird. Do Rainbow and Fluttershy even realize what they were saying? They were actually taking shots at themselves! Just what brought those comments up anyway? They didn't even fit the situation. Well, in any case, I hope those two will be able to work this out and help Hoops and Misty patch things up at the same time.

Hey look!
It's the real friendship problem!



it just used their prank as a way to make them see the problems they themselves have

The friendship map taking advantage of the situation to help them work out their own issues!

Ohhhh man. This is way more interesting than I thought it would be, and it already WAS interesting.

Oh my gosh this is really good!
Can't wait for more chapters! :twilightsheepish:


Thanks, folks!

Now to see if I can wrap it all up in another chapter and an epilogue before Oct. 3rd!



An epilogue tomorrow, and that'll wrap things up!


Yay! This was unique and well executed. ^^



I've always wanted to write something with sky kraken in it, and now I have! :pinkiehappy:


Well, how often does one solve a friendship problem for a couple of flying squids? At least the spell is broken and Rainbow and Fluttershy can speak like themselves again. Still, I'm wondering where the shipping between the two comes in.


I'm taking the:

Second option presented in the rules: "Submitted entries are to feature the Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash pairing in either a romantic or a platonic relationship." All friendshipping, all the time... :twilightblush:


Darn it.:raritycry: I was hoping some romance would come out of this.



Squid romance is as close it gets 'round here... :scootangel:


And there it is:

Competed two days before the contest deadline!


Competed? Don't you mean 'completed'?

Anyway, nice story. Awesome all the way until the very end, end hilarious without a fault!



Docontra just sent me a PM full of typos in the text that need fixing, too. :twilightoops:


Well, that was an interesting tale. I'm still a bit bummed it didn't lead to romance (that was actually my reason for reading it in the first place), but good job nonetheless! Good luck in the contest. You're going to have a few contenders, especially myself.


I had the idea:

For this story at the end of August and was just starting to think about how I wanted to approach it when I saw Titanium Dragon announce the contest. I thought at first the story wouldn't qualify 'cause there isn't any actual Flutterdash, but then I read the rules and saw that romance wasn't required. Still, I'm glad you liked the story--I'll need to set some time aside to look at the other pieces in the contest folder.


7609919 Don't forget Misty and Hoops!

Great story, Augie. I particularly liked the more introspective look at both Dash and Fluttershy, not to mention the sky squid shipping and how the prank played into things.


Thanks, folks!

To write cute little adventure stories is pretty much the whole reason I'm here. :eeyup:


That was fun!

At the beginning I initially thought the characterisations were a little extreme, but it quickly became clear why as you started changing them up. Over three chapters it all feel nicely into place, with some very creative ideas.

Great story, an interesting idea done in a fun and funny way. Giant flying squid romance is best romance.


Thanks, folks!

The story's not quite a "thesis-antithesis-synthesis" kinda thing, but it leans that way. And I'm really surprised that it's taken me this many years to get sky squids into one of my Pony stories!



hnnnnng. This needs to be an episode so bad! It's so much like something I'd see on a given saturday!

Very cute. Felt almost like a real episode, except paced better.


Thanks, folks!

That's another thing I like trying to do a lot of the time: try to make a story that sticks as close to the show as I can.


I especially like your design for the sky kraken, and how misunderstood they are. Gentle giants that simply have too much power to control sometimes. Also with the extreme sexual dimorphism, it kind of reminds me of the angler fish, although with the angler fish the male never really leaves the female's body.

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