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SpikeGlimmer from Zaid?! Break out the grilled cheese, this is gonna be awesome!

...I demand more...bring it to me at once!

Or you know, whenever ya get a chance.

Keep up the good work my good man :twilightsmile:

Are these chapters being published on a schedule or are you still actively writing it?

I hope it will be!
The story is written up in advance, I'm currently working on the last couple of chapters. I'll update weekly as I give final revisions to the chapters.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

This story takes place in the future, when Spike is nice and legal, so don't worry about that.

In my headcanon, (as well as that of many others) Spike is already of legal age when Starlight appears on the scene

I wanted to make sure to cover my bases.
Also, I wanted Spike to be a bit bigger to facilitate kissing during lovemaking without forcing them to contort their bodies for long periods of time.

:moustache: I hate being short some times, Between lovin and kissin I must of ran a hundred hooves, But the view from behind is glorious!:raritystarry::facehoof:

she had reconnected with Starburst after so long.
Sunburst is his name, i look forward to seeing more of this.

Now that's a good ship right there. I'm looking forward to more.

Fair enough. I shall give it a read

“I’m not giving you Atlantic Avenue,” he huffed as he sat back.
“Oh, come on,” Starlight said, abandoning her playful bravado as though a switch had been flipped in her mind. She slammed her hoof down on the table, causing the board and little plastic pieces to rattle.
“I’m not doing it. You already own most of the properties on that side of the board,” Spike said, pointing at the differently coloured cards the mare had in front of her.
“I’m offering you Water works and the Eastern Railroad for it,” Starlight said as she idly twirled the dice with her magic.

:pinkiegasp: Oh, God, they're playing Monopoly! Not a good idea! That game's been known to lead to ruined friendships, divorce, assault, broken bones, bruises, black eyes, cuts and scrapes, even death!


Starburst is Starlight and Sunburst's lovechild! :rainbowlaugh:

is this from 2017 or 2019?

You're a sick man.

I know, I'm just the worst.
2016, actually. I started writing it after S6 premiered, but I'm only posting it now because the story is mostly complete. Real life, uni, and me being a lazy daisy prevented me from writing. The benefit of having waited so long is that I can keep a steady stream of updates until the story is over.
At least it's not Risk. And thanks for the catch, I must've had too much Starlight in my mind.
I'm glad you liked this, and I hope to deliver an entertaining story.

Thanks for the comments, everyone. It means a lot.

9458670 No problem, mate. :twilightsmile: Sparlight is definitely a ship that needs more love.

Good work. The subversion at the start was brilliantly done with a twist that was pleasant. You established and developed naturally the dynamic between the two.

And you got straight to the premise within the first chapter.

Good work.
~Yr. Pal, B

I've been waiting patiently for a good Spike x Starlight fic. Nice and evenly paced, believable, and entertaining enough to keep up with. You got my vote buddy boi

Aw, thanks. I hope the rest of the story will be to your liking. :pinkiesmile:

That's some high praise. I'll work hard to not let anyone down!

Congratulations, you've been featured.

I like it! Please continue!:moustache:

Im kinda confused, all these comments are from like today and yestersay but it says july 2017 under the chapter

Yay! :yay:
Will definitely do so!
This story has been planned from a long time ago. Just look at the story number. I'm only publishing now because I can keep a constant stream of updates and not leave months-long gaps between chapters like I have with other stories.

Karkat is involved? Definitely want to see how this goes.

I took to this ship far more quickly than I thought I would.

Although with the propriety of dating it is bugging me that Spike is the one who has to decide on the first date, when it should be Starlight since she is the asker.

...Do I even want to know what hemipenises are?

Is Spike a kid in this fic?


...Do I even want to know what hemipenises are?

Knowledge is fun!
It's the common shape of a reptilian's penis.
No. He's just over 18 years of age. It's all nice and legal.

That's a shame.

Aging Spike up served my purposes. I want them to be comfortable during lovemaking.
Spike's current height would require Starlight to bend her neck in a way that wouldn't be comfortable for long periods of time.

Hehehehe...the opening fake out was hillarious.

Depending on your personal timeline, Spike is likely 18 in the show anyway since he’s 10-15 years younger than Twilight. But more years are a good idea anyway, dragons aging slowly and all that.

Someone needs to introduce Spike to some better board games. And I won’t tell Starlight Monopoly was designed as a morality tale about the flaws of capitalism if you don’t...

Logistical concerns are always important to consider in intersperses relationships.

Was kidding. Glad you don't do a pedo fic

She gulped in an effort to undo the knot in her throat.

Spike himself had just turned eighteen.

Oh, dear.

She hoped Twilight wouldn’t mind.


Starlight: Y-Yes T-Twilight?


Starlight: I-I-I!

:twilightangry2:STARLIGHT! You should have told me sooner! Do you realize how badly I want Spike to hook up with somepony or creature who cares for him as I do?:twilightsmile:

Congrats! If you need me for ANYTHING, you don't hesitate to let me know okay!?

Starlight: O-Okay...

how did you realize?

oak : ... I just have a question ... Are you a boy or are you a girl? ...

I wanted to cover my bases, plus, Starlight is going to explore the matter of Spike's age at length.
There is nothing better than a consensual relationship between two loving adults.
Maybe picaña.
I'm not going to say you're right, but you're not wrong either. :heart:

“I’m not giving you Atlantic Avenue,” he huffed as he sat back.

aw this was cute

This was a great and sweet chapter. I so can't wait to see more between these two.

cute mark , first comment ... yah! :applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:
You're making me twist so these things end up together in the drawing.

This is delightful. You've done such a wonderful job capturing that cozy feel of a couple who have grown used to each other and can just enjoy each other's company. It's a bit chilly where I'm sitting right now, but your story just warmed me right up.

Made me hungry

There is an Eggs Benedict that replaces the canadian bacon with spinach and tomato. It's called Eggs Florentine.

That is amazing, and I'll have to try it one of these days.
Thanks for the info!
I consider that a success.
I'm glad you're liking it so much! I'll do my best to keep it up. :twilightblush:
Thanks for reading! There'll be more twisting later on, don't worry.
Same time next week!
u were cute

I love the way you write these dorks XD

Another hit! Like the feels. Now less worries about, Twilight, means more fun for Spike and Starlight!:moustache:

On the other hand, if he's too much taller it seems like walking arm-in-hoof would be difficult.


He's big enough to get the work done, but not so much to cause a problem.
The real question is what would happen if he were to grow again.

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