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How can I be home and still feel out of place.

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Comments ( 12 )

Is this Sci-Twi or Twilight from Equestria?

7492985 It's a human Twilight.

This friend has good advice. But it's a cute story regardless.

Short and sweet... I like that Twi seems the more assertive one; I generally see the other way around so it was a nice change of pace. Cute, playful little tale, have another upvote.

Oh my god, okay, I will always be trash for Twilight being the assertive one, and THIS FIC IS STILL ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. :heart:

7493497 I know, my friends normally do lol. :raritywink: But thank you.

7493790 thank you. I'm happy you enjoyed it. The role reversal was really the whole point of the story, because I asked a friend what she would like to see in a story but she hadn't read, and it was twi being more the leader, so then this was born.

7493792 THANK YOU MONO! I rather like her being assertive too, I would writer her like that more often.

This was very cute.

This very cute and sweet. Just the right amount of sexy to make the point but not enough to be crude, darling. Like many of the other commenters, I like the in-charge, a bit sassy Twilight. It makes he seem a bit more mature, I think. Very nice story.

Have a like and a follow!

7495246 Thank you!

7495261 Thank you! I'm happy you liked it.

In the Convo that brought this fic to life, my friend figured that if Twi and Rarity had been together for a bit, she would be over her insecurities and so I tried to show that, I'm glad everyone agrees that it was a good thing to see twi being assertive.

Good story :raritywink:

Very good, always glad to see a Twirity story.

Oh, it is a mark against humankind that I can only leave a single thumbs up rather than two!

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