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Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

This was pretty cute.

Rarishy at its finest

"Go on, dear. Let the ice cream fill the existential void within you."

That's... Wow, Fluttershy, helluva thing to open with.

Spot on with Rarity's reaction, though.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well then....that was not what I had expected Fluttershy to be there for.

I like Rarity's reaction to it as well, definitely a good friend thing to do in that moment.

This is a perfect December story.

The reason this story works so well despite there being so little there... Well, I think we've all been there, haven't we? Rarity certainly has. Sometimes, it's best not to over think things.

Beautiful story... Especially since I'm dealing with one of my many bouts of insomnia right now too.

Well, she's scared of everything else, so why not the concept of Death itself?


Internet porn helps too.

Aww, that was sweet. A single gesture with just the right single word can make a huge difference. Lovely.

:fluttershysad: Someday it will all end and there's nothing we can do about it, Rarity.
:duck: Yes, dear. That's why we focus on the frivolous and the fabulous. Those tiny moments of joy a lover brings. None of us are here long, it's pointless to waste it on being scared. No matter what you do, win or lose, we're going to die either way.
:fluttercry: What can we do?
:raritystarry: Sex and ice cream, Fluttershy. Sex and ice cream.

I love these little things you make. So gently beautiful, so wonderfully small, so touching and insightful but so simple in their ways.
They're perfect.

And then Clop!

Sweet and comforting. Did you get ideas from Mono? (Rarity) :derpytongue2:

7491174 :trixieshiftright:

All things end. The tyranny of the second law of thermodynamics is all-encompassing. But there's nothing you can do about it, so why let it keep you up at night? Embrace the time you have, in this wonderful age of friends, ice cream, and baryonic matter.

That was beautiful! Again, you present that wonderful, intelligent, together mare from season one: Rarity, and she again demonstrates the true meaning generosity and the power within us all to shape our own realities. :raritywink:

That's why we live in the present, each one a quantum of being, awareness and solace. :twilightsmile:

I've had more than my fair share of panic attacks induced by existential dread. Still happens, but not too often anymore.

That said, this story didn't really do anything for me. Been there, done that, you know?

Aww, this was wonderful.

Heart warming.

When anxious, comfort.

That's a wonderful way to handle a troubled friend.

It wouldn't work every time of course, there is not a solution that could be applied for everyone or every case when someone is troubled since everyone is different.

There might be instances where appealing to ethos might be impossible and appealing to logos prove too difficult, but one can always appeal to pathos when the issue relates to feelings.

Well at least that's what I got from the story. :twilightblush:

Lovely to see a pony caring for another pony. :raritystarry:

Have a mustache.:moustache:


Sometimes the only cure to overwhelming existential dread is to remember the little joys in life that make it worth living.

1,000 words wasn't really enough for me to get sucked into a shipfic/ fear of death combo. Sorry.

I really enjoyed this one. It was short, sweet and to the point.

It never ceases to amaze me how it's so often the tiny things like a laugh, smile, hug, or even just a few moments with a friend that end up being the most profound.

7491204 I regret nothing!

Rarity is actually as white as a marshmallow...

Maybe her existential dread arises from the concern that she actually is just a marshmallow. A sweet tasty treat somepony will gobble up one day. Or maybe she finds that hot and hopes it's Spike...

Rarity, you got issues!

Unlike me! I'm perfectly insane! :pinkiecrazy:

Why was it so short , I couldve read loads more! :fluttercry:

When the light of the candle went out, nopony could tell.

Because in the night they had both DIED! :pinkiegasp:

She's white as a sheet.

But Rarity already is white. If she was any whiter she'd be Eninem.

7492676 Or because they were asleep, or because it was too dark, or because nopony cared if the light went out, or...

7492542 Cut the author some slack! It's hard trying to be original what with the over-saturation of clopfics and cutesy stories on this site, man. Calm thy man titties down. Maybe jiggle them around a tiny bit, I've had a rough day and women aren't speaking to me.

I really love these types of stories and really do them so well! I really liked the point you made...not many words, a few small actions, a very large point: all you ever need, really, is Friendship. Bravo!

7492702 Wow. Downvote on my comment and on the author's good story. How original.

I read the description in reverse and my first reaction was "Well duh, she's a marshmallow."

Reminds me of a video Kurzgesagt made about the limits of humanity.

7492730 Why is being downvoted such a big deal, bro?

7492859 What do you mean? I was just saying how 'original' it was.

7492871 That was obvious sarcasm...:ajbemused:

Anyway, I doubt the author would care if he got another downvote, he's likely to act like a big boy, and move on. As for calling out him for downvoting you, kinda no point there, kinda makes you seem like you're playing a victim of some kind.

There's also the possibility of you just trolling, and no point for me even explaining this.:ajsmug:

7492882 Victim!? Of what? Downvotes on comments? Dude, I get raging boners off that stuff. And anyway what's it got to do with you? Make a nice comment on this story because it deserves your attention more than I do.

And seeing how strange you're acting about this your attention is probably something I wouldn't want right now.


Make a nice comment on this story because it deserves your attention more than I do.

I'd agree, if it weren't for the fact you lashed out like a cornered dog. Can't let a wrong stay a wrong, after all. Anyway, this is clogging up the comment section, so I'd suggest we cut this to a end here.

7492912 I made a wish and it came true. In the words of Mario; so long, gay Bowser!

I liked that guy's mustache...

7492912 Also, 'lashed out'? I lash out at clopfics, not on competently written stories.

And at Mandopony. Dumbass never sent my t-shirt.

7492542 Some stories are better when short.

I feel ya, Flutters.

I feel ya all too much.

Good, but I can't help but feel like it could've been more.

7493041 Okay maybe not THAT white...XD

7491226 It keeps me up at night becuase there's nothing I can do about it.

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