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Ooooo (insert my a tension has been caught meme here)

The Elements of Imprisonment... heh, not bad...

It seems you had a mistake with the italics at the end there, but this is pretty interesting, definitely will be following this.

7490240 Cool. Hope you're not disappointed.

7490545 Fixed. Thanks for telling me.

7492607 if this chapter is any thing to go buy I won't be:pinkiesmile:

ok then was slightly confused i thought it was pony twilight that was being locked up at first not a human twilight

Loving this story so far, though you seem to slip from third to first person occasionally.

7571448 Imma fix it, I swear.

On of these day's he'll fix it.

This is so orange is the new black and i love it!:pinkiecrazy::heart:

So far the story is good. Have a fav and like. :twilightsmile:

cant help but wonder where this goes from here is this going to be like prison break and they breakout and go on the run

7728059 Hate to leave you in the Darklight, but you'll have to find out later...

7649864 Thanks for that. I'll try to continue to impress.

7572312 You know, I never watched past the second episode of OitnB, but the idea is so interesting.

Cant wait for more :D

7871610 Yep, that's about right.

7871670 I've had a sudden creative explosion with this story, so the next chapter shouldn't be too far off.

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> lmao

ah well, I'm still here if more comes out :p

I'm not much into EQG stories, but this one certainly caught my attention! :twilightsmile: You do well on implementing the characters in, describing the "ordinary" issues of such life and building up mysteries. Looking forward to the next chapter! :rainbowdetermined2:

Good chapter, seems like the gears finally started spinning. Looking forward to more of this investigation! I still can't shake the feeling that Dashie faked her death...

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