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Long ago, a vow was made, blood was shed and a bond of eternal sisterhood was forged between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. These are stories of their sisterhood.

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Aww, gotta to live the relationship between these two. Looking forwards to see how you tell it.:raritywink::twilightsmile: Though if I may make a suggestion, you should probably add in genre tags so people know what kind of story they're getting into and some cover art just to catch people's eyes and attract more readers that way.

I like Rainbow and Fluttershy's friendship as sisterly. It makes sense considering that the two were together since fillies. :yay:

Lovely story!
Have a like!

Aww, so sweet. This story really highlighted both Fluttershy's and Rainbow's relationship as "Feather Sisters".

Aw, only two chapters? This feels really cut short, especially given that the description implies more. On the plus side, the setup is nice and the end of the second chapter is really charming. BTW, "pegasi" only has one i.

8039126 I kind of want to come back to this story. I sort of got writer's block halfway through.

8041879 I'll add it to my Tracked list, just in case you do. :twilightsmile:

She's a bit of an omniglot, isn't she?

Love the sisterly bonding of Rainbow and Fluttershy here. Great job!

A cute little thing. I wonder how long until they'll meet again?

Very good at conveying a Fluttershy mood, especially the early part.

Hey, if more comes out than planned then that's good!

Fluttershy's a parseltongue.
Deal with it.

Obviously - although it causes my Harry Potterverse version of her a fair bit of worry.

That was absolutely adorable. I love the FlutterDash friendship, and I think you got everything about them just right. I really like your interpretations for how Fluttershy sees the world, what with things like the morning bliss, the mentions of the Creator, and how the animals refer to her as the Kind One. Even the intermediate scenes have a relaxing feel to them; it all just feels so natural.

I was expecting there to be more mentions of sisterhood given the description, chapter titles, and prologue, but I was still quite pleased with what it ended up being.

Thanks for your review. BTW, would you say the last chapter has enough of an exciting, adventury feel? I was thinking of putting this in the adventure group, but wasn't sure.

It is certainly a venture into unknown and dangerous territory, but that’s not really what the story is about, is it? It’s the only chapter with that kind of feel, yet I’d say it’s focused more on Rainbow and Fluttershy supporting each other like the other chapters.

Hmm, I agree. Then again, that's why I'm not too fond of genre tags.

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