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It's your typical day in Ponyville. A monster attack. Epic battle with costumed superheroes. Senseless property damage. Not really something for Trixie, the leader of said heroes, to really concern herself with. What does concern her is this strange new unicorn named Twilight Sparkle that has come to town. She's asking nosy questions and trying to learn everything she can about the town's local heroes the Galaxy Rangers. Trixie just knows that this pony is up to no good and can tell she has sinister motives. Trixie is determined to protect her friends and stop whatever this pony is planning.

Unbeknownst to Trixie, Corona, the Tyrant Sun, is plotting a new scheme to defeat the Galaxy Rangers once and for all. One that will leave the Galaxy Rangers broken. A new breed of monsters with the magic and intellect of a pony and with power that dwarfs even the Tyrant Sun herself.

A Lunaverse spinoff story.
This is a sorta sequel to Longest Night, Longest Day by RainbowDoubleDash. Not required reading, but check it out if you are interested. There are a few key differences from LNLD and the normal Lunaverse and they will be explained in story.

Vector by Tardifice
Morphing Template by Korense

Power Ranger copyright of Haim Saban.

Thank you Talon and Thorn for prereading this story.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 52 )

Every encounter seemed to make them even more powerful.

Friggin' XP tables and levelling up. The bane of BBEGs everywhere.

By the way, I'd like to take the time to note that your choice of Corvus as the Star Beast is...interesting. Way back at the dawn of time, I was writing a different, non-Lunaverse story, Time of the Black Sun. Luna featured in it, and her "shtick" was that she could summon up the Star Beasts. And while Draco was the largest and Taurus the most dangerous, etc., the strongest was Corvus.

Just bemused. Great minds, etc.

I'm interested.

Power Ranger TRIXIE?! :D

Wow is this an early birthday gift for me or what? :D

Very much looking forward to seeing where this goes. :D


Yeah, Corvus is strangely fitting. Not on purpose, but I like the way it worked out. Did you know in Irish Mythology the god Lugh, derives from a Celtic word for "raven." He is the god of the sun, and the creator of the arts and sciences. He is associated with skill, crafts and the arts as well as with oaths, truth and the law. Again, not on purpose.


Update on my birthday? :D

Sugar Cube Corner made into the Youth Center? :D Now all you need is Bulk, Skull and Ernie pony versions and your set! :D

As much as I like Trixie yeah...gonna get knocked down to Earth about not doing the martial arts. Sooner she learns the stronger the team.

Rainbow starting the Ranger fan club is hilarious! And I'm glad that the Ranger's color coordinated clothes quirk is present though unlike the rest Twilight caught on right away...first with the wanting to copy the Rangers powers to take care of the problem by herself and now the excessive prodding? At least Twilight was forced to see some reasoning though I doubt she will cease in her journey to be the "true hero of ponyville" instead of the Rangers.

Always funny to see l6 in a new perspective. :pinkiehappy:

Here is Trixie's new color scheme. What do you think? Personally I think Trixie look good in red.


So.. Twilight's a Bird-Star-Pony-Beast-Monster now?

Azerath, Metrion, IN-JOKE?!

I think you might have lost control of your bolding in the last section.


Fixed. Thanks. It must of converted oddly from Google Doc. It happens sometimes. Google Docs can't convert to HTML very easily I guess. Sometimes you only bold or color one word in the chapter, only for it to affect the whole chapter when in Fimfiction. At least this time it was easy to fix.




What, no zords?

Sorry, that joke was coming. Oh god this is awesome. Power Rangers and Pony, some of my favorite things in one story. I loved the design of the costumes, very unique and something I could see working in a PR setting. I also like the unique weapons, wich means I am going to guess they will combine at one point to form a giant cannon. Indiviual weapons always do.

If I may compare this to a bad fic series, Stafleet is magic, this is how a pony ranger series should go. With focus on the characters and the battles interesting. I will probably have more to compare later and a chance to say why this works, and Starfleet doesn't

It was just a coincidence.

Finally, someone gets it. I am sorry, but this always annoyed me when people complain about Power Rangers. "Oh, why doesn't anyone notice who is who despite the fact that they hang out with the same five pople and wear the colors." So what if that guy wears red all the dang time? I wear blue all of the time, does tjat make me the blue ranger? The rangers had been friends since middle school, what is so unique about them hanging out before and now?

Also, Pinkie gets it. Why should anyone care about secret identies? What does it matter if we know who they are.

Also, we have some great hints to their characters and their traits. This opens up the door for some great character development

Where is that failure trumpet?

God, this was hilarious

Calling it now, Twilight becomes the "sixth ranger".

...oh, that's right! Tara Strong voices Raven, doesn't she?

I actually always imagined Tara Strong's Raven voice as the voice of Raindrops, if you're interested.

Man, I remember watching the Green Ranger arc when it first came out on TV. A five-part story arc in a children's TV show, with one episode a day? It was awesome.

Hmm, I think I need a pun in order to get into the spirit of things...

"Looks like things are heating up!"

Trying to teleport yourself when you weigh over a hundred thousand tons would be something not even Princess Luna could do.


You don't know why this is funny yet, but trust me, it will be.

Although on a side note I find it funny that they're beating Corvus with what amounts to the magical equivalent of the square-cube law.

That would have been a better use of the voice than saying crap like "You rock, Butterbean" on Teen Titans END END!!!!


So what, are you saying that alicorns have almost infinite levels of magic that they can do something like that?

You'll see...provided I can get up off my ass and start writing again, anyway.

Because no matter what, Twilight teleports away. Although this time it really isn't her fault...

Twilight eventually found herself at a bridge.

...the one in Ponyville that goes over a stream maybe six inches deep?



I have to say, why whenever Trixie and Twilight first meet, does it always involve the word Ursa?


... Sequel? With Twilight becoming the seventh member...?

Well this was funny to read and brushed up my nostalgia with the original show of power rangers . So are there plans for sequel? :twilightsmile:

Ah, rule two of sentai logic: Techno-babble and then beat the crap out of it!!!

7560908 7560739

Yes actually. I've started writing it right now.

Ah, zords. I am now content

two errors I've found

A few moments later Pie came back with her cupcake.

But Twilight is already eating her cupcake there.

seriously it is frightening how that pony can throw herself into her studies and seem obvious to everything around her

The word is "oblivious"


Fixed. Thanks for noticing that.

They slide down the pole and got back on the ground
'It’s almost midday!”
In her excitement, she almost missed it almost noon
This usually the time Corona sends out one of her monsters
It something resembling a carrot
with strange metal wings that there almost skeletal and were wider
The Rangers took advantages of this and charged in to attack

1. Slid.
2. Meant to be an opening quotation mark at the start.
3. In her excitement she almost missed that it was almost noon.
4. This is sually the time Corona sends out one of her monsters.
5. It looked like something resembling a carrot.
6. Were.
7. Advantage.

“I personally think the dojo is one of the best touches.” Rarity continued. Trixie grounded (ground) her teeth. She always did this. The fashionista insisted on ignoring her request to not call her by her very hated last name. Trixie was already plotting her revenge.

“I’m fine.” Carrot Top said and sighed. “It’s just frustrating to put in all that work, only for Corona to ruin it!” She put her chin on the table. “I work, hard don’t I? (comma should be after "hard" not after "work") Why must everything I do fizzle out into nothing?”

My reply to that is usually "Isn't it obvious? It's because God hates you."
My friends usually don't call me Sweet Ole Bob, just the initials

Trixie saw her chance. “See! No need for any training at all! Nothing Corona has thrown at us has come even close to winning anymore!” Corona had sent many monsters after them, but little by little they became easier to manage. Trixie didn't see any reason at all to training (either "to train" or "for training") at this point. Plus, she knew that they would force her to eat ‘health' food and stop drinking her sweet sweet bourbon. Unacceptable losses in Trixie's opinion.

Pinkie paused for thought. “If they knew the Ranger’s identities, they’d go after their families and love (loved) ones to get at them or threaten to ruin their lives. They’d tear the team apart for sure. Move them somewhere else to have them right where they want them. Just to get their hooves on their power for Luna knows what. Corona would send a monster in ("to" or "into") Ponyville and destroy the whole town.”

“Mine has been pretty much the same except for one thing.” Trixie stopped as Bon-Bon said this interested.

(a little unclear. Better = Interested, Trixie stopped....)

"I already have the perfect plan," Trixie said mischievously.

They're doomed! :trixieshiftleft:

Trixie sighed. “Trust me. This will work.” They were looking at the brilliant monster costume that she made. The plan was simple. They were going to scare Twilight Sparkle out town. Trixie was quite adept at costume making and even the most harden (hardened) Night Court agent would drop dead in fright at the sight of it. It was a metal monstrosity with a buzzsaw on the top of its head with two more buzzsaw at the end of each arm. It also had buzzsaws coming out of it shoulders as well. Trixie decided to make it bipedal as well so both her and Lyra would have to wear the thing with Trixie standing on Lyra’s shoulders. It was super awkward and difficult to move around but Trixie liked the look of it.

Sounds like the old Daredevil villain Gladiator, only more so.

“These ponies, this town are under my protection!” Ditzy cried out. She thought of her friends, her neighbors, Dinky… There was no way she would let this monster hurt a single hair on any of them. “As Princess Luna as my witness, I will fight you to my last breath! Prepare yourself!”

Nice Sailor Moon reference

“So... Do you like books?” Twilight asked awkwardly.


“Is this is the pony I ask (asked) for?” Corona, the Queen of the Sun asked coming in front of Twilight and examining her closely. Behind her was a purple baby dragon that was watching the scene apprehensively.

Twilight stared in horror. Star breasts were the very stars in the sky. Even the sun was one. Not much was known about them. Even the princess able to move them across the sky at will knew very little about them. They were very very old. Older than even the planet. They were alive, but it was not clear if they had sapience or not. Lately, the stars have ("had" verb tenses) been disappearing. This was contributed (you probably mean "attributed") to Corona and her monsters. Somehow she was using them and their power to create monsters. Twilight gulped. And now she wanted to put one in her?

“Sure thing boss lady!” Flitter threw her shock gauntlet off and grabbed Twilight rather roughly and threw her into the circle. Twilight winced in pain when she hit the grounds.

(single, not plural)

It was raining hard now thanks to an impromptu rainstorm created by weather ponies. Thankfully Corvus had stopped bombarding the town with fire, and all the fires had gone out. Right now, Corvus was occupying herself by chasing around Rainbow Dash who boldly challenged her to a race. Rainbow’s speed impressed the creature and ....she....enjoyed the challenge she .....that Dash..... presented. Who knew how long that would keep the monster’s attention and the group was discussing a plan. Carrot Top went to get Zecora hoping she could help them come up with something. Carrot Top and Zecora had become friends over the last couple of months and Carrot was apprenticing under her.

Yes, I remember in Crisis on Two Equestrias, Carrot's grandmother had a book of alchemy, but Carrot never really had the time for it.

“My dear friend Carrot Top has informed me of your troubles.” Zecora interrupted. “Corona has created a fearsome foe that has given you quite a few struggles.”

"My friend Carrot Top has told how your troubles do unfold" Zecora interrupted "Corona has created a fearsome foe that has given you much woe" (Just a suggestion)

Zecora nodded. “Replicating the mad alicorn’s spell shouldn’t be difficult. It will be a little inelegant.”

"It will be easy but messy to copy her spell. I can do it very well"

"I would very much enjoy taking her as company," Zecora said smiling, "no doubt she will know the best places for us to go already." (be)

They traveled through the crater in silence too antsy and focused on the task of finding Corvus to say anything. When they got to the end of the crater, there she was. She was standing high on top of it looking down on them. She looked weak and dead tired, but determined. She had pure murder and hate in her eyes. There were small cracks all over her body with green light was emitting from them. Her horn looked even more damaged than Trixie remembered. It had a V-shaped crack in the middle of it. Trixie was sure that there was no way she could cast anything with that thing.

Raindrops used this as an opportunity to attack and landed a hardy blow to a crack in (on) Corvus’s shoulder. She screamed in pain. The crack expanded ...and....more green light emanated from it. Corvus retaliated with a kick to Raindrop’s gut. She went flying and landed roughly.

Big differences from the main sequence. Main line, Twilight got in trouble with the law. Night Light blamed Trixie & turned on Ponyville to punish her. This pushed Trixie into the events at the Gala & led to Crisis on Two Equestrias sequence. Here, none of this will ever happen.

There was an indoor pool, pool and hoofball tables, a climbing wall
its dedication inner peace and pony empowerment
I work, hard don’t I
They must assume she some Night Court agent
Maybe after Corona escape, Trixie and her friends gained the power
Yes, they scared to lose them
And they stayed the way

1. Just a preference, I know what you mean but might be easier to say snooker/billiards. Imagine having an indoor pool with a pool in it.
2. Its dedication to inner peace.
3. I work hard, don't I. (Just shifting the comma to the right)
4. She's.
5. Escaped.
6. They're.
7. That.

and focus on her invisibility spell she was using

1. Focused.


Thanks for all the corrections.

You will find a lot of little things have had a big influence on how things turned out. Zecora's betrayal being one the biggest. Corona losing her magic completely changed her approach to defeating the Luna 6. In the sequel, Greengrass's friendship in Vinyl Scratch changed his character quite a bit as well.

She reasoning that only extreme danger could cause them to activate
She stopping in place and blinked
from her blind spot with a hoof and stuck her mark

1. Reasoned.
2. Stopped.
3. Struck.

at Corvus that dispelled magic and the Corona’s control broke completely
but it, not their magic pool

1. Extra The.
2. Extra It,.

“Now are we ready? Trixie asked tightly
She then quickly made a b line for the building
It took Trixie breath away
Corvus was stood taller than their Megazord by almost a head
She unleashed a flurry of feather and the Megazord stumbled back
The crack expanded more green light emanated from it

1. Meant to be a closing quotation mark.
2. Bee-line.
3. Trixie's.
4. Now.
5. Feathers.
6. The crack expanded as more green light emanated from it.

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