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it was a pretty ok story, though not much of a fan of the story maybe it's because im not much of a fan for stories involvin cheating unless their's more of a cause to it then, Oh he's never home enough to satisfy me, though he's working hard to make money but he's so busy. But it was well written and somewhat enjoyable, just the concept of cheating for something stupid like that, really the only thing from actually hitting the like button but i feel others will like it more

I cant even hate on Derpy...she cheated on him yeah but least they still together and its not like she was fucking another stallion...i dunno...cheating is bad kids lol xD but good story though, not often i see something for Derpy that is with another female character

7476539 Cheating is cheating whether it's with the opposite or the same sex. Though there are two ways her husband could react to that. On one hand he can think he's not to blame because maybe she was never really into stallions, just confused. On the other hand he can think he's an ineffectual stallion that drove his wife away to the same sex. Overall I think he'd be hurt either way. And as for them still being together at least. Well, the fact that they are still together is exactly what makes her actions adulterous isn't it? Though again, on one hand as long as he never finds out he'll never get hurt, but on the other hand him not finding out is exactly what makes what she's doing "wrong".

I don't condone cheating, but I do appreciate the spice it can lend a plot over all. I think people downvoted this just because they don't like cheating wives, which I think is unfair, because over all it's decently written and delivers what it sets out to. I think people take the "like" feature too literally. I don't downvote something just because it contains content that I don't agree with, I downvote if the writing is sloppy and the plot has terrible execution.

Anyway, long story short: liked.

7477405 i totally agree i guess i just love derpy too much and am cutting her way too much slack, plus i don't think she really has it in her to cheat on somepony she is with anyway especially if she had a foal with them but again like you stated it added a nice bit of scandalous spice to the story which was nice and I do love a good Derpy story

Derpy is kind of a bitch in this.

7477425 Wouldn't mind seeing some comeuppance against her and carrot top a bit.

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