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The girl that sits right next to you is bragging everyday in class. Her name is Rainbow Dash. You can't concentrate without her talking to you about how fast she can run or how good her grades are. But what happens when you get partnered up with her.

This story was inspired by A Cupcake for Your Thoughts
Made by Nordryd

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Thank You so much. I have never gotten this much love for a story.

7473038 I know. Foking Adorable!

7473025 Your profile is nice. Dd you make it?

This story made me smile. Very well done, my friend! :twilightsmile:

This story is good, but I do wish to see the relationship go further. Say like, a wedding perhaps?

7473693 Maybe it will happen.

7473657 Thank you. I hope to see you in my comments more often.

7473827 It's nice anyways.

7473693 In depth or just a reference to them getting married?

7474326 In depth.

9 hours later: Ah! So you've updated the Chapter to include a wedding. While odd, it's still pretty good. Fav!

I inspire people? :rainbowhuh:

Great story, man, and thanks for the shoutout!

7474703 You inspired me as well.

7474703 No problem. You're awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Okay, I gotta say, this was... Awesome!

7475016 Thank you. Your awesome... my best story yet.

Cute!!! :pinkiesmile:

Dashie being my favorite character, I really enjoyed this fanfic. Great job! Keep up the good work! :pinkiesmile:


It ends in marriage?

Wow, that's pretty cool. Great job. :pinkiehappy:

7476152 Thank you. I will get better at writing too as I write more.

7477827 Lol. #IHaveTheFeels

So touching #Emotional

7479402 Did the feelings this story has give you the feels?

7479445 this feels a bit too rushed

7479714 what do you mean rushed.

7479754 like it goes to fast, too many short sentences with full stops. and i saw a few sentences without question marks

7479792 I'll try to combine some sentences and fix the question marks.

7479792 Read it over again. Is that better?

7474609 Thanks man! Odd how?

7480626 Oh, I meant that I find it odd that you've reposted the chapter to include the wedding. It's a great addition, but I guess that kinda beats having another story that exclusively focuses on the wedding. So, nice job.

7480663 I don't think I should make another story. Because I've already messed with it enough.

If you think this 2nd story is awsome give me a hell yeah:pinkiehappy:

7483730 What second story?

7484204 Sorry I ment 2nd person my bad:twilightsheepish:

7484530 That's fine. You don't need to apologize for such a silly mistake it's fine. Do you write stories?

Reminds me of that song from my Story. Yis, I leik dis. :pinkiecrazy:

H2O and CO2 are not elements, they are compounds. The internal scientist is mad

7498117 Well. I didn't research. I think it's fine the way it is. But if it bothers you. I can change it.

7498143 that was the only thing I saw that made come out of the story

7498158 It's fine. But yeah. I guess your right.

You arrived at Sherman's Shakes.

I thought it was gonna be Sugar Cube Corner:rainbowlaugh: but so far, this has probably been one of the best Rainbow Dash second person romance stories I've ever read :pinkiehappy:

7517905 You really think so?

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