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Twilight Sparkle was at Canterlot one day to get the prototype design for a project she worked on a few years ago with an old friend from the Cloudsdale Institute of Robotics and Technology. As she was getting the prototype, she met up with her old friend, Dark Angel. Together, they chose to work together to finish the project that they worked on together those few years ago...Project Cyba.

Cyba, the android pony (or "mechapony") was designed by Twilight and Dark Angel as an AI program capable of learning and interacting with other ponies...even if he does have allot to learn about actually being able to interact with others. Like anypony who's considered as "different", there are ponies who are prejudice against Cyba. But also like any other pony, Cyba also makes friends...and even finds that a filly fall in love with him.

Twilight and Dark Angel are amazed when they find how well Cyba has been learning. They even find out that his programming has been rewriting itself in order to accommodate what he's learned. There was even a program that allowed him to react to certain stimuli correctly as well, including reacting to other ponies' emotions.

However, things take a turn for the worse when his programming becomes more than what the original AI program was designed to handle. And the most destructive program to his system was a program that allowed him to feel actual emotions.

I listed this as rated Everyone since I highly doubt I'll have any adult themed scenes. However, I may write in scenes that may possibly push the limits of the rating. If I do happen to make a scene where you feel it's not suited for everyone, let me know and I'll change the rating to Teen.

This story has two inspirations. The first is the fanfic Harmony Harmony http://www.fimfiction.net/story/28016/Harmony-Harmony by Jenova2. The second is an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when Data built himself a daughter.

This turn out to be a sad story. So if you intend to read, have about a dozen boxes of tissues ready. Here's an example of your reaction to this story http://youtu.be/bkws0Mr7Toc

Image by Tsitra (this is not actual cover art, it only gives the feel of technology that the story has).

Chapters (5)
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Trivia question answer: Because he can.

My 'Trivia Questions' are just for fun. The answer to the questions will be revealed in the chapter after the question was asked.

I would like to ask though, should I continued the questions in an Author's Note format like I did in this chapter, or should I ask the questions as a comment?

803931 Comment, it looks more professional. That's how I do all my author's notes in less it drastically important to the start of the story.

Comment posted by King Cocoon deleted Dec 18th, 2012
Comment posted by King Cocoon deleted Dec 18th, 2012

FPS is basically the pony version of CPS. FPS = Foal Protective Services.

I intended to make this chapter longer, adding another scene. But I didn't expect that last scene to be as long (or as dark) as it was. So what was going to be the next scene will instead be the first scene of the next chapter. I would've considered continuing with that next scene. But how could I resist leaving the chapter off on such an awkward note?

On another note, Barricade, Fluttershy's mother, belongs to NightMysterio. I originally got the idea for Barricade from the story Mothers. I don't know what her cutie mark is (or if she even has one). But I do have an idea for one. But instead of telling you, I'm gong to make it as one of the trivia questions for this chapter.

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