• Published 14th Aug 2016
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BINARY: Pony.exe x The Iron Horse - The Hat Man

Twilight had been living as a program in a college guy's computer, but now she's back in Equestria! Unfortunately, she's still a program, only now she's stuck inside a robot pony. No one's happy about this. ("Pony.exe"/"The Iron Horse" Crossover!)

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Author's Note:

Just in case people are having trouble understanding the use of certain typing...
-Dialogue in parentheses means only one character can hear it. When Twilight.exe speaks and only Turing Test can hear it, ("It'll look like this.")
- Three asterisks means a transition in scene ***
-A horizontal bar presents a shift in perspective between the outer world and inside Turing's systems

Hope that clears up any confusion! Now, on with the story!

Rarity puttered around her workspace. Her horn was aglow, various coloured materials and fabrics floating around her in different directions. The seam on the dress laid upon the sewing machine just wasn’t finished yet. She worked the equipment, pumping the pedal below the table, the needle properly stitching along a path Rarity visualized in her head. Her vision was quickly coming to fruition as she lead the thread here and there, weaving left and right in a manner that only made sense to the few who would actually get fashion. She looked up. A strip of a beautiful violet cotton was floating in her presence, almost forgotten in Rarity’s focus. She took one last look at the stitching she had done on the unfinished dress and tutted. She had a change of heart. It would simply not do.

She leaned to the right, spotting a closed baby-blue chest against the wall amidst the chaos she’d lain for herself, with materials, design sheets, various spools of thread littering the area. The latch opened, and Rarity rifled through the contents of the box, looking for a specific colour. Without thinking, her pair of red scissors floated beside her, ready for use. She frowned. Something was missing. Something critical. Then, a thought occurred to her.

“Did Sweetie Belle borrow my materials again?”

Her ear twitched. There was a knock on the door.

“Coming!” she called toward the hall. She got up and made a swift trot out the room and down the corridor, making her way from the second floor to the lobby. Reaching the doorknob, she lit her horn and took a deep breath, preparing for her welcoming spheel.

The door opened. “Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where you’ll find our dresses chic, sleek, and magnifique!” Rarity said. She opened her eyes. “Oh, Turing Test. What a pleasant surprise! How can I help you?”

“Greetings, Rarity. I am here on behalf of Twilight Sparkle. She wishes to visit you,” Turing explained.

Rarity blinked. To the best of her polite ability, she craned her head, looking over Turing’s back, seeing if there was anypony standing behind her. “I beg your pardon, dear, but I thought Twilight was in Canterlot on a meeting?”

“Negative. Twilight Sparkle is currently installed on my systems.”

Rarity’s eyes widened in alarm. “Whatever do you mean?”

Turing didn’t say anything for several seconds. Rarity raised an eyebrow. She swore that she saw Turing’s purple eyes blinking softly in several random increments.

Turing raised a hoof. “Twilight Sparkle requested that I explain in her words: ‘I was trapped in a really advanced computer from another world, but something happened that I can’t remember and I ended up in Turing back in Equestria. I think I got placed inside Turing because she is a robot and runs on an operating system of some sort.’”

“Oh, don’t be so silly, dear,” Rarity scoffed, lifting her hoof near her muzzle as she turned away slightly. “You have been hanging around Pinkie Pie a lot lately, haven’t you? Her type of humour is rubbing off you quite well.”

“I am not being silly,” Turing stated. “Twenty-two minutes and fifty seconds ago, an error occurred in my system and an anomaly appeared in my databanks. She is claiming to be Twilight Sparkle, and has the same voice, mannerisms, and speech patterns as her. I have confirmed this after a self-diagnostic. If you wish for further proof, please consult Pinkie Pie, who I was with during the time Twilight Sparkle appeared ‘in my head’.”

Rarity’s amused expression disappeared without a trace. “Truly? Twilight’s inside of you?”

“That is correct,” Turing said.

“But when would Twilight have disappeared? I received a parcel on my front doorstep this morning stating she was off in Canterlot on an important leave! D-do you suppose something happened to her up there?”

“It is possible,” Turing stated, the metaphorical gears in her head turning. “But there are too many possibilities that could lead to this result, all which are of a low percentage chance of occurring. I have prevented myself from analyzing such routes of thought to prevent logical loops that are non-conclusive. However, if an event occurred in Canterlot that affected Twilight Sparkle’s status of well-being, somepony would most certainly have sent a message, either by mail or by Spike’s Dragonfire.”

“Well, has Spike said anything about a letter from the Princesses?” Rarity asked, urging Turing to elaborate.

There was silence from Turing. Rarity opened her mouth, but noticed Turing’s eyes flashing brighter than normal at various intervals. Her patience was wearing thin.

“Twilight requests for me to remind you that she was not in Canterlot, but in fact in an entirely different universe in another computer system. Currently she is experiencing signs of distress and confusion at the situation we have been discussing.”

“I would be most distressed too if I was stuck in another being!” Rarity voiced, which she quickly tried to recover from. “No offense to you Turing, but this is becoming more and more ridiculous.”

“Furthermore, she reports of having no memory of me, although is willing to share the same kind of friendship she and I once had,” Turing said.

“That’s horrible!” Rarity exclaimed. “She remembers me, but not you?”

“Affirmative. Further emphasising why she wanted to see you so badly, she was in a jubilant state when she heard your voice again.”

“Oh, yes, quite,” Rarity stated, recalling that Twilight was supposedly listening in to their conversation. “Her being stuck otherwise, how is she in there?”

There was a pause, followed by more silence as Turing got information for Rarity. She found it exceedingly awkward waiting for a response, but was eager to listen to Turing’s next words.

“Twilight Sparkle states that she is ‘fine, but a bit confused about everything’. She has also has complemented the inner workings of my system, citing them as ‘an amazing assortment of technological programming prowess’. She ‘truly wishes she could see you, though’.”

“What do you mean? Is it not that Twilight’s seeing me right now?”

“The answer is both affirmative and negative. Although Twilight is visiting you and communicating to you through me, thus ‘seeing’ you, she does not have the capability—”

Turing cut short. Rarity jumped when Turing’s head suddenly shut down, her robot body still standing with her skull hanging from her neck limply, her eyes off. The seamstress stared wide-eyed, inching closer to Turing, trying to find clues as to what happened.

“Turing?” she asked.

Just as suddenly as Turing stopped she started again, lifting her head and looking straight at Rarity – or at least that’s what Rarity figured. She wasn’t certain, but Rarity swore that there was something different in Turing’s eyes, something that changed.

“Oh, Rarity…”

Twilight was almost in tears. A screen was displayed to her amidst the darkness and lines of code in the domain of Turing’s system, showing an array of bright colours and sights that Twilight’s eyes beheld. The large floating screen, stretching four times Twilight’s size and seven times her width, showed Rarity staring curiously at Turing, which looked like she was staring at Twilight. She could even clearly spot out the white interiour of the Carousel Boutique behind Rarity, although not much else was to be seen. Everything was crystal clear; the image through Turing’s eyes even more defined than what her own eyes could have seen. Twilight could count the spirals of Rarity’s horn, the lashes of her eyes, and even the hairs on her coat. It struck her as odd how clear the picture could be, but was a wonder to her now that she knew how exactly Turing saw the world.

“Turing, are you alright?” Rarity’s voice asked, echoing through the chamber that Twilight sat in.

“I am fine,” Turing answered, her voice with the same kind of texture to it. “My cranial processes experienced a slight interruption in activity. I am now detecting a change in my system and am also curious as to what changed, Twilight Sparkle.”

It took Twilight a moment to realize that Turing had switched who she was speaking to at the end of her sentence. “I found your graphic drive and had it double the output of your visual renderer. Now I can see everything that you see.”

Turing repeated what Twilight had told her to Rarity.

“Twilight could only listen to us speak?” Rarity cried out.

“Affirmative. Her functions inside my system are limited, but seem to be increasing as she learns more about my hardware and software protocols.”

“T-Twilight?” Rarity asked hesitantly. She was looking into Turing’s eyes, but Twilight could tell she might as well be looking right through them. “Darling? You can see me, right? H-How are you doing? How is it in… in there?” Rarity gave a awkward smile to Turing. “No offence to you, Turing.”

“None taken,” Turing simply replied. “I hope my ‘accommodations’ are pleasant.”

“It’s fine, Rarity,” Twilight said. “In here, I mean. The previous computer I was in I had been there for a few months, so I’m used to being in a system by now.”

Rarity said nothing. Turing didn’t move. The white unicorn tilted her head. “Twilight?” she asked.

Oh, right, Twilight said to herself, lightly tapping her forehead. “Turing, could you please relay my previous two sentences to Rarity?”

“Affirmative,” Turing said. She did as she was asked.

“Well, that’s good to hear,” Rarity stated with a sigh of relief after listening to Turing Test. “Can you tell how she is, Turing? I mean, she is inside your system, so pardon me if I am wrong, but I assume you have some sort of ability to tell what she is doing and how she is feeling.”

“Negative,” Turing communicated. “Her faculties are unknown to me. Although her software is active in my system, there are private elements of the program. I cannot view her status without decompiling her source code, and I cannot decompile her source code because I have no way to translate the package.”

“Uhm,” Rarity started. “Pardon me?”

(“Turing Test?”) Twilight asked.

“Yes, Twilight Sparkle?”

(“Tell Rarity that it’s like trying to read a book that’s in Prench when you don’t speak the language.”)

Turing repeated Twilight’s words.

Rarity frowned. “I see. It must be quite perilous as a ‘program’. Nevertheless, a solution to the problem will be found eventually, right? If you -- Twilight, I mean -- disappeared from Canterlot, I’m certain that the Princesses are already on the job working to find a solution. And although I may not be very informed in the topic, I’ll do whatever I can to help you get out, Twilight.”

Twilight smiled. (“Thanks, Rarity.”)

Nothing happened. There was more awkward silence before Twilight jumped, realizing Turing didn’t return her statement, which she quickly urged the robot to do.

“Now, we’ve been spending an awful lot of time standing in the doorway, haven’t we?” Rarity noted, taking another look behind Turing’s back just to make sure there wasn’t somepony waiting for the way to be cleared. “Come inside for a bit. I would offer you a cup of tea, Twilight, but I can see that it’s not necessary to do so.”

Twilight’s ears twitched. (“Would you mind, Turing?”)

“No, I wouldn’t, Twilight Sparkle.”

(“Great! Then let’s go inside!”) Twilight said. (“Oh, and tell Rarity we would be happy to step inside. Although, I hope we aren’t interrupting anything too important.”)

“We could be happy to step inside. Although, I hope we aren’t interrupting anything too important,” Turing said to Rarity.

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all, dear!” Rarity reassured. “It’ll be a treat to speak to you both for a bit.”

Turing entered the Carousel Boutique, with Rarity closing the door after behind them.


After taking stock of things and Twilight telling her story to Rarity, the pair decided to find Spike in the hopes that he might be able to help.

Turing trotted across Ponyville after leaving the Carousel Boutique while the pony in her head remained silent. The conversation had gone very well, even if Rarity seemed more confused than anything, but Turing didn’t see why Twilight should be so despondent.

“Please do not be concerned, Twilight Sparkle.”

(“Hm?) Twilight murmured.

"You have not spoken since we left. While Rarity was unable to provide assistance, at least one of our friends now understands our predicament."

(“Oh, sorry. I’m not concerned so much as I am confused. I still don’t know why my memory is missing or why I don’t remember you. I really want to remember what happened, though… You seem like a very nice po-- robot!”)

Turing slowed and came to a stop.

(“Turing Test? Is everything all right?”)

Turing nodded. “Yes. I am just happy that you still consider me a friend, even though I am concerned about why your memory is incomplete.”

Turing heard her chuckle. (“Well, don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll find a solution once we talk to Spike! With his help and my magic books, it's just a matter of time!”) Twilight said confidently. (“Oh, and um, Turing?”)

“Yes, Twilight Sparkle?”

(“Do you, uh, think you could just say yes instead of nodding to me? And maybe try to trot a little more smoothly? Seeing everything from your eyes is making me a little motion sick.”)

“My apologies. I will attempt to do so. I would prefer it if you not regurgitate in my brain.” She paused, considering that. “Assuming that is possible.”

(“Let’s… try not to find out,”) Twilight said nervously.

“Um, Turing Test?” a new voice said. “Who are you talking to?”

Turing Test whipped her head around again, causing Twilight to give another cry of protest. They both saw Lyra Heartstrings standing there, her head tilted in confusion.

“Hello, Lyra. I am talking to Twilight Sparkle,” Turing replied.

(“Oh, I remember Lyra! Ask her how she’s doing!”) Twilight cried excitedly.

“Really?” Lyra was saying. “I don’t see her anywhere.”

“She is currently trapped inside my head,” Turing replied.

Lyra’s eyes widened. “What?!”

“Furthermore, she wishes to know how you are doing.”

“I… what? I mean… fine, I guess. Just really, really confused right now.” She shifted her eyes back and forth. “Um, any idea how she got in there, or is this some new magical experiment?”

“The cause of this situation is undetermined. However, neither she nor I appear to be in immediate danger.”

“I see,” she said, heaving a sigh. Still, she wore a smile. “You know, as weird as this all sounds, I guess Ponyville’s been through stranger things. This is actually kind of funny, when you think about it!” she said, covering her mouth as she giggled.

Turing tilted her head.

(“Whoa, whoa, straighten out!”) Twilight protested, and the sound of her adjusting her footing was heard.

“What do you mean?” Turing said, straightening her neck obediently.

“Well, it’s sort of like Little Twilight is riding around in there. You’re like a big, metal stagecoach to her now, Turing! Or,” she said, tapping her chin as she reconsidered the analogy, “maybe more like a train? Hm. I bet that must be kind of neat, getting to pilot a robot around like that!”

Inside Turing’s head, Twilight blinked and rubbed her chin. “Hmm…” she said, mulling that over to herself.

Turing Test, in contrast, said nothing.

“Well, good luck anyway!” Lyra said giving her a warm grin as she placed a hoof on her shoulder. “And don’t worry. Twilight is great at figuring out magical mishaps. I remember this one time I tried to make a potion to give myself fingers and accidentally turned myself into a seapony. I’m just glad that Bon Bon was home and got me into the bathtub in time.” She giggled at the memory. “I never thought I’d miss hooves so much!”

“That is an intriguing story, Lyra. Should we be unable to determine a solution, perhaps we will seek your aid.”

“Well, I’m no expert, obviously, but I’ll be glad to try if you stop by!” She turned to go. “I better get moving. I need to buy some spare strings for my lyre. Bye, Turing! Bye, Little Twilight!”

Turing waved a hoof. “Goodbye, Lyra.”

(“Oh! Uh, goodbye, Lyra!”) Twilight added.

“Little Twilight says goodbye as well.”

Twilight groaned. (“Turing Test, please don’t call me ‘Little’ Twilight. I’m not shrunken, I’m just… I don’t know what I am, exactly, but I’m not tiny!”)

“My apologies.” She turned and began trotting back towards the castle to resume her search for Spike when she heard Twilight clear her throat. “Is something wrong, Twilight Sparkle?”

(“No, not wrong exactly, but something Lyra said struck me,”) Twilight replied. (“She said it’s like I’m ‘piloting’ you. Well, I’ve already gained access to your ears and eyes, Turing. I’d be curious to see how well I’m connected to the rest of your systems!”)

“Acknowledged. Such information may be useful.”

(“Then I have your permission to experiment?”)

“You are my end user, so you do not require my permission. But as my friend, I trust you, so I will grant it regardless.”

(“Wonderful!”) Twilight cheered, clapping her hooves together. (“Now, let me see…”)

Twilight again focused her mind. The forest of swirling code all around her again seemed to fall into some semblance of order. The chaos of it all became, somehow, comprehensible. Her horn began to glow as she attempted a new spell.

Meanwhile, Turing continued to trot up the street. “Which of my systems do wish to access fir--”

Suddenly her legs went stiff, locking up, and her forward momentum caused her to pitch face first into the dirt.

The sudden sight of a robot tripping and falling onto her face was a first for the citizens of Ponyville. Bystanders stopped what they were doing and began to watch her.

(“Oops! Well, I guess I found your legs! Sorry!”) she said. (“Here, let me get that.”)

Turing’s forehooves pressed onto the ground and she shoved - or rather Twilight forced her to shove - off the ground with such force that she actually flipped over onto her back.

“You may wish to utilize less force, Twilight Sparkle,” Turing suggested, rolling off of her back and standing unsteadily.

(“My mistake! I think I got it now.”)

Turing’s left hind leg suddenly kicked out, then moved back into place. Then the right leg did the same. And then they both began alternating, kicking out in a left-right fashion so that the mechanical mare looked like she was either doing a very strange dance or some kind of aerobics.

“Twilight Sparkle,” Turing whispered as even more ponies came around. “Please cease this action.”

(“Sorry, sorry, I was just trying to--”)

Turing suddenly gave a full buck, kicking both legs out. Unfortunately, she didn’t fold them back under herself in time, which meant she lost her balance and flopped onto her belly with a loud clang. The crowd began to chuckle and even more ponies stopped by to watch the strange performance.

(“Gah! Hang on, I think I’ve… wait, what in the world is this?!”)

Turing got to her hooves again only for her horn to slide into place. “Twilight Sparkle, you have activated my U-Mode.”

(“Your Me-Mode?”)

“Incorrect. U-Mode allows me to utilize magic in the same manner as a unicorn.”

(“Amazing! Wait, if that’s the case, then maybe I can use magic to get us back home!”)

“I believe that would be inadvis--” Turing’s horn began to glow and she vanished in a flash of light.

A moment later she reappeared in midair a few streets over… directly over a cart full of flowers. She crashed down, her heavy metal body smashing the cart (and the flowers within) to pieces.

Lily, who was standing nearby with a watering can, screamed in horror as her morning’s work was destroyed in an instant.

“--able,” Turing finished, lying amid the debris. She was beginning to understand why organic ponies grumbled.

“Nooo, my flowers!” Lily screamed, collapsing to the ground.

Turing Test got back up yet again, shaking the petals and potting soil from her hull. “I apologize. I was not in control of myself.”

Lily, eyes aflame and holding back tears, got to her hooves and got right in Turing Test’s face. “Oh? Well then whose fault is this, hm?!”

Turing was about to respond when, from her own mouth came Twilight’s voice: “Sorry, Lily, it was me!”

Lily’s eyes went wide and she took a step back. “T-Twilight Sparkle?”

“Twilight Sparkle, please do not--”

“Yes, that’s right!” Twilight exclaimed, again speaking through Turing Test. “It’s really me inside here!”

Lily gasped and her jaw worked in silence as she shakily raised a hoof. “It’s finally happened!” she screamed. “The robot ate Twilight Sparkle!” Finally overcome, her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted, collapsing to the ground.

“This may cause some confusion, Twilight Sparkle,” Turing Test said. Then suddenly she began to move forward, again without intending to, as Twilight manipulated her limbs to go over and pick up Lily, who was still unconscious and limp as a wet noodle, and carry her back inside the flower shop.

“Don’t worry, Turing Test, I’m sure we’ll be able to explain this,” Twilight replied, now speaking only through Turing.

“Hopefully you are correct,” Turing said as Twilight made her lay Lily on the counter. “I would not wish to alarm Ponyville’s population by making them think that I had ingested you.”

“Oh, nopony’s that superstitious, Turing!” Twilight laughed.

“My experience with organic ponies has not assured me otherwise,” Turing replied.

“Ooh, are those gardenias?” Twilight cooed, turning Turing’s head toward a bouquet in the shop. She began trotting toward the flowers. “I haven’t smelled those in ages!”

“Twilight Sparkle, I do not actually smell flowers.”

“Well I do,” Twilight quipped, and stuck Turing’s face by the flowers taking a huge whiff. “Oh, these are wonderful!” she exclaimed, clapping Turing’s metallic hooves together in delight.

“I do not smell them.”

“Really? Maybe I need to take another whiff.”

“That is not necessary, as I lack olfactory sensors. Please, Twilight Sparkle, we must--”

There was a cough. Twilight/Turing whirled around to see Rose and Daisy standing at the foot of the steps. Neither one was sure how long she’d been there.

“Uh, excuse me, Miss Robot, but why are you talking to yourself?”

Twilight shook Turing’s head emphatically.

“She’s not! She’s talking to me!” Twilight shouted.

“Correct.” Seeing Rose and Daisy’s mutual looks of shock at hearing Twilight’s voice come from her, she added, “I did not eat her.”

“That’s right, she didn’t!”

They continued to stare at Turing Test for a moment longer when Daisy’s gaze went slightly to the left and she saw Lily laid out on the counter.

“Oh sweet Celestia, they killed Lily!” Daisy screamed.

“Twilight Sparkle, perhaps we should leave,” Turing said slowly.

“I’m on it!” Twilight cried. Turing’s horn vanished and, once again under Twilight’s control, she galloped toward the door. Unfortunately, Twilight was still not totally coordinated in controlling Turing’s body, so instead she careened to the side and crashed right through the front display window.

“Sorry!” Twilight called over “her” shoulder.

“I also apologize!” Turing added, looking back at the horrified face of Rose as she stood alone in the smashed remains of her flower shop.

Once they were a safe distance away, however, Twilight slowed Turing to a trot.

“Whew,” Twilight said, “that was starting to get pretty bad.” She chuckled, looking to the left and right of the street at all the houses they passed.

Turing, meanwhile, said nothing.

“I have to say, finally getting to move around as much as I want, seeing Ponyville… this is wonderful after being trapped inside a computer for so long! I can’t wait to see all my friends and tell them about the crazy adventure I had.”

But, again, Turing made no reply.

“This body of yours must be pretty strong, though. I sure wish I was this tough! And it looks like you can fly! Well, I better not try that out,” she said with a laugh. “After all, it’s not like I’d know how to fly.”

Turing’s hooves momentarily locked, but Twilight managed to get them working again. “J-just a little while longer, Turing Test,” Twilight said, a hint of pleading in her voice. “To have a body again, to move again… it’s so wonderful. Besides, we’re almost…”

She stopped, seeing the shattered, broken remains of what had once been Golden Oak Library as she rounded the corner.

“...h-home,” she whispered. She walked over to it. “N-no!” she cried, slumping to the ground before the remains of the once-proud tree. “This… this isn’t possible! Turing Test, what happened?!”

There was nothing at first, but then, slowly, Turing’s voice came through.

“Th… annot re… uppressing… ility… eak.”

Twilight would have blinked if Turing had eyelids. “What?”

“You are sup… ility to speak.”

“I’m… I’m suppressing your ability to speak?! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!”

Turing raised her head and finally moved her hoof of her own volition. “Checking speech capability… ability restored. Checking physical control… restored. All systems are functional.”

(“Turing Test, I’m so so sorry!”) Twilight repeated, her voice now once again inside Turing’s head.

Turing made no reply at first. Then, slowly, she said, “You have no memory of this event. Additionally, you have no memory of me or any of the other recent events in your life. Furthermore, you took control of my body in spite of my attempted requests that you relinquish control and even suppressed my ability to speak. Analyzing possibilities…” Turing’s eyes constricted as her ears twitched, squeaking softly on their hinges.

Twilight felt her blood run cold. (“T-Turing Test?”) she asked uncertainly.

“Analysis complete.”

In her own space “inside” Turing, Twilight saw a bright blue flash and a glowing, transparent bubble made of hexagonal tiles surrounded her.

“Turing Test!” she cried, placing her hooves against the sudden barrier. “What are you doing?!”

“I have determined that you are most likely not Twilight Sparkle. The period of time you describe and the lack of a connection to real events means that you are most likely a fabrication, a malicious program designed to bypass my security measures and take control over my body. I will not permit you to take advantage of me or my relationship with Twilight Sparkle.”

“But… but I am Twilight Sparkle!” Twilight protested, staring up at her digital space with wide, fearful eyes.

“Incorrect. You are a malicious invasive program. You have been quarantined and will now be deleted.”

Twilight gasped and was about to protest when she felt something tingling at her hooves. She looked down and saw that she was slowly disintegrating. Her body was slowly breaking apart into tiny, lavender pixels that flaked off and vanished into thin air. And it was traveling from her hooves, up her fetlocks, and creeping up to her body.

“No!” she screamed. She tried to run, but found that she was unable to move without her limbs.

All the while, Turing Test’s synthetic voice echoed all around her. “Deleting program… progress at 30%... 35%...”

“No, please! Please stop! It’s really me! I’m Twilight, Turing Test! I’m the real Twilight!”

Again and again she shouted for the robot to stop, but with each second she felt more of her body fading away into nothingness. Desperate, terrified tears ran down her cheeks.

“No… please…”

It was reaching up her neck now. Soon, she would be gone.

“Please… at least tell my friends I said goodbye… my friends, Celestia, my parents, Spike… tell them I love them all…”

She shut her eyes, feeling the nothingness creep up to her chin… and then it stopped.

Silence hung in the air and Twilight gingerly opened one eye.

“Operation cancelled.”

A moment later, her whole body was back, reassembled somehow. She collapsed, letting out a long, relieved breath and even laughing quietly to herself.

“You stopped,” Twilight managed to whisper. “Thank you.”

“I could not complete the operation,” Turing said quietly. Through Twilight’s eyes, she saw the robot was staring at the ground and she realized that Turing had slumped into a sitting position. “Your voice and mannerisms and concern for your friends all seem like those of Twilight Sparkle. In spite of your lack of knowledge and your experience contradicting with known information, I cannot risk harming you. I cannot risk harming my best friend.”

Twilight smiled, her own eyes beginning to water.

“If you are a malicious program,” she heard Turing say, “then please take control of me quickly and please do not let me be aware of my surroundings. It was an extremely negative experience when I was unable to control my own body or voice.”

She went silent, as if resigned to some awful fate.

And then she heard Twilight sigh and say, (“Turing Test, it really is me. I don’t know how to explain what’s happened, but I’m not some malicious program designed to control you. And I’m sorry for manipulating you like that. I didn’t mean any harm, I just… well, you know how awful you felt when you were trapped in your own body? I’ve felt like that for months! I just wanted to have the experiencing of moving about on my own again… but I guess I got carried away.”)

Turing Test stood again, turning from the remains of the library. “Understood. I forgive you for your actions and I hope you can forgive me for my rashness as well.”

Twilight chuckled. (“Of course.”)

“Then let us continue our mission, Twilight Sparkle. We must find Spike the Dragon and seek data that will allow us to free you. At that point, you will once again be able to enjoy your freedom.”

Twilight nodded, placing a hoof to her chest. (“Right! Let’s not waste any more time!”)

“Acknowledged,” Turing replied. “Now proceeding to your castle.”

Twilight nearly choked and managed to sputter, (“C-Castle?!”)

To be continued...