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I like it. Might do my own sort of interpretation.

I disagree. She could've said "you're free to do whoever you like."

I was hoping for an orgy but this was WAY better LOL

Let's see: comedy, randomness, sexual themes, shipping, insanity, etc. yep, this is definitely gonna make the featured list!

Wut. :rainbowderp:

Everyone rapidly ducked as a stream of flame roared out of the nozzle of Derpy's flamethrower, a happy-go-lucky smile present on her face.

Oh god I can see this and it is GLORIOUS. :rainbowlaugh:

Minor complaints:

The moment those words had left her mouth, Rarity found a dark pink D-cup flung in her face followed by the rest of Pinkie's camp clothing.

Bra size fail! Even considering Pinkie to be a C is frankly pushing it, even WITH the noticeable bust upgrade she's getting in the new movie.

her gelatinous breasts and buttocks jiggling

:pinkiesick: Please. Stahp.

7527780 Yeeeah, breast size, as you can tell, ain't my specialty. :rainbowlaugh: Fixed.

7527638 That too. :rainbowlaugh:

7527704 Glad to see you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

7527764 I hope so, even if it's just for five minutes. :pinkiesad2:

Gilda: "Have a hunger games!!"
Gloriosa: "And may the odds be ever in your favor!"
Timber: "That is mahogany!!"
Gilda: *Whips out an axe" "Chop Chop TIMBER!!" *chases Timber*
Timber: "GAAAAA!!!"

I have absolutely no idea what I just witnessed. All I can say is, where can I sign up for the next camp? :pinkiehappy:

Camp Evefree lives to it's name. I wish I was there! :pinkiecrazy:

I don't know why but I feel Gloriosa Daisy,and Timber are like the Anti Fairy Equivalent Happy Peppy Gary
Peppy Happy Betty in the Fairly odd Parents :twistnerd::rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by rainbowdashman deleted Oct 15th, 2018

Is it bad that this is exactly what I thought of when I heard her say that?

Discord will be pleased with this sort of thing:rainbowlaugh:.

7527912 Oh, dammit, I missed a golden opportunity with that joke! :raritydespair:

7528411 Not at all. :ajsmug:

pure chaos...love it

Well now. that turned out in quite the amusing fashion. and.. honestly i could see that. pooooor timber.


This was a LOT better than I'd anticipated :rainbowlaugh: Nice work.

I flipped my shit when I Luna wanted to do the Battle of the Black Gate scene, that was fucking epic

"Derpy... where... the hell... did you get that?" panted Lyra, beads of sweat dripping down her red face.

"Machine gun?" he asked, whipping out a pair of M60E3s from behind his back.

That's my boy.

This was beautiful and reminded me of Rooster Teeth's Camp Camp series :rainbowlaugh:

Surprised Discord didn't pop up at the end asking, "Hey everyone, did I miss anything?"

Counselor Timber's gonna need some major counselling after this gig.

Having now watched the movie, the story seems a lot more plausible. If Filthy Rich is about to bulldoze the camp, might as well go out in literal blaze of glory.

This story was simultaneously both exactly, and not at all, what I expected.


Scary thing is, I could see half this happening after the movie...

Poor Timber, but hilarious story XD.


7642796 wrote "Having now watched the movie, the story seems a lot more plausible. If Filthy Rich is about to bulldoze the camp, might as well go out in literal blaze of glory."

I think he'll take one look at what's going on and decide to do his business elsewhere.

:pinkiehappy:This was awesome.
I really enjoyed reading this.:rainbowlaugh: So funny.

Dunno what I expected going into this…

Not this, definately.

But shit did I enjoy it.

8135666 Glad to hear it, mon ami. :twilightsmile:

7528068 Dude... calm the Hell down. It's a joke fic. Laugh

Me: Kidnap members of ISIL and the Trump Administration and force them to watch all three Human Centipede movies back to back?

Gloriosa: I was already planning on doing that on my own time! I'll go get the chopper!


Me: Honestly, I stopped asking questions after machine guns and flamethrowers got added in. Have fun in therapy!

And all while this endeavor goes on, THIS song plays in the background:

This story reminds me of this video


This story reminded me of this somewhat


Of all the shit-post stories I've read, this is the most glorious!! 10/10

Author Interviewer

Don't know what that dude is smoking, but no way is it pot. :P

Uh, it is an orgy. An orgy of chaos.

It's not Pure Chaos...IT'S PURE ANARCHY
We must Send in a Professional Modecan Riot Team to Restore Order.

Was a little hesitant to read this (given the subject matter) but I'm glad I did because it was one of the funniest things I've read in awhile

Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for writing it :twilightsmile: Also, just out of curiosity, have you ever thought about a sequel? Because I could see something very similar happening during the events of "Sunset's Back Stage Pass" when they realize that being stuck in a time loop means you can do whatever you want with no consequences (though going by this fic, consequences aren't really something any of them think about, lol)

Hmmm, you might be onto something. I'll check out Sunset's Backstage Pass when it's released July 27th and if I like it enough, that sounds like a really fun idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

No problem. Glad you like it, and hope to read it soon (no pressure though :scootangel:)

Discord, if you're watching this, someone's taking "Chaos" to a whole other level.

Hey, that was really good :) Surely puts free into Camp Everfree XD

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