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Man this is awesome

My God, you actually wrote it. You're the man, Ekhidna.

This was some hot stuff

Why doesn't this story have an alternate universe tag?

7492728 :raritywink:

7492735 I said I was going to.

7492837 :pinkiehappy:

7492846 I had a feeling I was forgetting something.

One question... will... there be a sequel?

So next chapter is about luna join in Celestia and spike "family bounding".

There's not enough of Celestia/Spike stories. This one was wonderful to read! Thank you for writing it!
By chance, do you have any plans for a sequel? I'd like to see more of Celestia and Spike's sweet (and sexy) relationship, and you did a fantastic job.

Great job my friend.

Hot stuff!:moustache::trollestia:

I love it. I would like to read more:pinkiehappy:

7493119 Sadly, no. I never planned to make more after this.:fluttershysad:

7493240 No sequel, sorry.:fluttershbad:

7493588 Thanks dude, glad you liked it. I don't think there'll be a sequel since this is something I wanted to get out of my head, and try as I may I can't think of how to continue it.

7493905 :pinkiehappy:

7501936 :eeyup:

7502204 :coolphoto:

7503176 Thanks, but no sequel planned. Sorry.

7527222 My advice to you... don't leave any unfinished business or you will not stop thinking about making a sequel.

7527244 That's the thing. I'm can't even think of making a sequel. Which is good considering I made this for myself more than anything XD. I always wanted to read a similar fic and the only one that came close was My Little Pleasure Island. But now I did what I wanted. I am whole. I am complete.

7527269 Okay I understand but still consider my advice, okay?

7527222 I assume you understand

7527222 ok but can you at least can get the chapter name besides Chapter 1 it may make people confuessed, myself included

This was a good read. Thumbs up from me :moustache:


Such a sensual and sweet work! Never knew ApikeLestia can be so nice. Bonus respect for not depicting Celestia as sex obsessed tyrant, I'd even go so far to say that if show had higher age rating - she would be exactly like you pictured her. Although i understand that Spike is much older, but he is very different here
Long story short : great job, do more!

Heh, this story was a pretty fine n' hart-warmin' read :twilightsmile::yay:

I feel more could have been done with the actual sex, but this was still a nice read.

I have to say, I love this story, but I have to ask; have you planned on a sequel or short Story? Something like them with their wedding and raising kids, dealing with nobles and such?

8051235 This was a commission, so no. I have not. Although it would be hilarious to see Celestia, Luna, the mane 6, and the nobles reaction!

Now I want a sequel dedicated to their marriage.

but even she knew they couldn’t last much longer without breathing.

You'd think at least Celestia would know how to use her nose, but apparently not...

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