• Published 3rd Dec 2016
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Midnight Munchies & Midnight Madness - Mystical Rainboom

It's that time of the year again. All the food in the house disappears in the homes of the Mane 6. But it's time to catch the thief once and for all!

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"Spit it out, darn it!"

"What the-?!" The sound of a frustrated mare echoed through Ponyville.

Inside of a crystal castle, a bunch of busted cans were scattered across the floor with squished bits of food. Twilight Sparkle was gritting her teeth in annoyance and standing in her pajamas. She smacked her face with her hand.

"Twilight, what's going-?!" The sound of a young dragon slipping on some food and landing on the floor filled the air. "Nevermind."

The doors slammed open and Rainbow Dash flew in. "Twilight! Did you lose all your-?!"

Rainbow instantly had her answer at the sight of an angry purple girl, Spike on the floor, and an empty fridge. She facepalmed and rubbed her forehead.

The Mane 6 grouped together and expressed their frustrations. None of them were really happy about having to get an extra supply of groceries. Each of them had been exhausted or angry and had lost something important.

"I spent hours making those treats and they all disappeared in one night! They also stole my special soft cider!" Applejack yelled.

"It took me 3 hours to gather all those things, and now i need to shop again." Rarity huffed. "My sweeetend milk, my fresh bananas, all of my biscuits and more are gone and will cost me at least 90 bits."

"I don't have anything left in my entire cottage. My friends were so hungry." Fluttershy cuddled up as a squirrel on her shoulder chittered with an angry tone. "He's been storing nuts all summer and now they're gone."

"So...hungry..." Pinkie was dizzy with a rumbling stomach and passed out.

"I'm furious! Do you know how much work it is to carry heavy groceries up to my house, my 60 foot high house?! I just did it yesterday and look what happened!" Rainbow said. She continued ranting for about 30 seconds.

"Now listen up everyone." Twilight called everyone's attention. "I know this isn't right, but we've faced worse. There are monsters and things that have attacked us all. We've been through them all. The Mayor has given us a special discount for today, so just go buy more stuff and let's all keep a better lock on our homes."

The group silently agreed and they all walked back to their homes. Twilight closed the doors. "I'm sure this is all in the past."

Three months later

"Not again!" A familiar voice echoed.

Twilight had to reassure the six that everyone was alright. This problem was only effecting them and the chances of it happening again weren't high.

Three months later

"Uh oh." Twilight said.

"Twilight, this isn't working!" Rainbow Dash was red with fury.

"Alright! I'll give a magic shield all around everyone's houses." Twilight said.

Three months later

Rainbow Dash was struggling to move and she was trying her best to get free. Applejack had wiped some sweat from her brow as she finished tying her up.

"Ok,Twilight. This is my strongest rope and I'm sure Rainbow won't sit for long. So make your point already." Applejack said as she held Rainbow Dash down.

"Ok. If we wait any longer, this may never stop! We have to stop this now!" Twilight said.

"You're right about that!" Rainbow Dash shouted as she snapped free.

"So what do we do? The Midnight Muncher has been unstoppable." Fluttershy said. With hungry rabbits nibbling at her veggie patterned pajamas.

"Midnight Muncher?" Twilight said with a confused face.

"I wanted to call her something different from just a burglar." Pinkie said. "So what do we do?"

"We'll stay up. Rainbow Dash and I will patrol the town for anything odd." Twilight said.

Two months later and a few weeks plus

The two girls were in a hot air balloon and were staring down at the ground with binoculars. They used the ballon so they wouldn't have to fly with wings all night. They had been there for 2 hours and were ready to strike.

"This thief is gonna go down!" Rainbow shouted.

"Shh! You'll wake up all of Ponyville." Twilight whispered, "We won't catch them if you tell them we're here."

It had been a few hours and the girls had nothing to report. Rainbow looked out and stayed determined, while Twilight was worried what would happen if they came back empty handed.

"Two teenagers kissing...a cat stealing milk...a sprinting black blob...wait a minute!" Rainbow said, scaring a half awake Twilight out of her daze.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure was sprinting across town with nothing stopping them. The two girls flew after her and closed in. They came close, but the figure escaped and found cover in a branch of thorny vines.

"Quick! We gotta keep going!" Rainbow ditched the ballon and Twilight to catch the Midnight Muncher.

Rainbow had tried to find a path in front of the figure, but when she made it ahead, the figure only jumped over her head and ran faster. Determined to catch the criminal, Rainbow plunged after the figure and latched onto her, who dragged her through the dirt.

"I'm not done yet!" Rainbow shouted, but on the contrary she was finished. The figure leapt through some trees and pulled off moves that defied gravity. "What in the-?!"

Rainbow tried to hold on, but she let go as some branches tried to steal her pajama pants. The figure was free and escaped and headed right for Sweet Apple Acres.

Twilight ran up and was out of breath. "Did you...catch her...Rainbow?"

"No! I was so close." Rainbow slapped herself.

The sound of Applejack screaming filled the air with smashing sounds. It sounded like she was in trouble and like a bull was destroying a china shop.

When Rainbow and Twilight made it, Applejack was locked in a closet that was barricaded with furniture. The shield had even been broken to pieces and the locks had been snapped off. The figure had locked Applejack up and even stole one of her hats, meaning things had gone too far.

"I can't believe this! It happened again." Applejack said.

Not missing a beat, Rainbow Dash ran after the thief to the next target, her own cloud house. Rainbow set a trap to ensnare the villian in a trap. Rainbow showed up and found nothing but empty cans and food scraps. She was turning red.

The Midnight Muncher was in the window and smiled in the moonlight with some round objects under her feet. The figure had the curves of a girl, the size of a young girl, and hair big enough to hide her face. She jumped for a nearby tree like a superhero, but Rainbow had other plans.

"Thief!" Rainbow tackled the creature and they plummeted to the ground. Rainbow turned the thief around and looked at her face and her heart skipped a beat.

"PINKIE PIE!!!!" Rainbow lost her focus and both of them fell to the ground with a huge thud, but luckily a lack of broken bones.

The Next Day

"How! You've been stealing food for the past year and you don't know how!" Rainbow Dash yelled.

Applejack told Rainbow to go out and calm down, or at least finish her swearing there. Rainbow chose the latter and left the room to rant.

Pinkie Pie explained she had no idea what was going on and had no clue, what she ate. Twilight tried to make a theory, but when it came to Pinkie she had a tough time.

"I've heard of a case like this before." Rarity said. "The sleepwalker would become six times as strong, fast, and hungry, they'd be able to break any locks, and then she would eat everything in sight."

"How do you know that?" Fluttershy asked as she tried to calm down the angry family of squirrels in her hair.

"I've heard stories while I stayed in Canterlot." Rarity said.

"So how can we stop it." Applejack asked.

Twilight used her magic and levitated a dozen books around her. "Nothing. I can't find any remedies for this case."

"Not even from Princess Celestia?" Fluttershy asked.

"Nope. She only said that it can eventually go away, but it never last longer than a month." She said as a squirrel leapt to rip off her pajama shirt and thought it was a huge grape.

Rainbow stormed in and urged for a remedy. "We can't take much more of this! We need an answer."

"Twilight, I've found a dream book!" Spike said.

"Why would this help?" Twilight asked. She was puzzled.

"Remember that week where I kept fighting in my sleep..." Spike started.

"Oh and you kept dreaming that you were wrestling animals..." Twilight continued. "You're a genius!"

"Thank you." Spike handed off the book.

"All we need to do is go inside of Pinkie's dream to capture her hungry persona and soothe her." Twilight said.


Pinkie was snoring like she had been asleep for hours. Since Twilight had learned a dream hopping spell from Princess Luna, everyone was able to come on the adventure.

One spell later, and everyone was in a land surrounded by party supplies and music. There were colorful and sparkly object everywhere.

"I thought we're going to a dream, not a candy land board game." Applejack said.

"Look! It's Pinkie!" Rainbow said.

On one end Pinkie was dancing with a giant Gummy. They were having a great time and enjoyed the music with toy animals.

"Shake it, Gummy!" Pinkie danced and shouted.

"So who's that?" Fluttershy asked.

A Pinkie silhouette was hugging a gummy bear and suddenly widened her mouth to eat it.

"It's the Midnight Muncher! Get her!" Rainbow charged.

The figure had a red exclamation mark and took off. She had a much faster pace than anyone could meet. She made it to the edge of a cliff. She dived off.

"What the?!" Rainbow said. But a giant black tentacle was wrapped around her.

The silhouette had bounced back and transformed. She had grown tentacles and snared up all the six.

"Give me your best shot! I'll take you down." Rainbow shouted and struggled to get free. She obviously was mad with hunger.

"No! If we get hurt here, we'll be hurt in real life!" Twilight shouted.

"What?!" Rainbow panicked.

"Pardon me, Twilight. Why didn't you tell us this before hand?!" Applejack struggled.

"I didn't remember until I flipped through the spell in my mind again." Twilight said. "I'm so sorry."

Before the silhouette tried to devour them, Dream Pinkie tossed a bag of chips at her doppelgänger.

"Hey, what's up?" Dream Pinkie asked.

"What? I'm hungry." Silhouette Pinkie said.

"Well, there's an endless amount of ingredients over that mountain." Dream Pinkie ate some chips. "You could make all the sweets you want."

"Thank you!" Silhouette Pinkie released the others and propelled herself from the scene. She laughed and sang a little song about food.

Pinkie Pie woke up and as a result propelled all the friends out of her mind. They groaned in pain and she looked around.

"I'm sorry everyone. I haven't been able to bake as much since the oven started to mess up and this brand has broken down every few months." Pinkie felt sad.

"That's alright. As long as Silhouette Pinkie is gonna let us sleep and eat in peace, I'm satisfied." Rainbow Dash said.

"Oh. Did you meet Dream Me? She's so much fun." Pinkie beamed.

So now that Pinkie had been relieved of her sleep eating, everyone was free from any more hungry mornings. No one would go hungry. And as result, Twilight set in place an emergency fund for Sugarcube Corner incase anything broke down again, after taking that company to court.

Author's Note:

I based this off an adventure I daydreamed about with a couple friends. And yes a small reason for this existence comes from ""A Glass Of Warm Ed" but this wasn't the major reason I decided to make this. Leave a comment:derpytongue2:

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the story. Have a nice day.

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Comments ( 4 )

This is fun little idea, but I have problems with its pacing. It's far too quick. You need to break everything up more distinctly. Every section should feel like its own little mini-chapter. The discussion about the Muncher to catching the Muncher to the magic dream sequence all happens in the same breath.

Your humor could also use some work, but it wasn't terrible. It just wasn't gut-busting either. Overall, this is a passable, serviceable story. You get a like.

7768339 Thank you for your feedback

Not a bad story at all. I mean it wasn't something I would consider really good writing or anything, or even a really good plot line but a good starting point to get better at writing!

Have a great day :D

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