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[insert unfunny joke here]

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Color me surprised when I saw this fic in my favorites with a single chapter posted today. Good job on the rewrite so far. There's only a few grammar issues where you used the wrong word.

Thanks. I was a bit tired when doing a final check on it, so if there's only a few grammar issues then that's a bit of a miracle. I'll go back through it to try and find them.

Bad little pony. No kidnapping the human

Really love this fic. Thanks for the new chapters

If there’s anything I regret about the design of the laptop, besides it being 40 pounds, is the 4K screen. I regret getting that instead of a 1080P. You see, 4K screens are like communism, good in theory, but it’s horrible and hurts everyone but a select few when in practice.

Blasphemy! 4K monitors are great for work!

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hm wish you the best of luck with your grandfather and so far the story is very interesting can't wait to see more.

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