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If he wasn't a student of Princess Celestia herself, Jackboot would seem to be your average Canterlot handypony. Usually a loner, he never really made any friends which had led to him being bullied in his youth, which, funny enough, led to him becoming Celestia's student. Until one day, Celestia sends him to Ponyville to help with the Summer Sun Celebration. Will he makes friends? Would he find love?

In regards to the tag, "Alternate Universe", this takes place during season five, after Twilight's Castle of Friendship is created. Just to be clear.

This story is based on the work of Nordryd. He is an awesome author. Please check out his work.

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Really nice... Well that's a bit of an understatement. For a first fan fiction you sure made a good impression.
I think you just earned my like and a place in my favorite list. Well done.

Another lovely chapter, great job.
I'm getting honestly excited for the coming chapters! Is that normal?

7467380 Wow, it’s that good? Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Seriously? He's been at the Canterlot Castle and he doesn't know who the Bearers of the Elements are?

Comment posted by IronPiedmont1996 deleted Aug 10th, 2016

7467743 That'll be explained in a later chapter. :twilightsmile:

He really is humble, I have this strange feeling it might bite him in the flank later on.
But those are just feelings, who need those anyway. *awkward chuckle*
Anyhow, great chapter. I shall awake the next chapter.
Take care now! :twilightsmile:

7469317 If you have any suggestions of how his humbleness has "bitten him in the flank", please feel free to express them.

Not saying it has already happened but I have this gut feeling it might in the future.
Perhaps Rainbow Dash could learn from him, heh heh.

Yay new chapter!
Oooh, he got a soft spot for Rarity. I wonder what spike thinks of that.

Nonsense! chapters around or just above 2k words are easy to read.
I myself have trouble reading chapters longer than 10k for I often lose the line I was reading.
But a lovely chapter once again. Good job.

7475447 Thank you. What did you think of my use of Discord?

Hmm, in all honesty I was wondering when he would make an appearance.
But the way you used him was quite funny. I can't wait for more interaction between the two.

So let me get this straight, he's a plummer, carpenter, handy man and a possible cook?
My talk about being handy xD

7482294 Not a handy man, handy pony. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I'm very sorry! Handy -Pony-, I'm still getting used to the large amount of puns, within the equestrian language.

Comment posted by IronPiedmont1996 deleted Sep 8th, 2016

I would have thought spike had caught on by now and not liked the competition

In welding you knock off the slag that forms as impurities are released and cools on the surface of the weld.

:moustache: usually welding is paid by the jobber and not by the pound...

7520670 I see. I'll keep that in mind.

Kinda sad he gave away his fathers watch but he needed that crystal

7523870 Just wait what happens later in the story.

i wouldnt put it past rarity to have set this whole thing up with using the same room or some1 told celestia and shes playing on rarities generous nature manipulative conniving pony

This story is based on the work of Nordryd.

Care to elaborate?

Man, this story is good. Can't wait for the chapters to come :raritywink:

7572773 Is really that good? Thank you. :pinkiehappy:

The suspense is building:pinkiegasp:

Didn't expect discord I thought it might be twilight:applejackunsure:

The ship has sailed.

Comment posted by IronPiedmont1996 deleted Oct 16th, 2016

Awsome story! The only thing about this chapter is I think you mean ballpein. If your meaning the hammer that is.

Hey just wanted to say this is awsome. I just stayed up till 4:30 reading all of it lol.

7648618 Really? Thanks.

I knew my story was okay, but I didn't think it was stay up all night good.

What? No how could this be!!!

Jackboot turned his head so fast towards Rarity, his neck actually popped

Wow he's popped his neck a lot, he should get that checked out by a chiropractor:unsuresweetie:

7721130 I was waiting for someone to point that out.

i feel like i should point out that she cant make him do anything it was his choice to get rid of the watch so she should have to deal with it not punish him

7721911 She's punishing him for lying about what happened to his watch.

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