• Published 5th Aug 2016
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Recovery of the Heartbroken Dragon - Dante24

A heartbroken and beaten Spike starts his road to recovery.

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sequel please

Well....Granny Smith is officially scary as all hell now.

Already planning one out. :twilightsmile:

This is what happens when you mess with her grandkids

8052823 I dont see what your freaking out about, Atomsk and his bitch of daughter deserve EVERYTHING that's coming to them.

Granny Smith soon stopped walking then dropped the black briefcase she was holding. “Awaken Sebastian.” The briefcase slowly open releasing white smoke as a 12 gauge shotgun rose from it. Granny Smith grabbed the loaded weapon and a dark smile appeared on her face. “It’s been a long time old friend.” she said evilly. “We’ll deal with these dragons the same way we dealt with those damn Luna Witnesses.”

Granny Smith slowly began to walk towards the caravan once again; snickering evilly. “Are you ready for some action......Sebastian?

Kenichi: The Strongest Disciple reference? I approve :moustache:

I'd really like to see a sequel as well

Thanks for finishing this. Can't wait for the sequel if you plan on writing one.

Great story! Excited for the sequel.

I think this might be the only clopfic I've read where the male protagonist doesn't get laid ever.

He gets laid in the sequel

Atomsk: Mommy...

Looks like we're getting ready for Equestria's version of 'The Good (Granny Smith), the Bad (Amethyst), and the Ugly (Atomsk)

8053240 At least where it's headed.:applejackunsure: And I did say 'I think' not 'I know'.:ajbemused:

Is it me or am I sensing something going own between Spike and Twilight I mean both single now they dont have they're special some ponies or dragons and what about the chains omg i cant wait for the sequel

A so good i will read it again in the future.


We can see it that way, but to me it feels more like 'pair the spares' to me, especially after when Stargazer turned out to be a real turd...

So that wasn't my imagination nor was I the only one to notice it. Now I sorta want to see a Kenichi HiE crossover. *Yay* you internet.

Hope for the next Sequel.

love a good story with emotional ups and downs. and since you say their will be a squeal i predick that spike will have a crazey sex apaid at blueblood new hotel.

This is a pretty good take on blueblood as a older brother figure to spike. I like it

For the fact that Spike's been blue balled this whole story.

I wish for a sequel...

8166033 Good news, there will be a sequel^^


Dragon 1: So What Killed
Dragon 2: It seems he was shot by a 12 guage shot gun repeatedly
Dragon 3: It's about to get worse I hear the draconesque Discord is returning

AWESOME STORY. Me i LOVE heartbroken stories so on my scale i give this story a 33 out of 50.50 is something we will never see...:derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy:

Magic used t Chang the dna itself

I prefer Spike harems but this was a great story.

Dude. New Episode. We got a colt by the name of Star Tracker and oddly similar to that twat, Star Gazer.

Okay I LOVE this portrayal of granny smith. Great fic all round. Made me laugh, angry, cry. 11/10

And I'm done. Took a few hours, but I started and finished this story. And let me just say, it's a great one. Not gonna lie, I originally started it for the possible clop, but I enjoyed the story so much I actually skipped those parts. You, good sir, are a pretty good writer to get me to do that. I was very invested in the story and wanted to see how things play out and how some characters get what they deserve. And I'm more than satisfied. All I can say now is that this story was amazing, and can't wait to start reading the sequel.

Okay, that sounds pretty close to a lot of theories on Spike's undersize/underpower state. And no, I don't think you failed at explaining at all:twilightsmile:. Although, I didn't really get that in the story:applejackunsure:. Most of the Dragon Lord's rant sounded more like he was criticizing Spike's lack of Dragon knowledge and prowess. Of course, that could just be me missing an obvious cue:twilightsheepish:.

Also, do you address the malnutrition in the sequel? Might be a stupid question since it's out, but I didn't get a chance to read it yet and just thought I'd ask while commenting.


Also, do you address the malnutrition in the sequel? Might be a stupid question since it's out, but I didn't get a chance to read it yet and just thought I'd ask while commenting.

No. I do plan on bringing it up, just not in Summer Time Beach Time. Maybe a future installment.

This is a great story. I was amazed the whole time. It was a perfect read. Great job. :twilightsmile:

Watch kenichi the mightiest disciple that is Where i think where the idea came from

:twilightsmile: Thank you.

*Aims shotgun at Stargazer.* *Gunn Chock* *Gunfire*



Oh. I've only heard that from the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room. I don't watch Monty Python so I wouldn't have known that beforehand.

I like a gun that has high fire power and mass overkill...

Already first on my kill list. :rainbowdetermined2:

Okay first off DAMN GRANNY. Second only one phase can perfectly sum up this whole story, and that's TENDER CLEVIAGE!

Yo I do hope you have comments for the chapters comin up because yall are HILARIOUS.

Dude shut up... And have a cider.

It's Open Season! And the hunt today is a**holes

well... if your offering, I'll just take the whole keg then~

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