• Published 5th Aug 2016
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Beach Bum - Cardinal Lee Productions

While on vacation with Twilight and her friends, Spike reaches a pivotal moment in his life and loses his virginity to Rainbow Dash.

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It returns!
....aaaand it's finished.

I feel like I've read this same conclusion to this story before...

Why isn't there a porn tag?

thanks for the story

This story has gone through some major updates throughout, so the last chapter was republished as a way to let readers know.

OK. Good thing that it was featured, then. I'd never have known if it hadn't been.

I have heard the rumor that married people occasionally have sex with someone other than their spouse :applejackconfused:
It's rated "M" & has a "Sex" tag. You really needed to have it spelled out?
It was THAT hard to guess?

Who is the artist of the cover?

the artist is Tremble. go to Derpibooru and add this to the web address. /1104579

Yes, the artist credit can be found in the first chapter inside an ‘author’s note’ at the top of the chapter. I apologize for not reaching your comment sooner.

Even though, Spike was with Rainbow Dash at the end, Rarity believed that Spike still owes her. But that actually benefited both sides and now Spike can please both girls.


I didn’t write any story about a lifeguard saving Twilight, and I’m sorry, but I don’t repost the work of others. That’s plagiarism, and the mods of this site take that very seriously. I hope you enjoyed my story though and read the rest of my works. :twilightsmile:

I wonder what would happened during Spike's time with Gabby during her daily visits in Ponyville?

Really wish there was a sequel to this...

Well, I’ll admit this didn’t quite go the way I expected going in, but I love how it ended! :raritywink:

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