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Life is short. So is Peter Dinklage.


Its a mad world out there. But were all too crazy to believe that. Sit down little Timmy. I'm going to tell you a story.

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Beautifully and horrifyingly done. Well played.

Thanks. I took a college writing class and it really paid off.

A good story. However, I think it would have been perfect had it ended at the point before the protagonist revealed his plan. I like the MLP universe being a mass psychosis in which the entire town gradually believes they live in that world. And that it all started with a single carrier who spread the crazies all over town...that was nice. I feel that big reveal at the end sort of takes away from the impact of the plot. Still, allow me the honor of being the first like.

Yeah. I feel you. But when I tried submitting the original daft it didn't clear inspection for being to loosely related to mlp. So I put in a back story to pass inspection. It's not as disturbing as the original draft but it still turned out alright.

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