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Prototype 2: Equestria Zero - 2ndGearSage

After encountering Alex Mercer and a new kind of Evolved, James Heller is sent to a strange new world-a world that is ill prepared to deal with a being such as him.

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

In the chamber room of the second royal sister, Princess Celestia sat up straight in her bed. Her eyes wide with worry she frantically searched around in the darkness of her room as if expecting something there.

Something was very wrong.

Hopping out of her bed, she briskly trotted over to the balcony that overlooked Canterlot and looked at the sky.

The moon was still there.

Turning away from the sky she quickly inspected her kingdom and noted that it was still intact. So what was this foreboding feeling that still plagued her?

Deciding to be more thorough with her search, her horn glowed as she cast a favored spell of hers. It was a powerful spell, one that allowed her to “see” what was happening in any location in Equestria no matter the distance. While many would view this as a form of omnipotence, Celestia refused to see it that that way. For one, she could only see one location at a time, not every location at every time so it wasn’t true omnipotence. Secondly, the spell took a massive amount of magic to use so she couldn’t use it more than a few times. But for tonight she would have to use it multiple times. Although she knew doing so would weaken her severely for some time, she was willing to endure it if it meant protecting the well being of her subjects.

She must have been standing there for at least an hour as she expected every single populated area of her kingdom, from the bustling city of Manehattan to the quaint little town of Ponyville and what she found both relieved and disturbed her.

Everything was fine. The cities and towns were intact and her little ponies were sound asleep in their beds. But with every area she inspected that feeling of dread continued to grow.

As she finished inspecting the very last town in Equestria and cancelled the spell, she began panting profusely and her knees wobbled as she struggled to stand, the side effects of constantly using the spell already taking effect. Shaking her head to cure the dizziness that she felt, she slowly trotted to her bed and laid down. As she wrapped the covers around herself and sleep quickly began to take her, she tried to convince herself that nothing was wrong, that she was simply imagining things.

So why couldn’t she shake the feeling that something horrible was about to befall her land?


As the sun began to rise over Ponyville, its light began to waken the sleeping residents of the little town. Although many rejected its shining radiance by covering their head with their pillows, others happily greeted it, ready to start a brand new day.

One of those happy individuals was one Twilight Sparkle.

“Wake up my number one assistant, we have a lot of work to do today!”

Spike on the other hoof, fit into the former category and simply groaned in response as he wrapped the covers in his tiny basket closer around him. Twilight simply rolled her eyes at this behavior as it had become routine for them ever since they had moved to the town.

Her horn glowing, she magically lifted Spike out of his bed and placed him on the floor standing up.

”That’s enough sleep Spike. Now I want you to go in the bathroom and wash up, you have a lot of chores to do today.”

Groaning in annoyance, Spike slowly walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind him. Sighing contently, Twilight walked downstairs to begin breakfast.


“-Then I need you to go pick up ‘The Equestrian Guide to Better Wine Making’ from Berry Punch- it’s two days overdue. Then I need you to go and get more quills from Quills and Sofas and afterwards-“

Twilight and Spike were both sitting in the kitchen where yet another daily routine was taking place: while Spike ate, Twilight listed off all the things that he had to do today. Usually following this, she would send Spike off to complete his chores while she studied and did research, sometimes without even touching her own breakfast.

“Uh, Twilight-“

“What is it Spike?” she sharply replied, annoyed that he had interrupted her.

Twiddling his claws, Spike nervously answered “W-well, I kinda won’t be able to do those things for you today Twilight, you see-“

Twilight sighed in annoyance. She already knew what he was going to say. “You’re going to be helping Rarity at her boutique again aren’t you?”

“She really needs my help Twilight! And if I keep helping her out she might finally agree to go on a date with me!”

“Spike, this has been going on for the last two weeks! You’ve been shirking your responsibilities and dumping them on me. I thought you were supposed to be my number one assistant?” Twilight replied frustrated. She would never admit it, but she felt lost without Spike. He did most of the chores and doing them herself seriously cut into her studying.

However, upon looking at his sad and ashamed expression at her accusation, she calmed herself down and smiled lightly at him. “But I guess I can’t get in the way of true love. Go get her Casanova, I’ll take care of the chores for today.” Upon hearing Twilights answer, Spike beamed at her and ran over to hug her. “Thanks Twilight, you’re the best.” Twilight hugged back and replied “Don’t mention it Spike, but I expect you to pull double duty tomorrow, understand?”

Spike saluted her and replied “Aye aye Captain” and ran towards the door. Twilight giggled at his antics as she watched him leave. “Have a nice day Spike.” Spike turned to her and replied “You too Twilight.”

As he prepared to step out the door, he turned once more to Twilight and said “Oh and by the way Twilight, maybe you should try and go outside today.” Upon noticing her shocked look at the statement, Spike quickly continued “It’s just that, well, ever since Shining Armor and Princess Cadance got married you’ve been cooping yourself up inside the library all day. That can’t be healthy for you. I just thought you might want to, you know, hang out with your friends. That’s all I’m sayin.” Finished delivering his advice, Spike quickly walked out before she could start yelling.

As she watched the door close behind the quickly retreating dragon, Twilight couldn’t help but fume at his words. ‘Cooped up? Unhealthy? What’s that little dragon talking about, I’ve been out.’ She angrily thought. ‘Like yesterday when I, uh… or Tuesday when I, I…or last week when I went to, to…’

When she realized that she couldn’t think of anything she sighed deeply. ‘Spikes right, I have been cooped up in here lately. But can you really blame me? Ever since the whole Changeling Invasion at the wedding, things have been pretty quiet around Ponyville. No dragons attacking the town, no Parasprites eating everything in their path and no Lords of Chaos making it rain chocolate milk. What else am I suppose to do except study?’

As she thought this, she also realized that she hadn’t seen any of her friends since the wedding. This was understandable really; they all had their own lives. Rainbow Dash was training to get into the Wonderbolts, Fluttershy had her animals to take care of, and Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie had their businesses to run.

Getting out of the chair, Twilight decided to follow Spikes advice. Seeing her friends would do her some good. ‘Maybe we could have a picnic. Yeah, a picnic would be a great way us to reconnect.’ Now that only left the question of who to ask first. Applejack was probably working on her farm so that left her out. She was usually the first one of them to wake up and she usually didn’t finish working till around noon. Rarity was working with Spike and Pinkie Pie was probably just about to start work. That left just Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

She looked at the clock. 10:15. That meant Rainbow Dash was still sleeping and probably wouldn’t awaken for another two hours. That left Fluttershy. Satisfied, she walked towards the door to visit her shy friend.

‘Still’ she thought. ‘It would be nice if something exciting happened around here.’

Little did Twilight know, she would soon get her wish, only she wouldn’t get the kind of excitement that she wanted.


Deep within the Everfree Forest, a certain figure was slowly stirring awake.

‘Ugh, I though I closed the damn blinds.’ The figure though annoyed as the sunlight hit his face.

It was only when the figure realized that he was lying on grass instead of his bed did his eyes suddenly shoot open. He immediately sat upright, and then grabbed his chest at the pain of doing so.

Looking around, he noticed he was in some kind of forest, only it looked… different somehow; more colorful. As James Heller inspected the new area around him, only one thought plagued his mind:

‘What the fuck.’

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