• Published 24th Jun 2012
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Prototype 2: Equestria Zero - 2ndGearSage

After encountering Alex Mercer and a new kind of Evolved, James Heller is sent to a strange new world-a world that is ill prepared to deal with a being such as him.

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Chapter 1

A/N: Ever since beating Prototype 2 I’ve been wanting to do a crossover of it with something. Strangely enough, the first thing that came to my mind was My Little Pony (well that and Infamous 2). This is my my first fanfic so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Chapter 1

Standing atop the towering building, he had a clear view of the entire city. He could see everything: from the normally blue sky that was now as red as blood to the many other buildings that also surrounded the city. Well, the ones that weren't on fire or covered with red, pulsating biomass that is. But the real action was what was happening below. The streets of the city were littered with corpses, blood, and the flaming wrecks of what used to be cars. Anything that was alive down there was fighting to survive: soldiers outfitted in black battle uniforms were fighting a desperate battle against what looked to be mutated walking corpses. The soldiers were putting up a good fight, that is until even larger mutants showed up. These new abominations could only be described as giant mutated dogs, their muscle fiber visible through their torn skin. Their weapons inefective against these new creatures, the soldiers were quickly slaughtered, their bodies being added to the carnage.

Anyone else would have been horrified at what was happening to this once great city, but for James Heller it was just another day at the office.

He looked around at what was once New York City, taking note of the crumbling buildings, the wrecked streets, and the smell of death in the air. Due to his years in the Marines, he had become used to sights like this and as such this really didn't faze him that much. Still, he could feel a rising anger within him; not because of what was happening to the city, but because of the man who had caused it all:

Alex Mercer

Gritting his teeth, he thought of the man responsible for turning him into this freak. The man responsible for taking everything away from him. Realizing he needed to let off some steam before he ended up killing someone, Heller did what he always did when thinking about Mercer eventually led to him getting pissed off: he leapt into the air and began to run havoc around the city

This was the one good thing about having these powers; the feeling of the air in his face as he jumped, glided, and dashed from building to building always calmed him down. Besides, since Dana had nothing for him to kill and consume and Galloway was nowhere to be found he needed to pass the time somehow. That last thought made him nervous however. He didn't trust Galloway in the slightest so the fact that he had no idea where she was understandably filled him with dread.

'If that bitch is planning something I swear to God...' he thought darkly not at all surprised that Sabrina might be planning to betray him. Hell, he was expecting it.

As he was preparing to jump from one skyscraper to another, he noticed a figure out of the corner of his eye standing on top of a building. Normally this wouldn't have caught his attention, but upon closer inspection he instantly recognized the individual and the familiar anger returned to him.

'Mercer!' he thought with rage as he glared at the man who ruined his life.

It was definitely him. He could recognize that cocky bastards smirk even from this distance. Shouting with rage, he leapt from the building he was currently on to the one occupied by Mercer, the ceiling shattering due to the impact.

If looks could kill, Alex would have been reduced to smoldering ash with the death glare Heller was sending his way. "Hello Heller" Alex said calmly, that same smirk never leaving his face. "How have you been?"

"Don't play games with me you son of a bitch!" he shouted at him, barely restraining himself from leaping at the bastard and ripping him to shreds. "You're either really fucking brave or really fucking stupid for even thinking of showing your face around me again! Not that it matters, because you're about to die here either way!"

"Scary." Alex sarcastically replied, loving the look of rage on Heller's face, "Now what would Father Guerra think if he saw you using such language?"

That was it. With barely restrained fury he took a step towards Mercer, fully prepared to wipe the smirk off his mouth but was stopped with a raise of a Mercers hand "Before you start shouting all kinds of colorful language at me while simultaneously trying to rip me a new asshole hear me out first."

Despite the unbelievable rage he was feeling at the moment, for whatever godforsaken reason, he decided to let the bastard speak before royally kicking his ass. Seeing that Heller wasn't going to attack, Alex actually took on a serious expression for once and folded his arms. "I've said this once and I'll say it again: I should kill you right now. Not only have you been killing my Evolved you've also been stopping the contaminated Whitelight from spreading into the city. If you were anyone else you wouldn't be standing here right now." He stopped and looked at Heller trying to gauge his reaction. "But" he continued " I've been watching you Heller and I must say I'm impressed. Being able to kill my Goliath singlehandedly was one thing, but the fact that none of my other Evolved have been able to stop you shows you have potential and that potential is the only reason I've decided to give you one last chance"

Reaching out with his hand he asked "Join me Heller. Join me so that we can finally rid the Earth of the plague that is humanity." Motioning to the city he continued "Look around you Heller! Humanity has become stagnant. They are unable to evolve pass their primitive, violent ways. I use to be like you once. I once saw the goodness in humanity and hoped to be like them. But after seeing what humans are capable of firsthand I finally saw them for what they were: Savage animals who only know how to kill and backstab each other! From what I recall you served in Iraq so I'm sure you can attest to that" As he said so Heller closed his eyes, and Alex knew he had hit a sore spot.

"Once the rest of humanity has been turned into Evolved we can finally put an end to all that. No more killing, no more betrayal, no more poverty, no more disease. It will be a perfect world." Alex stopped to see that Heller was actually thinking hard about what he just said. 'Perfect' he thought 'all he needs is one more push'.

"And if you help me... I'll help you find your daughter." He finished as Heller looked up surprised. Believing he had convinced Heller to join his cause Alex once again reached out with his hand. "So what do you say?"

Heller looked at the outstretched hand and simply stared at it for a few moments before also reaching out with his hand as if to shake it. Alex smiled on the inside, believing he had secured himself a powerful ally. Their hands were inches away from shaking,,,

...when Heller's hand morphed into the whipfist and struck Alex directly in the chest sending him flying back.

Alex skidded along the ceiling and looked up shocked as Heller retracted the whipfist and began to speak. "I've said it once and I'll say it again: you must either be really fucking brave or really fucking stupid! Join you?! After you killed Colette?! After you killed Father Guerra?! Fuck you!! I don't need your fucking help finding Maya and I really don't give a fuck what you believe is the right course for the Earth. Right now I don't give a fuck what you have to say. I just want you to fucking die!"

Alex stood up and began dusting himself off. He looked calm but anyone looking close enough could see the barely restrained rage in his eyes. "I gave you a chance Heller. A chance to finally do something with your worthless life. A chance to change the world for the better. But now you've wasted it and this time... this time I'll be sure to finish you off."

Heller got into a fighting stance and prepared his whipfist for another attack. "Bring it on" he whispered, finally ready to end this. His opponent glared at him before that same smug smile returned to his face. "I think you misunderstand Heller, I'm not the one who's going to finish you off."

There was a moment of confusion before realization finally struck him and he jumped just in time to avoid something that smashed into the spot he was currently standing with tremendous force shattering the concrete and sending dust into the air. Heller landed a few feet away from the newly formed crater and waited for the dust to clear so he could get a look at his new opponent, although he had a pretty good idea of who it was. "Galloway! I knew I couldn't trust you!"

When the dust cleared however, he was surprised to see that it wasn't Galloway like he predicted, but some kid. He couldn't have been more than 16 years old. He was of average build with slicked back black hair, but he held the same cold look in his eyes that all that all the other Evolved had. Instead of hands, he had two blades similar to the ones Heller himself had.

"Recruiting kid's now Mercer?" he questioned with disgust. To his irritation, Mercer only laughed and said "I wouldn't underestimate this one Heller. Similar to how Galloway is the only one of my Evolved with the ability to sense the others, this one also has an ability only he can use. And this ability makes him the perfect match for you."

The Ex-Marine simply scoffed and charged at the two. "Whatever Mercer. I'll take you and your little bitch down!" Shifting his arm into the blade he swung it at the kid who parried it with his own blade. Seeing his chance, the kid attempted to run Heller through with the blade on his other arm. Heller however, jumped back barely avoiding it. Formulating a plan in his mind, Heller shifted both of his arms into the hammerfists and slammed them both down on the ground, sending a flurry of spikes towards his opponent.

The kid jumped into the air to avoid the spikes, but this was exactly what Heller wanted. With amazing speed. he shifted his arm into the whipfist and sent it right towards the kid. Before the kid could even react, the whipfist wrapped around his waist and he was pulled straight down into Heller's awaiting fist. A loud crack resounded across the rooftop as Heller's fist made impact with the kids jaw and sent him flying across the rooftop into an unmoving slump on the floor.

Not taking any chances, Heller leaped into the air and landed knee first on the kid's stomach effectively knocking the air out of his lungs. Shifting his arms into the hammerfists once again he began to mercilessly beat the kid. The sounds of bones breaking and blood splattering on the floor were all that could be heard for the next few seconds. When Heller was done, what was left was a barely recognizable body. Heller looked at the corpse and couldn't help but feel a small tinge of sadness for the kid. He had never wanted to kill someone so young. But that sadness quickly turned to anger once he remembered who it was that turned the kid against him.

Consuming the body he turned to face the man who had made his and everyone in New York City's life a living hell. He hadn't moved a muscle, still standing there with his arms folded and a shit eating grin on his face. "Keep smiling asshole" he seethed "cause what I did to that kid is going to look merciful compared to what I do to you."

Now Heller expected a lot of reactions when Mercer saw him kill another one of his Evolved. He expected him to be pissed. He expected him to star cursing at him with every swear that he knew for killing another one of his soldiers. What he was not expecting was for Mercer to start laughing.

And this wasn't just "somebody told a funny joke" laughing. This was "somebody turn the gas off" laughing. Heller was actually starting to get freaked out. After a whole minute of him laughing and Heller standing there looking uncomfortable, it finally seemed to die down. Although a part of him really didn't want to know, Heller finally asked "What's so fucking funny?"
Alex, still chuckling, took a moment to answer. "Oh nothing, it's just that your stupidity absolutely astounds me"

"What!" Heller yelled, more than a little ticked.

Ignoring him, Alex continued. "You're so stupid you don't even realize you've lost."

"I've lost! Motherfucker are you blind. I just took down another one of your Evolved. That's it. You're done. There's nothing stopping me now from ripping your godamn head off." Heller proclaimed, believing his "maker" had officially lost it.

For some reason, Mercer found that funny and began laughing again, but managed to calm himself down and replied "Oh but there is something stopping you from killing me Jimmy and it's right there in your chest."

Confused, Heller looked down at his chest trying to spot what Mercer was talking about. At fist there seemed to be nothing there, but upon looking closer he noticed it: a small hole where the kid had managed to pierce him when he was beating him to death.

Heller simply looked at Mercer like he was crazy. "What this? This'll heal in no time." Alex laughed again, but this time it was different. It was a cruel laugh. The laugh of a man who knew a horrible secret and wasn't going to share it. "Sorry James" he spoke in a cold tone that sent a shiver down his spine "but this is one thing you won't be healing from."

Before he could even question what the other man was talking about, he felt a searing pain in his chest. It was so intense he dropped to his knees and had to hold back a shout of pain. He looked at his chest and gasped in horror.

The hole was getting bigger.

And it wasn't just getting bigger, it was swirling.


"Remember how I said he had a gift only he could use" Mercers voice interrupting him. He looked up to see the man smiling at him with a sadistic grin. Taking a moment to revel in the pain Heller was obviously in he continued. "You see he has an ability very similar to one that you possess. You know that bio-bomb ability you have? He does something very similar, only instead of turning people into living bombs he does something else. Something far worse. Do you want to know what it is?"

Heller was in far too much pain to answer and Alex knew that. He was just having too much fun teasing him. "What he does is he implants what can best be described as miniature black holes inside his opponent's body. I actually don't know what they are but seeing as how they keep growing until that persons body is completely absorbed, I think black hole is the best name for them don't you think?"

Heller was in so much pain he barely heard what Mercer had just said. But what he did get out of that was "black hole" and "completely absorbed". It didn't take much to put two and two together.

"No,,," he moaned out in pain as he desperately reached out to grab the man who had done this to him, to at least take hm with him.

He barely got a few inches off the ground before he fell flat on his face, the black hole now nearly covering his entire body.

"Goodbye James Heller" Mercer told him as his body was almost completely consumed. "I'll be sure to tell Maya you said hi."

The last thing James Heller saw was the smiling face of the monster who destroyed his family and then, he saw only darkness.


Luna’s moon illuminated over the peaceful land of Equestria. It was well past midnight and except for the lunar princess herself, everypony was fast asleep. Even in the normally dangerous Everfree Forest, the animals had long since turned in for the night, with the only creatures being awake being the more nocturnal predators. Yet even they were not present for the event that was transpiring deep within the forest, or rather above it.

High above the Everfree Forest, a small, swirling black speck had appeared. Had anyone been around, they would have noticed that the black speck was slowly growing in size. As the speck reached its presumed maximum size, it became a miniature swirling black hole about the same size as the average stallion. Slowly emerging out of the black hole was a human like form that limply fell out and impacted into the unforgiving ground of the forest with a resounding crash startling and awakening any nearby animals.

Its cargo apparently deposited, the black hole slowly dissipated until it had completely vanished, almost as if it had never been there at all.

Silence returned to the forest once again.