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What in Celestia's name did I just read?

This definitely has my attention!

Just reading the premise, I have decided one thing. You are a sick, depraved person. Stuff like Fall of Equestria I don't really mind. But this. Turning Equestria into a pony version of Nazi Germany is simply despicable. You are a horrible person for writing something like this. For having ponies conduct their own Holocaust.

My brain is stuck between (after reading the premise) mild disapproval for creating such a fic, and guffawing at how it plays into my dark and morbid sense of humor (as it subverts the usual perception of ponies, while using a pre-established element, this one being the racism against non-ponies).

Wow. Ww2 gore fest ..........................i want more though. More sex please.

Just, just WOW I mean I don't even know if I should be impressed or mortified. Just wow:pinkiegasp:

No....... Equestria is filled with Nazi's. Equestria has embraced the evil.... That is it! Fuck YOU! You Nazi bastard! I'll have your testicles be force feed to you by the daemons of hell! :flutterrage:

So how many of those votes are because Hitler, and not because spelling, grammar, plotholes and story flow?

:applejackunsure: I haven't read it yet and I can't claim to know the author in real life but, uh, you know it's possible to write about something without being the thing you're writing about, right?


7440471 All of them. Basically this is making our beloved characters into sadistic monsters that thrive on Nazi ideals. Sorry, but I'm used to writing about Nazi slaughtering, not Nazi orchestrated slaughter of innocence as a good thing.

Your #1 source for intentionally bad and offensive fanfiction.

And how!

WTF did I just read?

This needs more edge

I like dark fics, but what the hell?

Huh, this sounds to be 'cupcake' all over again. Up vote!:pinkiehappy:

oh no

its da nazis

but der pnies to

oh no

7440471 Good guess is all of them. You'd be surprised how people can be outside of their safe-space :twilightsmile:

For someone who studied the halocaust, I got to say you made some, interesting little things with dialog that most people don't know. Also you got the treatment of them correct, but alot of the people actually didn't like working in the camps.

Well... I guess if Nazism is so f**ked up, then so should its stories.

Damn though.

oh gawd you turned Twilight into Himmler :trollestia:
this is like the Hollywood version of the holocaust man...

I must say, I am impressed by the gore here. You must be a bit more depraved because I have never went as far as skinning a pony alive. However, I think the extreme amount of dislikes are brought about by making Equestria a ponified version of Nazi Germany. If this did not include Nazis, I would give this an upvote. Because of the Nazis though, this one is getting a downvote.

Eh. It's fucked up, I admit, but I've seen way, way worse than this. On another note, I applaud you for this deliciously depraved idea! Who would've thought?! Nazi Equestria?! Hell, shit's lit if you catch my drift. Needless to say, it seems professionally written at least and regardless of the downvotes due to what it represents, it'd be a fine story -- a fucked up one, mind you -- to read.

7484560 Truth be told, I'm somewhat lost as to where to go from here. The second chapter is on my hard drive right now, and it's barely broken 1,000 words. "Holocaust in Equestria", as wonderful an idea as it is, isn't really enough to be the foundation for an entire story. I'll write a blog post going into more detail later, but for now, I'll just say I need to spend some time getting an outline of this thing done before I write more chapters. I'm just not cut out to be a "by the seat of the pants" writer.

This made me cut myself

Meh. The ponies still aren't as evil as the ones in TCB. Good luck horrifying me next time.

More edges than bismuth.
It was over-the-top and ridiculous enough to make me laugh. Congrats.

7492155 Write about the resistance
It's the only way to save this
Turn this into Wolfenstein or some shit

Man this is great, please write the second chapter!

I ain't going to sleep well.

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